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Bottom line – Customers want AMSOIL. We are 8% -10% of the Synthetic Passenger Car Motor Oil market. We are 20% or more of the motorcycle oil market and our best seller – Diesel Oils – are growing all the time.

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From Founder Al Amatuzio, Notes from the AMSOIL Magazine:
(The launch of our OE product line for installers)

Today’s sophisticated engine designs and busy lifestyles are forcing people from their own garages to the garages of their local installers. Fewer people are changing their own oil, and penetrating the
installer market should be a primary focus for Dealers. Every Dealer should have at least one installer
to send his or her do-it-for-me customers to.

The company is well-positioned for the challenge. Our XL and OE motor oils were introduced
specifically to break down the installer market barriers. Gone now are the API warranty concerns and
drain interval hurdles. The oils are priced competitively with other synthetic oils and offer generous
profit margins for installers. They also cover the full range of oil change intervals recommended by auto manufacturers and satisfy the increased demands for customer convenience.

We introduced the world to synthetic automobile oil. We broke through the once impenetrable 3,000-mile drain interval. We led the way in improving the quality of lubrication throughout the industry. And now it won’t be long before AMSOIL motor oil is the synthetic oil of choice for installers from coast-to-coast.

Programs Amsoil has for Installers
Click the above or call us for the pricing and selection packet for installers. See how price is no longer an issue for a competitive synthetic oil option in your shop!!

February 2014 National Lubrication News

API Reveals Nearly 20 Percent of Bulk Oils Fail Performance Standards

The problems aren’t just limited to smaller oil distributors. Bulk motor oil testing performed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) indicates many motorists may be receiving substandard motor oil when they drop their vehicles off for an oil change. According to the API, it purchased and tested more than 1,000 samples from bulk motor oil tanks throughout North America over the past five years, and nearly 20 percent failed API performance standards.

PQIA Issues Advisory for Valvoline NextGen 5W-20 Motor Oil

In January, PQIA issued an advisory for Valvoline NextGen 5W-20 Motor Oil. After twice testing a sample of the oil acquired at a retail store in New Jersey, PQIA determined it did not meet volatility requirements set by the API and the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC). While the sample passed viscosity and elemental requirements for the API SN and ILSAC GF-5 specifications, its weight losses of 18.4 and 18.3 percent in the NOACK Volatility Test (ASTM D5800) are about 22 percent higher than the 15 percent maximum required for the specifications.

Amsoil is directed to the performance and economy minded customer. AMSOIL is regarded as the best choice when available.