Cans of sprays to make Winter Cleaning Easy

AMSOIL aerosols deliver cleaning power and performance you can see immediately.


Provides a protective layer of armor against the accumulation of mud, dirt and snow on ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes, easing clean-up.

Engine Degreaser

Effectively cleans engine surfaces by cutting through grease, oil and grime.

Glass Cleaner

Cuts through grease and grime faster than other leading glass cleaners, stays where you spray it and leaves no streaks. I was amazed the first time I used it on my van’s neglected windows and the Corvair’s windows after sitting in a garage for two years.

Power Foam

Improves starting and performance by cleaning dirty intake systems and spark plugs, freeing sticky valves and removing gum, varnish and carbon deposits. There are a ton of youtube videos on this product. Instant results including improved throttle response. Best for carbureted engines, race engines, engines that get a lot of throttle action, and all small engines.

Heavy-Duty Degreaser

Formulated with powerful and fast-acting solvents, attacking petroleum-based grime on a molecular level to loosen its hold on metal, concrete, engines and other surfaces. I used it to get inches thick crud off of a powerglide transmission which hasn’t been cleaned since 1980.

Miracle Wash®

Unique dry car wash and polish delivers outstanding performance and quick, easy and economical application. No water required. Harley riders say this works better than $30 to $100 waxes. Simpler to use too.

Winter Cleanup Package
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