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Makes me feel old knowing these all came out after the time I joined as a dealer. But what fantastic studies which were only due to people asking AMSOIL to show where they stand. When you have a family run business, no stock-holders and the staff only grows rather than be replaced you get book of knowledge to build the next product on. Even raw materials AMSOIL sets their own standard rejecting raw material which would be within the parameters for most the others.  Other companies will start with a great product then trim it down after the industry tests were made to satisfy profits. You can see some of this in the Gearlube Study or motorcycle products study.

AMSOIL had to stop doing these comparison studies because it was tipping off their competition what they needed to work on..


This archive contains a historical record of AMSOIL performance tests and technical studies that are now obsolete and may not be representative of oils currently on the marketplace. The test results posted in this section reflect properties of oils available for purchase at the time of testing. The test results do not reflect properties of those oils reformulated subsequent to testing. Therefore, these publications are not available for download or distribution.


I’ll add to these on this blog post as I have time


Opens into a viewer but below are some highlights from the 2007 Study

Amsoil's archives gear lube comparison study
24 page industry changing study
copper corrosion
Amsoil Gear Lube Study  - Lucas doesn't score well. The lower number the better
The lower score the better








8.2% improved fuel economy using AMSOIL diesel 5W-30
Regulated test you too can try
AMSOIL Archived Performance Testing and Comparisons
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