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This link will take you to the most up to date diesel oil information page. Expanded product listings featuring our latest Signature Series group of diesel oils, the Heavy-Duty line which is  a lower cost industry leading 100% Synthetic and the earlier products which address your older pre-2008 diesels. Also for those looking for a high zinc diesel oil (HDD, AME and ACD). With AMSOIL you have choices! But the new Signature Series covers all years and all diesels new and old.

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AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Variety for All Years

The #1 comment is regarding the improved mileage and smoother engine performance. AMSOIL is the only synthetic diesel oil designed for extended intervals which can resist the added sheer and corrosive conditions caused by new diesel emissions systems. These engines increase soot, heat and deposits. AMSOIL’s new CJ4 line allows for longer DPF life. Find out why our growing list of customers have trusted American Made AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel oils since 1976.

Improved CJ-4 Diesel Oil – See below

Both CJ4 and CI4+ Formulas available for all year models. If you have a 2007 and earlier w/o the diesel particulate filter you will not likely find the correct oil for your engine in the big stores – AMSOIL has the prior CI4 Blended oils for better wear protection and CJ4 oils which REALLY are compatible.

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AMSOIL SAE 5W-40 & 15W40 100% Synthetic Diesel Oil CJ-4

Designed for low sulfur diesel and 2007 CJ4 specificationsThese new products for diesel engines are the only ones to save fuel, reduce acids, and are sheer resistant over long intervals. Another first from AMSOIL!AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-40 (DEO) & 15W-40 (DME) is the premium choice for API CJ-4 emission quality diesel oil required by model year 2007 and newer diesel engines. It delivers extraordinary lubrication in diesel engines found in commercial, fleet and personal vehicles.

NOW Guaranteed to last 3X LONGER up to 50,000 miles or 1-Year whichever comes first!*
Built with the latest additive and synthetic base oil technology, AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-40 & 15W40 Diesel Oil exceeds the higher performance demands of modern engines. It withstands the stress of heat, soot and acids to help prevent deposits, corrosion and wear. AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-40, with its broad viscosity range, is ideal for winter and summer use.

Exceeds Emission System Requirements
AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Oil is a low sulfated ash formulation that exceeds the modern requirements for low emission quality diesel oil. It is compatible with all exhaust treatment devices and is designed to extend the service life of particulate filters.

See Expanded information on these two new and unique products.

Order and Product Information Page on 5W40 and 15W40 CJ4 Diesel Oils

* – See Amsoil Interval Guide or product data sheet.

AMSOIL SAE 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil

Still in 2012, AMSOIL’s Best Selling Product

For Non-DPF Diesel Engines. (2007 and earlier) Amsoil's AME 15W40 Heavy Duty Diesel oil was the first on th emarket and continues to be the best value in the industry.

AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil is premium diesel oil that provides excellent performance in all types of diesel engines where highly effective control of wear and deposits is vital. This is also our first recommendation for engines with high mileage and wear.

Best seller due to price and the CI4+ requirement for those looking for the high Zinc-Phosphorous & correct detergent formula for a diesel engine – this is one of several AMSOIL products for you.

Built with heavy-duty dispersant/detergent additives and 12 TBN, AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil neutralizes acids and controls soot thickening from EGR and blow-by to effectively prevent corrosion, cylinder bore polishing (wear), varnish/sludge, and ring sticking. It resists heat and breakdown and is recommended for extended drain intervals based on oil analysis.

Get the facts & ordering information about AMSOIL AME 15W40 Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine – Expanded section.

Product Code AME

AMSOIL Series 3000 SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil

The Premium AMSOIL Synthetic Engine Oil
For CI4 high Zinc – ZDDP formula

Editors choice for all 2007 and earlier light duty diesel trucks requiring CI4+, especially the Ford 6.0

For Non-DPF Diesel Engines. (2007 and earlier)

Delivers better wear protection than other popular diesel oils and effectively reduces fuel consumption. AMSOIL Series 3000 5W30 100% Synthetic Diesel oil resists oil breakdown from heat, blow-by chemicals and oxygen up to ten times longer than conventional oils.
It provides excellent shear stability, retaining its protective viscosity in conditions that cause conventional oils to fail.
Its high 12 TBN controls acids from combustion blow by and EGR, while its superior dispersancy and detergency characteristics effectively control EGR soot thickening and reduce wear. Recommended for all 2007 and prior turbocharged engines. See expanded section on this product.
Product Code: HDD
Order and Product Information Page

AMSOIL OE 10W-30 Synthetic Diesel Oil

Lowest Cost for an AMSOIL Diesel Oil

New for the Fall of 2012 this AMSOIL diesel oil has already been selling very well with some nice feedback. Unexpectedly from older trucks!
More mileage and easy starts. One Ford 7.3 owner was quite skeptical and returned to tell us about his amazement for easy starts. The difference in price at wholesale from oils found at Walmart is about the cost of a good hamburger.

Find out more and ordering links on the page dedicated to the new AMSOIL OEC 10W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil!

And as always – Even better price when you call!!

