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From Archives

Founder A.J. Amatuzio’s message in the Preferred Customer AMSOIL Magazine for December 2010

Since the introduction of our very first synthetic motor oil it has been our products that have drawn people to AMSOIL. Whether it’s savings realized through extended drain intervals, prolonged engine and equipment life or
improved overall performance through superior lubrication, people recognize the great value our products provide.
AMSOIL products prove their value and people who use them, more often than not, become AMSOIL customers for life.

Throughout the years many people became Dealers simply to use the products. They had no intention, initially, of actually working their AMSOIL businesses. They weren’t salespeople, but because of the many benefits they experienced with the products they gained confidence and began aggressively pursuing their AMSOIL business

We see the same with our Preferred Customers. Although I don’t get the opportunity to speak to Preferred Customers as often as I would like, I do receive occasional letters. In virtually all cases, these letters contain glowing comments about our products. And in
many cases, like our Dealers, Preferred Customers become committed and go on to build highly successful AMSOIL

Don’t get me wrong. Although I would love to see every Dealer and Preferred Customer become successful in an
AMSOIL Dealership, I do not expect that to happen. Not all of you, I understand, have the time, the interest or desire.
I can only tell you that I am extremely grateful for your commitment to our products, and I sincerely appreciate
your loyalty to the AMSOIL brand. I would like all Preferred Customers and Dealers to realize, however, that the AMSOIL business opportunity is there for you, at any time, should you choose to pursue it.

You can be sure, also, that the company will support you every step of the way. For 37 years AMSOIL has been a model for all that is good in multi-level marketing and that will continue. Following are four traditional benchmarks that good MLM companies must meet:

1. A company must have quality products. AMSOIL products perform as intended, and clearly, the better
the products perform the easier they are to sell. Not only does our quality attract consumers, it inspires confidence and enthusiasm in our Dealers. We manufacture our own
product line to ensure quality control, and our product line is large, providing Dealers and Preferred Customers
with diversity and choice. And bottom line, there is demand for AMSOIL products.

2. Company support is a necessity. Knowledgeable Dealers are successful Dealers, and AMSOIL puts great
effort into Dealer training. Beyond the intense instruction provided at AMSOIL University, we offer a wide selection of literature, website training and other educational tools. Also, unlike most MLM companies, we provide direct access to the company. Our open phone policy, conventions and regional meetings provide the personal contact that is extremely important for the training and inspiration that is necessary to succeed in the multi-level marketing industry.

3. Stability is a feature common to all successful MLM companies.
AMSOIL has a proven track record. We have established a solid reputation. We look to the future, manage our growth wisely and commit to long-term goals. We have never, ever missed a payment to our Dealers or suppliers, and we reinvest our money for constant improvement
and growth. Driving it all, we have highly-qualified
management, skilled technical people and a dedicated
staff throughout.

4. Good MLM companies make only legitimate claims.
AMSOIL doesn’t promise instant riches. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed as an AMSOIL Dealer. And we don’t rely on outrageous testimonials or incredible
claims to sell product or attract Dealers and Preferred Customers. We let the facts speak for themselves.

From all of us at AMSOIL I thank our Dealers for their effort, our Preferred Customers for their business and
wish all of you a wonderful holiday season.

A.J. “Al” Amatuzio
President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

A short note from Al Amatuzio – Founder of AMSOIL (May 2005)

The other day I was reviewing the April Action News and the new G-100 product catalog included in it. The products featured in this issue were our two new motorcycle oils. Anyone reading about these outstanding new oils couldn’t help be impressed by how they totally blew the competition away in head-to-head performance tests.

Once again, AMSOIL outperforms the competition and puts test results that prove it right there for everyone to see. It’s also interesting that the very bike manufacturer that said not to use synthetic motor oils in their engines now sells and recommends a synthetic motor oil with their label on it.
They don’t make it, but they profit from it so now it’s OK to use. That’s very similar to how the other oil companies and automakers badmouthed synthetic motor oils until they began marketing their own synthetic oils.
Are their oils as good as AMSOIL? Not when you look at the tests or listen to our customers! AMSOIL has a long history of making lubricants that are the very best. And the way we have shown they are the best is by testing them against the competition and publishing the results in our sales literature or right on the product labels.
I don’t know of any other oil company that does this like we do. But then, I don’t know of any other oil company that makes products as good as we do, so they don’t really have as much to toot their horn about as we do.

Al Amatuzio – AMSOIL Founder