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AMSOIL Bypass Install

Two Ford Diesel's shown below.

2001 Ford F450 Power Stroke Diesel 7.3 L
AMSOIL Dual Remote By-Pass Filter System
Submitted by AMSOIL Dealer Dennis Taylor

Special Instructions:

"I recently had the opportunity to install an Amsoil Dual Remote By-Pass Oil Filtration System on a Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel. Due to very limited "under-the-hood" room, it was decided to install the filter mount to the truck frame just in front of the driver side door. Installation was quite simple, very neat, and provides easy access to the oil filters and the oil sampling petcock. The AMSOIL Part Number for the kit for the Ford Power Stroke is BMK-16 and includes all necessary parts, including both filters, for the installation. For this particular installation, two 90° fittings were needed and purchased locally for the filter mount and the optional BK-13 (Oil Sampling Petcock Valve) was purchased from AMSOIL INC. for oil sampling capabilities. Below are some illustrations of the installation." Vic Sledzinski

The filter mounting location is sometimes the most difficult part of the installation procedure. In the case of the Ford Power Stroke Diesel, an under-the-hood location was not possible due to space limitations. A very convenient location was found on the truck frame on the driver's side just in front of the door. We used two existing holes in the frame and drilled two 1/4" holes to secure the filter mount to the frame. This is another picture of the filter mount bolted to the frame. This location was about 3' from the original oil filter location and made for very easy routing of the oil supply and return hoses.
This illustration shows the spin-on adapter installed on the original oil filter location on the engine. A pair of 1/2" hydraulic 90° hose fittings were needed in this installation to prevent sharp bends in the hoses. This is a shot from the left rear of the truck with the oil filters installed on the filter mount. Note that the bottom of the filters are above the frame's cross member.
Another picture of the filter mount with the filters installed taken from the driver's side of the truck. Filters are easily accessible for replacement and the oil sampling petcock makes for easy oil sampling. The filter installation increases the oil capacity by about 1 quart. Sixteen quarts of Amsoil 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil was used for this application.

Disclaimer: These installation examples have been submitted by sources independent of AMSOIL INC. and may not comply with AMSOIL INC. installation instructions or application recommendations.


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