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Amsoil of Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne dealer Serving the following areas in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska:  Cheyenne, WY; Laramie, WY; Rawlins, WY; Casper ,WY; Fort. Collins, CO; Denver, CO; Greeley, CO; Sydney, NE; Scottsbluff, NE; Gering, NE; Lake McConaughy, NE;  and all areas in the country (drop shipping from 12 nationwide warehouses).

Dealer Ches Cain 1-800-579-0580

Sign up as a Preferred Customer now. Our main dealer has moved from Cheyenne and we need another. But to buy at cost your best bet is to use the Preferred Customer option. Simply call me or print and mail this form. You can later become a dealer if you wish.

Located in Cheyenne we are the Midwest source for your AMSOIL needs. We also have a AMSOIL distribution center in Wichita, Kansas for your larger orders. We supply AMSOIL to the whole state.  We also enjoy serving or customers in Eastern Nebraska and Northern Colorado.  Please give us a call. We look forward to helping.

Amsoil Synthetics now available in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Diesel, two cycle, motorcycle, boat and heavy duty engine oils available at wholesale.

We are Wyoming's most courteous AMSOIL Dealer. Look through the main site and request your catalog or just email me for your order. We will soon post any shops where you can buy AMSOIL from but for now I can ship anything to you from our distribution center or you may pick up.

Call me to order: Cheyenne, Wyoming -  Michael Patton - 1-800-579-0580

AMSOIL's Wyoming dealer "Michael Pattin" is based in Cheyenne, WY, proudly serving the North West and the USA! We are a nationwide AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants dealer. West of Wyoming, We ship from Portland, OR and Las Vegas, NV.

Michael Pattin, a Certified AMSOIL Dealer, is committed to providing first-time and established customers with AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils, The First in Synthetics". We are signing up Preferred Customers all the time, and are enthusiastic about showing new customers the time and money-saving advantages of our products. Amsoil - The top rated PAO (Pure) synthetic can be bought directly when using your own preferred customer account. Call 1-800-579-0580 to get started. Try it and see the advantages. Most importantly, due to the legendary extended service intervals of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils, AMSOIL is environmentally friendly and saves wear on precious engine parts. Please call or email for more info.

In 1972, AMSOIL developed the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements. Currently, the AMSOIL product line includes the finest quality synthetic motor oils, synthetic diesel oils, gear lubes, synthetic greases, industrial lubricants, oil filters, air filters and automotive performance products. This is because only AMSOIL  continued and still today continues to go back to the base stock producers demanding improvements as their testing and the market require. AMSOIL stays at the forefront of future lubricant demands and creates blends designed for cost per use value.

With gas prices so high in our area, AMSOIL has the solution. Add up to 9% to your mileage. You can normally reach 25,000 miles or one year before draining your oil.

Save even more with our new (EaA) - absolute efficiency nanofiber air filters guaranteed to last 100,000 miles or 4-years. At one year or 25,000 miles the AMSOIL (Ea) air filter can be cleaned by compressed air or vacuum at the same time as your oil change helping you consolidate maintenance. NO OIL NEEDED! This reduces your filter costs to about $9 per year rather than buying a new cellulose air filter every 10,000 miles. The new AMSOIL Ea Air filter is OEM Certified for fit and warranty compliance.

Our oil filters are guaranteed in gasoline engine applications for 25,000 miles or one year. So all you need is a case of oil and two oil filters to cover most vehicles for two years and an air filter to reduce normal air filter purchase by 1/8th.

All products are produced in the USA.


See our products area for information on the Diesel Oils or applications. So all you need is a case of oil and four filters to cover most vehicles for the two years. Don't forget your differential and transmission. The AMSOIL ATF and gear lubes all significantly reduce loss of energy due to friction and heat. In fact our new SVG 75W90 lowers temperatures up to 44 degrees. All products are produced in the USA.

Also contact us for all your 2-cycle, boating lubricants, racing oils, synthetic greases, compressor and hydraulic fluids. For watercraft our Interceptor 2-cycle injector oil is one of the best selling items in the industry. Great for Rotax power engines. It's the most demanded jet ski and snowmobile oil. We sell for less than OEM. Clean power valve operation for less cost. 

As you will see in this website AMSOIL produces the most energy efficient hydraulic and compressor oils available and a warranty as strong as steel. If you rely on industrial lubricants, we have what you need. We can assure you that our product offers the lowest cost per use available on the market. Yes, it cost less to use synthetic lubricants, and in industrial and fleet situations the savings are often in the tens of thousands.

Demand for Amsoil has recently increased in the Cheyenne area. There is a great need for AMSOIL dealers here and across the state, especially with ATVs, motorcycles and diesel engine owners. You get excellent support from myself and AMSOIL. We share leads with you. Any dealers interested will have a better than average opportunity to pick up on strong leads and grow their businesses. Ask for a copy of the AMSOIL Magazine or my newsletter. Be sure to check out our Dealer page

Thank you!

Soon: Local Wash n' Lube shops

Certified Dealer: Michael Pattin 
Email Michael


Cheyenne dealer serving Northern Colorado, Western Nebraska and Wyoming.

Omaha, Nebraska Dealer



Dealership Opportunities

AMSOIL Dealer Opportunities in 2015 provide you with the ultimate home business opportunity with over 40 years of continuous growth to back it up. These products ARE IN DEMAND! We will help you stay on course but you can become totally financially independent if you put in the effort, Call me or one of my dealers and we would love to discuss it with you.
The big thing now is getting AMSOIL in local stores, independent lube centers and automotive shops. We have a successful method to secure local business not to mention the latest in shelving, display, free installer & retailer locator listings on the corporate site, personalized materials for the shop and free shipping for those who qualify.

AMSOIL is the auto enthusiasts hero! And increases in advertising and regional support teams are there to make it more possible for you to reach your goals as an AMSOIL dealer.

Join us every year for AMSOIL University or try the upcoming online version and get ready to tell the old boss good-bye. We can even help you open your very own Amsoil Retail Store!

AMSOIL's highest demands are in both the diesel and powersports sector. We urge you to print out our Dealer Sign-up Form or even better - call us and then read more in our Dealer Opportunities section. We may also have a team of dealers close to you so call and we will forward their information.

Industry is pointing consumers our way from every direction:

As one of the largest and fastest growing groups recognized by AMSOIL, and (we think) the most responsive, we offer the communication and tools you can use. We help the customer find you. Come visit our AMSOIL Store and see how you too can make online ordering obsolete in your area too!

Why should you join our group? We are part of one of the most successful marketing dealers who specializes in finding you customers and putting you on the right track. For me it's a full time job, and we do what it takes to help people locate you. We re-distribute significant leads to those requesting them. The dealers who are easy to locate, keep some stock and follow-up on leads are the ones who are experiencing double digit growth. Use this dealer Preferred Customer link to join or CALL so we can pair you with a dealer near you.


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