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2002 Jeep Wrangler 6-Cyl.
AMSOIL Dual Remote By-Pass Filter System
Submitted by AMSOIL Dealer Tom Waggaman

This is one of our most popular installs. The JEEP 4.0 straight six is worth protecting. Easily fits the Wrangler or Cherokee. This picture was sent to us from AMSOIL HQ. You can see it is mounted with a custom bracket attached to the left of the valve cover but there are several placed to mount on these vehicles.

The 2nd set was from a install I did on a Jeep Cherokee. AMSOIL offers the best low cost solution to superior filtration - this saves time and money people!!

Installation Photos - Click On Photos For Larger Image
Bypass unit is mounted at the valve cover next to filter.

Less than three feet of hose was used for this AMSOIL Jeep Bypass filter install.

Cherokee: Install done for Norfolk, NE customer. Bracket is anchored to three points. I ran the hoses long to avoud sharp bents and better flexibility.

The AMSOIL bypass filter attached to bracket metal fab shop locally made to secure the BMK-21 to pinchweld and firewall.

Feed the bypass filter unit with this

Overview of complete install.

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