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Cut costs significantly with our Commercial  Ordering Accounts! There are many options to reduce overhead costs.

We specialize in small automotive fleets to heavy duty off road equipment. About 75%of our accounts are of fleet  and landscaping nature as we create specialty lubricant products for all sorts of machinery.

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Thank you for taking the steps to use the products which you can measure the savings right away. Protect your equipment and enjoy the added performance. It’s that simple. 

Landscaping Business Runs on AMSOIL SABER® Professional – AMSOIL Blog

And on the new Hydrostatic Transmission Oil:

Better than oem
By  BRAD,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Virginia  on  August 28, 2023
Used this for the initial hydrostatic oil change after the 100 hour break in period on a Bad Boy Maverick. I honestly didn’t know it was possible for an oil to make that much difference in a transmission. I could feel the difference in the handle controls, as soon as I started the purge procedure, everything felt tighter and smoother. I mow several pretty steep hills, and after the fluid change, the mower feels like it has more pulling power, and is faster. I would not consider using anything else.


Recent Testimonials: Big Creek Lumber Yard – Already your grease has saved us plenty in bearing replacement costs. With the salt air and the improved seal and better adhesion properties of your grease, we have experienced the savings in more ways than one. Richard Chambers.

Pilot Chemical Company. Our PC Series Compressor oil has not only reduced their costs but they were shocked by the drastic improvement in quality of a highly acidic process where the prior compressor oil was absorbing the moisture and contamination.

Commercial Accounts receive all materials to order directly to Amsoil or through their servicing dealer. Fast and prompt service.

Commercial Accounts Cover All AMSOIL Products
  • Direct wholesale pricing through your business
  • Locked in yearly purchase discounts
  • All AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils and Transmission Fluids
  • Complete line of AMSOIL Oil and By-pass Filtration Systems
  • AMSOIL “Service Line” Quarterly Subscription
  • Optional open credit accounts billed monthly
  • Free Shipping on orders over $350

Any other questions please call us at 1-800-579-0580

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Timberline Landscaping Relies on AMSOIL Products for Reduced Downtime

Timberline Landscaping Relies on AMSOIL Products for Increased Equipment Life, Reduced Downtime

landscaping testimonialTimberline Landscaping of Colorado Springs, Colo. has offered residential and commercial customers a full range of landscaping services since 1982, including landscape design, construction and maintenance. As any business owner can attest, reliable equipment is key to success. Timberline owner Tim Emick counts on AMSOIL products to keep his company’s vehicles and equipment in top working order.

Extended Equipment Life

Extending equipment life is essential to any landscaping company’s bottom line. Emick has accomplished this by using a multistage approach that focuses on purchasing high-quality equipment, using premium AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and following sound maintenance practices. The approach has allowed Timberline Landscaping to double the life of its zero-turn mowers, “going from a three- to four-year life span to a six- to seven-year life span,” said Emick. The company has had similar success with its work trucks, “keeping them eight to 13 years” rather than trading them in every four years. With respect to his skid-steers, Emick keeps them “until they reach the 5,000-hour mark, and due to our good maintenance practices and use of AMSOIL products, they’re in such good condition that we’re able to sell them for 2/3 of the original purchase price.”

Increased Reliability and Performance

“We don’t tolerate poor-performing equipment in this business,” said Emick. “It eats into our money-making ability and impacts the crew both physically and mentally. Downtime is not tolerated. If you’re not being productive, you’re not making money. If equipment doesn’t perform well, we simply boot it from the inventory. AMSOIL products have made a noticeable difference to the reliability and performance of our equipment.”

Severe-Service Protection

Among the many jobs Timberline performs for its customers is snow removal, often a daunting task following a heavy Colorado snowfall. In these instances, Emick and his employees push their equipment to the limit.

“The wet, heavy snow overloads the equipment and the equipment is used 24/7 until the snow is cleared,” said Emick. “AMSOIL products provide that extra peace of mind when we’re pushing our equipment to the edge. We’ve never had an engine fail in these instances.”

Reduced Maintenance and Repairs

“I was tired of crawling under trucks late at night to work on or replace an engine or tranny after everyone else went home,” said Emick. “AMSOIL synthetics helped me stop doing that.”

Citing his company’s success with AMSOIL products, Emick encourages other professionals to convert their vehicles and equipment. “AMSOIL products are going to save you time and money by reducing maintenance and downtime, increasing production and extending your equipment life.”