AMSOIL OE 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil

New low cost alternative for OEM change Intervals

15W40 priced for your OEM drains. Yes, high performance and cost effective for your OEM Change Intervals with out the long oil change interval price. Customers with new 2007 to 2011 light duty diesel trucks with DPF emission systems have limited change intervals. AMSOIL OED (Original Equipment) give these customers a premium diesel oil with a competitive price!
Also great for all other diesel engines where the owner buys based on cost or demands frequent or OEM oil changes.

Meets Emission System Requirements
AMSOIL OE 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil is a low-sulfated ash formulation that meets the requirements for low-emission quality diesel oil and protects under the most severe conditions found in modern diesel engines. It is compatible with all exhaust treatment devices and is designed for engines equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF).

See Expanded Information and Ordering on this high demand synthetic diesel oil.

Synthetic 10W30/SAE 30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil

Our best value for older diesel engines calling for SAE 30 or one product for all engines.Exceeds both 10W-30 multi-grade and SAE 30 straight-grade viscosity requirements. Provides outstanding performance in older and modern diesel engines as well as gasoline engines. Excellent for heavy equipment and personal vehicles. API CI-4+/SL ACEA A3/B3, E2, E3, E5 and more.
Unlike conventional SAE 30 motor oils, AMSOIL ACD has a naturally high viscosity index and does not contain paraffin (wax). It has a -36°F pour point and qualifies for SAE 10W, making it an “all season” multi-grade lubricant with a wide operating temperature range. AMSOIL ACD is formulated without viscosity index improvers (VI).

Please Examine our full descriptive page on this versatile product. (Product Code ACD)

Order and Product Information Page on 10W30 Diesel

AMSOIL 20W50 gasoline and Diesel - Often overlooked but provides solutions for dozens of applications.AMSOIL 20W50 ARO is excellent for diesel engines, including pickups, RVs, cars and off-highway vehicles and is ideal for use in high-stress vehicles subject to stop-and-go driving, short trips, high temperatures, frequent trailer pulling and off-road use.
AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 Motor Oil surpasses the North American SAE and European ACEA oil specifications for high temperature/high shear (HTHS) viscosity. It retains its viscosity at temperatures and loads that cause conventional oils to shear back to a lower viscosity. AMSOIL 20W-50 Motor Oil maintains an extremely protective viscosity of 4.9 cP at 302°F (150°C) in the ASTM D 4683 High Temperature/High Shear Test, significantly exceeding test limits.Please Read More on the ARO 20W50 SyntheticOrder Now Online in our NEW AMSOIL Online Store

Classic car owners concerned about the lack of ZDDP in current motor oils should take note.

AMSOIL Diesel and several AMSOIL Gas Engine oils which will contain the needed ZDDP anti-wear additives for at least the next 10 years. Most of you are looking for CI4+ rated oils for older engines and you have come to the right place. Cam or lifter wear should never be a issue when using our 100% synthetic lubricants which are not labeled for ILSAC GF-4 which is the engine test category designed to protect modern emission systems.

Here’s the current Service Bulletin from AMSOIL INC. on Zinc Levels within AMSOIL’s select products.

For your street rod or vintage vehicle trust the original, trust the one designed for the purpose – the consumer in mind and the only one with a guarantee – AMSOIL.

Diesel oils save large truck owners even more with extended intervals of 50K and beyond using our By-Pass filtration systems.

Diesel users are even more impressed with the extreme fuel economy. It’s money that stays in your pocket. See Service Life on data sheets in our product listings. Add years to your engine life and put an end to waste. Why not start using AMSOIL now? Buy wholesale and find out AMSOIL actually costs less than you were told. Or perhaps take advantage of our Dealer network. Rely on AMERICAN Produced Motor Oils.


Here’s a clip from founder Al Amatuzio’s comments in the AMSOIL dealer magazine dated June 2012 regarding the loyalty we dealers have in AMSOIL and why sales have been on the increase over the past 12 years.

Along with that enthusiasm comes a very real sense of loyalty. It’s been a long road since the introduction of our first synthetic motor oil in 1972, and the struggles we faced as the industry’s only synthetic oil are behind us. We face new challenges today, but we do so from a position of leadership. We are clearly recognized for our innovation, and the quality of the products carrying the AMSOIL name is absolutely undisputable. We have established brand loyalty, and that has never been more obvious than it was at AMSOIL University.

But loyalty to the AMSOIL brand extends well beyond our Dealers. It didn’t happen by accident. AMSOIL meets the criteria established by brand loyalty experts, and we have given consumers every reason to attach their loyalty to us.

1. Something better: AMSOIL products are formulated to the absolute highest standards. We invest in technology that other companies simply will not invest in. AMSOIL does not compromise on quality. We do not sacrifice performance for the sake of profit margins. AMSOIL products bring value that is not achieved with other products.

2. Sense of belonging: Consumers identify with AMSOIL. We are an unconventional company with unconventional products. AMSOIL consumers belong to an exclusive club. They share a desire for performance that is lost on other consumers. They know something other consumers do not know.

3. Credibility: It extends beyond our products doing what we claim our products will do. Credibility is achieved through the image we project. It is gained through the professionalism displayed in our sales brochures, data bulletins and technical studies. Our label designs and product packaging are as good as it gets. Our website is a true source of legitimate information, and the training we provide cannot be found in other companies.

