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They Say Nothing Outperforms Mobil 1? Wrong!

AMSOIL INC. set out to examine the specifics of the overly broad “Nothing Outperforms . . .” Mobil claim. AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (ASL) and Mobil 1 SuperSyn 5W-30 Motor Oil were analyzed in five key bench tests measuring motor oil performance: NOACK volatility, flash/fire point, pour point, four ball wear and total bas  number (TBN). As shown in the charts below, AMSOIL outperformed Mobil 1 in all five areas. 


While Mobile 1 has a good NOACK Volatility rating, you get much more for your money with AMSOIL as it is set up to operate longer under high stress conditions.NOACK Volatility 

The NOACK Volatility Test determines the evaporation loss of lubricants in high-temperature service. The more motor oils vaporize, the thicker and heavier they become, contributing to poor circulation, reduced fuel economy, increased oil consumption and excessive wear and emissions. A maximum of 15 percent evaporation loss is


A simple and effective test using a precision instrument which uses numerous gauges to monitor temperature, pressure, speed and time for the given test parameter.



Four Ball Wear

The Four Ball Wear Test determines the wear protection properties of a lubricant by measuring the wear scars produced by four metal balls in sliding contact under the test parameters. The smaller the average wear scar, the better the wear protection pro- vided by the lubricant. As shown in the graph, AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil completed the Four Ball Wear Test producing a smaller wear scar than the Mobil 1 SuperSyn 5W-30 Motor Oil.


These test's don't really mean anything to me as it's my customers feedback that is important. Vehicles using AMSOIL use less oil, use less gas, run smoother by light years, and operate measurably cooler.Flash/Fire Point

The Flash/Fire Point Test determines the lowest temperatures at which application of a flame will cause lubricant vapors to ignite (flash point) and sustain burning for five seconds (fire point). Lubricants with higher flash and fire points exhibit more stable volatility characteristics and are safer to use and transport. As shown in the graph, AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil has higher flash and fire points than does Mobil 1 SuperSyn 5W-30 Motor Oil.

Pour Point

The Pour Point Test determines the lowest temperature at which a lubricant flows. The lower a lubricant’s pour point, the better protection it provides in low-temperature service. As shown in the graph, AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil has a lower pour point than Mobil 1 SuperSyn 5W-30 Motor Oil.




Take a look at the Mobil 1 Extended Performance (3/2009)

Total Base Number

Total Base Number (TBN) is the measurement of a lubricant’s reserve alkalinity. The higher a motor oil’s TBN, the more effective it is in handling contaminants and reducing the corrosive effects of acids for an extended period of time. As shown in the graph, AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil has a higher TBN than Mobil 1 SuperSyn 5W-30 Motor Oil.




Most of my customers were Mobil 1 customers as the facts still remain, even though our certified tests prove we are better, my customers still have an increase in mileage, performance and I get several calls where customers were using oil and after switching to AMSOIL this problem decreased noticeably.

Mobil's new Mobil Clean 500 and 7500 mile oils are primarily a run of the mill engine oil and only offered to installers, where AMSOIL supplies to retail outlets, do-it-yourself users and preferred customers enjoy cost saving and performance solutions for all their equipment such as differential, transmission, compressors, hydrostatic machinery, motorcycles, bike chains, 5th wheel hubs, and 100's of other units requiring specific lubricants. 

The new Mobil 1 Extended Performance is not currently API licensed because it does not meet the fuel economy requirements of GF-4 (measured by the Sequence VIB engine test). AMSOIL's lower cost XL Series is licensed and meets the requirements of GL-4. It also costs less and offers the end user improved efficiency.

You won't find large accounts such as the Texas DPS, power stations, concrete companies or city governments who are working to reduce costs using Mobil 1 products if they have had any experience with AMSOIL and our service we provide.

Al Amatuzio June 2005 - "Spread the word. Talk about AMSOIL and all of our accomplishments. Let people know that despite Mobil's recent advertising campaign, we were the company that introduced synthetic motor oil and pioneered extended drain intervals. Mobil is not "the oil that changed motor oil". They're the oil that copied the oil that changed motor oil, and that would be AMSOIL!

