2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie 5.9 Cummins

Archived AMSOIL Installation on fancy Laramie edition.
AMSOIL Dual Remote By-Pass Filter System
Submitted by AMSOIL Dealer Robert Clark

Special Instructions:

The Bypass is located under the left front fender, mounted to the fender cross brace. A steel plate is bolted to the fender brace and the AMSOIL mounting bracket is bolted to the steel plate and cross brace. Easy installation and easy filter removal.

This is the dual unit. I used the BMK-23 dual mount and for the oil filter adapter order the BK300 oil filter adapter.. Then you no longer have to fiddle with that OEM filter location.  It works great although AMSOIL doesn’t have a complete kit for these 6.9s and newer 6.7..

Bypass in different location in 5.9 diesel

For more information on AMSOIL’s bypass kits and installs see the centrally located help page containing filter kit installation videos, tips and all instruction data files. 

Install Photos and dealer submissions.

Consider the dual kit over the single on all pre-2007 Ram diesels. For the later ones we suggest the single bypass. This dual remotes the full flow with a similar sized but more common thread oil filter. Then the bypass oil filter (EABP100) you simply change about every other time you do an oil change or change the full flow unit.

Some elect to change the bypass filter at longer intervals. It’s designed for 2-years or 50,000 miles which ever comes first. If it gets clogged up remember it’s just a bypass so the system will still operate as usual.  But with the AMSOIL Signature Diesel Oils (DEO 5W-40) for example, using oil analysis you just go about following the recommendations from the oil analysis company. AMSOIL has their own firm “Oil Analyzers” who knows the oil and filter situation so you get professional advice that is backed with their own guarantee.

We have several universal kits for all of your favorite vehicles.

AMSOIL Bypass Kit Install – 02 Dodge 2500 Laramie 5.9
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