How Does AMSOIL Stack Up?

Amsoil beats out the competition

_by Dave Womeldorf|May 24, 2023

There’s no shortage of companies that make bold product claims. Precious few, however, back up those claims with independent, third-party test results.

Our customers can be confident that they’re using a product that performs as advertised and delivers industry-leading protection and performance. Keep reading to find out how AMSOIL products stack up to the competition.

“Well of course he’s gonna say that, he works there” – Been here for 24 years because I love hearing customers rave about the products.. If that were not true I would have quit a long time ago or the company would have folded up.

Lubricant Industry Performance testing

To see the proof for yourself, visit our updated Performance Tests page. Here, you’ll find results of industry-standard tests performed by independent, third-party labs that show how AMSOIL products stack up against leading competitors and the toughest industry and original equipment manufacturer standards.

For example, look at how well AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil protected bearings after 100,000 miles of head-to-head testing at an independent lab.

Diesel performance

AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils also perform exceptionally well. Independent testing shows they deliver more protection than required by Detroit Diesel’s* standard, a leading name in the diesel industry.

The Performance Tests page includes results for motorcycle oil, snowmobile oil, gear lube, fuel additives and more. See for yourself how AMSOIL products stack up against leading competitors like Mobil,* Royal Purple* and Lucas.*

How Does AMSOIL Stack Up?
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