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Donaldson Blue ™ Air Filters

Donaldson Blue ™ Air Filters
Product Code: EAF

Please see the updated brochure on the Donaldson Line which supercedes the below information.

Donaldson Endurance™ Air Filters with exclusive Nanotechnology nanofiber technology offer longer engine life, longer filter life, initial efficiency up to 99.99 percent and five times more capacity.

The nanofiber technology causes sub-micron contaminants to be held on the surface layer of smaller fibers. This

 filtration characteristic is only possible with this new type of air filtration technology. In on-highway applications, where the contaminant is primarily submicron in size, Donaldson Endurance filters cause less restriction than conventional filters with cellulose media. The smaller interfiber spaces of nanofiber technology have a higher efficiency and capture more contaminant.

Donaldson Endurance™ air filters deliver cost-saving benefits:
• Longer Engine Life
• Longer Filter Life
• Ideal for Extended Maintenance Intervals
• Cleanable With Shop Air for Reinstallation
• Double Mileage Guarantee
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These air filters also are reusable. When the restriction gauge indicates replacement, the filter can be removed from the air box and cleaned with shop air up to five times.

Donaldson Endurance™ air filters are guaranteed to deliver twice the miles between change intervals over cellulose air filters for on-highway applications or customers receive a new filter at no charge.


Donaldson Endurance™ Air Filters With Nanofiber vs. Conventional Cellulose
Nanofibers have submicron diameters and small interfiber spaces, which result in more contaminant being captured on the surface of the media and lower restriction.
Red circles represent the diameter of a 2 micron and a 5 micron particle.
Cellulose fibers are larger than nanofibers, and have larger spaces between the fibers, causing contaminant to be held in the depth of the media and plug the airflow path; resulting in higher restriction and less capacity.
To facilitate timely and accurate service when ordering or contacting technical service concerning Endurance Filters, we recommend you provide the part number of your current filter.



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