4. Accessibility: We don’t hide from our consumers. Our staff remains available at all times. We field technical questions at all levels, don’t run from complaints and apply consideration to all worthwhile suggestions. Consumers want to know they have access to real people, and AMSOIL takes that responsibility seriously.

5. Sustainability: We remain ahead of the curve. We deliver products people want. The AMSOIL brand has endured because we keep our product line fresh, but we don’t make changes just for the sake of change. The goal has always been to ensure that every person who becomes an AMSOIL customer will remain an AMSOIL customer for life.

All the success this company has achieved, of course, must be shared with our AMSOIL Dealers. Together we have built a brand that will remain an industry leader for generations to come. And while we still have work to do, you can be assured that your independent AMSOIL business can grow as large as your commitment will take it!

Unsurpassed Diesel Engine Protection

Diesel engine emissions have been an ongoing environmental concern for the past few decades, and the United States, Europe and Japan have responded to demands to reduce harmful particulates and nitrogen oxides (NOx). In the U.S., particulate and NOx levels were first regulated in 1988, with regulations becoming increasingly stringent through the years. In fact, 1988 standards set NOx and particulate levels at 14.4 g/kWhr (grams/kilowatts – hour) and 0.8 g/kW-hr respectively, while 2010 standards have been set at 0.27 g/kW-hr and 0.013 g/kW-hr respectively. By 2010, diesel engines will be considered “clean,” but getting there will require sulfur-free fuel, improved in-cylinder combustion, exhaust after-treatment, vehicle design changes and diesel oils that are compatible with after-treatment systems.

Between the years 1988 and 1991, emission standards were met by improving in-cylinder combustion through the use of unit injectors, electronic controls, controlled air swirl, improved combustion bowl design, reduced piston crevice volume, turbo-charging, air inter-cooling and reductions in oil consumption.

The year 1991 also saw the use of high top rings to lower particulate emissions. By 1998, retarded fuel injection timing was introduced to meet increasingly stringent NOx emission standards. High top rings and retarded fuel injection timing increased soot loading on the oil, leading to the introduction of API diesel oil category CH-4 in order to prevent viscosity increases and increased wear due to soot.

In order to meet 2002 emission standards, most engine manufacturers introduced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) engines, which recirculate a portion of the exhaust to the engine’s combustion chamber, lowering peak combustion temperature. Although EGR engines effectively reduce emissions, they also run hotter and introduce higher levels of soot and acid into the oil, leading to increased wear, increased oil viscosity and shorter oil drain intervals.

The API CI-4 diesel oil specification was introduced in December 2001 to protect against the higher temperatures and increased levels of acids, soot and oxidation associated with EGR engines, while some manufacturers released their own diesel oil performance specifications in order to assure optimum protection for their equipment. Mack released its stringent EO-N Premium Plus High Performance Diesel Engine Oil specification in the spring of 2002, then upgraded it to EO-N Premium Plus 03 in April 2003 due to soot-related oil thickening and shear that occurred after a certain length of highway time.

API issued an upgrade to its CI-4 specification, CI-4 PLUS, in September 2004 in order to provide improved oxidation resistance, shear stability, acid neutralization and soot dispersancy for EGR engines. CI-4 PLUS certified diesel oils also meet most of the individual manufacturer issued specifications and are backward compatible with older diesel oil specifications and engines. CI-4 PLUS oils must first meet the original requirements of CI-4, with the additional requirements of passing the 90-Pass Shear Stability Bench Test and the Mack T-11 engine test, a more stringent upgrade of the Mack T-8E soot-viscosity test required for CI-4.

In order to meet 2007 particulate standards, exhaust after-treatment devices such as particulate filters (DPF’s) and continuously regenerative traps (CRT’s) will be incorporated into diesel engines, creating new challenges for diesel oils. AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils are ahead of the curve and ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils surpass the most stringent modern diesel oil specifications, including CI-4 PLUS and EO-N Premium Plus 03. Formulated with top-of-the-line synthetic base stocks and advanced additive packages, AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils effectively control the increased soot and acid levels associated with EGR units, while remaining shear stable at high temperatures, avoiding the damaging sludge and deposit build-up that contribute to decreased fuel efficiency, corrosion and accelerated engine wear. The drain intervals of AMSOIL diesel oils may be extended by oil analysis in EGR-equipped engines.

Emission control technology has increased soot loading of diesel oils, prompting original equipment manufacturers to shorten drain interval recommendations. Even at increased soot levels, AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils continue to offer outstanding wear protection. Soot and iron wear levels were measured over 900 hours of operation in a 2002 EGR-equipped Mack LE613-Rear Loader running AMSOIL 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil. As seen in the graph, even at increased soot levels, the rate of engine wear remained well below the Mack condemnation limit of 0.5 parts per million per hour (ppm/h).

Amsoil withstands soot longer.

Owner/Operator Experiences Significant Fuel Savings with AMSOIL


Amsoil 15W40 AME keeps the income in your wallet. