Flushes work to Stop Oil Consumption. Oil Additives are Too Risky

Listening to the radio today a commercial regarding treating your engine with an oil additive to solve wear or smoke coming out of the tailpipe. The brand of the product doesn’t really matter.

If it’s a mechanical issue involving wear or perhaps an issue with the PCV system, at best any additive will decrease the motor oils ability to lubricate. The best course of action is to have it looked at by a experienced engine tech.

But if your goal is to limp it along or still think it can be improved on –  perhaps it’s just sludge and deposits. That type of build-up happens from lack of maintenance prior owner – not you of course), fuel dilution and a combinations of overheating and known crankcase breathing/ventilation problems. AMSOIL may have a easy solution worth a try and you get to experience quality oil doing some of the work at the same time.


AMSOIL Engine FlushOver the years I have received a good number of testimonials on our Flush agent. My suggestions are not due to any claims by AMSOIL, only customers. A significant of “using oil” issues were greatly solved including two of my own using the detergent based FLUSH!

AMSOIL engine flush and the new High Mileage motor oil combination is my suggestion. Just running that flush for the 15 minutes cleans up carbon and deposits on rings sometimes enough to reduce the oil issues. Sometimes it takes two oil changes but the feedback is consistent for both situations.

It’s easy to use and the feedback had been great! Less to no more oil consumption and/or improved fuel economy.


Also try the Upper Cylinder Lube on engines before they have problems. This product was designed to prevent this sort of thing well into 200,000 miles and more. I suggest it every other tank. It’s not costly in the case. We stock a lot locally as people have started to see for themselves. The case price saves you money then when you reach 300,000 miles you’ll be glad! One bottle costs less than the average hamburger w/o cheese.






Engine Using Oil or Smoking? Try FLUSH or the new High Mileage Oil
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