Now here's a statement from Al Amatuzio (founder) that explains it pretty well.

"As most of you are aware. Mobil 1 was introduced after AMSOIL had paved the way for synthetic motor oils back in the '70's. When it was introduced it caused great concern among many of our Dealers. But in my Presidents Message at the time, I assured everyone that having Mobil 1 on the market would only help us sell more oil. Mobil confirmed everything we had been saying about synthetic oils, and our products and claims instantly became more credible.

Since then, we have always been compared to Mobil 1. When people think of synthetic motor oil, they think of AMSOIL and Mobil 1, not the other Johnny-come-lately's that have come on the market more recently. I have always said that Mobil 1 is a good motor oil, because compared to the run-of-the-mill motor oils on the market, it is. I have also always said that AMSOIL motor oil is better, again, because it is. Mobil makes their oils to run at normal drain intervals while we make ours for extended drain intervals, and therein lies the difference. Their oils don't have to be as good as ours, so they are not.

To prove that point, we ran a number of comparative tests on our 5W-30 and Mobil 1 SuperSyn 5W-30. The test results are published in this Action News, and they confirm what I have been saying all along. AMSOIL makes a better motor oil.

These test results show significant differences between the oils. Look at the results of the NOACK Volatility Test. Which oil is going to last longer in service? Look at the difference in Total Base Numbers. Again, which oil is going to provide the longest lasting protection? Look at the Four Ball Wear Test. Which oil will protect against engine wear better? In every category we tested, AMSOIL proved superior. Lower pour point, higher flash and fire points, AMSOIL tested best.

So when I hear claims that nothing outperforms Mobil 1, I have to say "wrong!". They may have good slogans and marketing hype, but when it comes to superior performance, I say nothing beats AMSOIL!"

To personally demonstrate the difference order one of our oil analysis kits and compare your used Mobil 1 at 5000 miles with AMSOIL at any mileage.
For three decades, not a single proven case of oil related failure in an engine covered by the warranty! When you use AMSOIL you spend less. 

Try the AMSOIL 0W30 which has a 35,000 mile or 1-year guarantee. If you stay with the 3000-5000 oil change you will not; have high temperature protection, save gas, save money, reduce wear, eliminate engine deposits, maximum filter life.

It's important to point out the TBN. What matters that this above example does not show is the TBN once the oil has been in use for 10,000 miles. I have done independent analysis as seen elsewhere on this site at extended mileage and AMSOIL stays consistent thus the Guarantee! See Mobil 1 Data Sheets and compare yourself. Have your Mobil 1 Analyzed at 10,000 miles and see for yourself where the viscosity remains. Our oil analysis kits are $24.00 post paid. You just drop in the mail and "Oil Analyzers" in Ohio will mail you back the test results right away..


AMSOIL Products Help Formula S.A.E. Racing Team Compete

Over the past year the Ohio State University has used and abused the AMSOIL product in our race motors. We have been through many oils before and our previous oil of choice was Mobil 1 0W-30. After contacting an AMSOIL representative our success with the product and the company as a whole has not stopped. After using Mobil1 with great success for a long time we were getting concerned with a couple of key issues. The two biggest questions were Is this really the best oil for our applications? and Is there another oil out there with comparable quality and performance without the huge price tag?"

Ohio State students tired of Mobil arrogance switches to the better oil - AmsoilThose are two questions that most individuals ask themselves at some point and on a cutting edge race team those two questions are asked everyday. Unlike many other cutting edge race teams though, we have a finite budget. Therefore we do pay attention to cost and bang per buck. That is where the price issue comes into the second question.

We had used many different oils in the past (Pennzoil, Valvoline, Klotz racing oil, and other major brands) but we have seen far more benefits working with AMSOIL. Mobil 1 gave us good oil in their 0W-30, but they fell short in many areas of need. After repeated attempts to call them and work out something where we could test oil and promote their product, they were nowhere to be found. Apparently they didnt need a university race team to join their Mobil 1 team. After getting excellent treatment from the people at AMSOIL and trying the oil in our dynos we havent looked back since.

