HP Marine Injector Oil – Top Performer for Outboards

Excellent for Evinrude® E-TEC™ factory-lean setting (replaces expensive Evinrude XD100™ 2-Cycle Oil). Helps prevent deposits, protects against wear, has low smoke, protects against rust and has low aquatic toxicity. Superior performance as an injection oil or at 50:1 pre-mix.

Horse Power High Performance Marine Injector Oil

Injector Oil Overview

High-quality motor oil is critical for maximum performance in modern two-stroke marine motors. Direct fuel injection (DFI) improves combustion efficiency, delivering the extra power 

enthusiasts want, while leaner gas-to-oil ratios provide the reduced exhaust emissions the government mandates. The leaner ratio leaves less oil to lubricate and protect these hotter, more powerful motors, which invites deposits and wear that threaten engine performance and life. HP Marine is proven to excel in these harsh conditions. It controls performance-robbing friction, heat and wear, yet produces low smoke and has low aquatic toxicity properties. It’s an oil as advanced as the engines it protects.

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  • Excellent for Evinrude® E-TEC™ factory-lean setting (replaces Evinrude XD100™ 2-Cycle Oil)
  • Helps prevent deposits
  • Protects against wear
  • Low smoke
  • Protects against rust
  • Low aquatic toxicity
  • Superior performance as an injection oil or at 50:1 pre-mix
  • Switching from products like Yamalube to AMSOIL HPM will have you notice performance and smoother operation enough to where you become a salesman for this product just as I did!!

Outstanding Wear Protection

The elevated heat and friction of modern two-stroke marine motors can exceed the film strength of inferior oils, increasing the likelihood of scuffing and wear. HP Marine’s exclusive synthetic formulation provides increased lubricity for reduced wear during normal and lean-mix operation (see field study results). In 534 hours of field testing, HP Marine completely prevented piston skirt and cylinder bore scuffing, demonstrating its superior lubricity and ability to reduce friction between moving parts. It maintains a strong lubricating film even in lean-mix, severe-service conditions, helping marine engines achieve maximum life.

Excellent Deposit Control

HP Marine is formulated with MAXDOSE™, a system of advanced additives for “super-clean” operation. It helps prevent deposits that lead to poor performance. In field testing, HP Marine inhibited ring deposits that can cause ring sticking and ring jacking (carbon buildup behind the ring, forcing it outward), a phenomenon that occurs in modern DFI outboard motors. It also virtually eliminated exhaust port deposits for reliable, efficient operation.

Proven in Marine E-TEC Field Study

HP Marine was installed in a 250-hp Evinrude E-TEC engine powering a heavy-duty marine rescue vessel. Following a 28-hour break-in period at the normal oil setting, the engine was programmed to its factory-lean setting and operated for 506 hours prior to disassembly. An ASTM calibrated rater examined and awarded each component either a merit rating on a scale of 0 to 10 (with 10 representing no distress) or a percentage rating (with 0 percent representing no distress). Results prove HP Marine provided exceptional wear protection and deposit control. For complete study results, visit amsoil.com/proof.

E-Tech field study results.
Be sure to click on the like above to read about the entire test and dozens of photos. 

Marine outboard problems solved! AMSOIL HP Marine
534 Hours in service. Expect your old outboard to start easier too. Many confuse them as a 4-stroke after switching to AMSOIL.


Use in two-stroke marine applications that specify TC-W3, including those made by: Johnson/Evinrude*, FICHT*, E-TEC*, Mercury* EFI & Optimax*, Yamaha*, Nissan*, Tohatsu* TLDI*, Suzuki*, Mariner*, Force*. Use as injection oil or 50:1 premix (2.6 oz. per U.S. gallon of gas). 


HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is Warranty Secure, keeping your factory warranty intact. HP Marine is a high-performance replacement for vehicle manufacturer-branded products and is also backed by the AMSOIL Limited Warranty (G1363). For details, visit www.amsoil.com/warrantysecure

warranty safe

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I have been using this product for several years no issues low smoke low odor spark plugs last longerLess DetailsHow would you describe yourself?I’m a DIY handymanWhat kind of vehicle/equipment do you have?Bassboat with mercury 250 pro xs

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I was in need of two stroke oil for the start of my bass tournament season. After speaking with a buddy who is also a bass fisherman he is also a dealer of Amsoil Products. He convinced me to give it a try. I’ve burned through two and a half gallons of the HP Two Stroke oil and I couldn’t be happier! The smoking has all but disappeared, my prop comes out of the water clean. I’m convinced it’s the oil! I’m getting ready to order another case! Thanks Amsoil…Less DetailsHow would you describe yourself?I love my vehicles / toysWhat kind of vehicle/equipment do you have?Classic car, 4×4 hunting truck,SUV, boat

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