More comprehensive and technical comparative analysis is on the slate in the near future but so far some conclusions can definitely be made. Our motors run well over 12,000 rpm and to the touch, smell and sight the AMSOIL product has performed as well and better than any oil we have had through our motors. We have seen their bold claims about their product stacking up, and we definitely put them to the test. We compete with over 120 teams worldwide (all colleges around the world). We have the future of the race industry, corporate automotive world and aftermarket engineers on our teams. There is a lot riding on the performance and quality approval of our oil. Competition has gotten tighter and tighter and AMSOIL has shown to be more than satisfactory in our power needs, engine protection and fuel economy. We have hopes of sending a sample of oil off to be analyzed after some runs in the next year, doing a simple burn test with some pans and a range of competitors oil, and possibly even some direct comparison work on the dyno. We design, build, test and compete with a new car every single year so time is tight but AMSOIL and the people with AMSOIL have blown away our expectations. We have tried many of their other products also and have seen similar levels of performance and quality.  Some data collected below is shown for viewing and some comments are made within. Thanks AMSOIL!! (Special thanks to AMSOIL Dealer Sean Aughey!!)

Comments on the AMSOIL Product

"Our tests show AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 0W-30 Motor Oil dramatically outperforms popular conventional and synthetic motor oils in many areas below."

Fuel Efficient Formula

"Your claims have been reinforced from our experience in this area. In the fuel efficiency portion of our competition this product was part of the puzzle for improvements."

High Temperature Protection

"Your claims have been reinforced from our experience in this area. Our motor is water cooled and running over 12,000 rpm at some points. Yet the 0W-30 oil has been satisfactory even when dyno water temperatures are at scary levels."

Low Temperature Protection

"We dont see many of these conditions."

Heat Stability

"Your claims have been reinforced from our experience in this area."

Clean Engine Formula

"Your claims have been reinforced from our experience in this area."

Shear Stability

"Your claims have been reinforced from our experience in this area."

Service Life

"Even in times when we were testing one of the race cars and forgot to change the oil for an extended amount of time the AMSOIL 0W-30 product has held up. I guess the only other thing I could say is that I wish you carried an oil filter for a Honda 600cc CBR-F3 because we would be sure to try it out. We thank you for your support and hope that we can give you additional relevant feedback in the future."

Take Care,

Brandon T. Fleishour

The Formula Buckeyes of Ohio State University


The Ohio State University Formula S.A.E. Race Team is one of many teams competing in an annual design competition for collegiate students. The international competition is promoted by the Society of Automotive Engineers and sponsored by Ford, Daimler Chrysler, General Motors and EDS. Through the course of one year, Formula S.A.E. team members design fabricate, test, and promote a formula style race car to compete every May in Detroit, Michigan against approximately 120 other universities worldwide. Competition regulations foster innovation, knowledge and teamwork in the students. A new car must be completed every year and consequently, OSU Formula S.A.E. team members gain invaluable experience through practical hands-on problem solving experience.

Team Development

The Ohio State University Formula S.A.E. Race Team is continually expanding and currently comprised of approximately 50 students from the freshman to graduate student level. The team consists of two captains and 13 project leaders who are responsible for various aspects of the teams development such as chassis, engine, suspension, electrical, drive train, finance, sponsorship and public relations. Assisting in those responsibilities are approximately 35 other members. These members grow through interacting with the team leaders on specific products. Currently the following curricula are involved with the team; mechanical engineering, industrial design, chemical engineering, computer science, business, marketing, computer science and communications majors. The leadership, managerial and organizational skills required of a team member become valuable assets throughout their careers.

Team Notes

2001 Season 3rd Overall (of 140 Teams)

  • Acceleration - 1st
  • Autocross - 6th
  • Cost Analysis - 3rd
  • Design - 2nd
  • Endurance - 10th
  • Skidpad - 20th


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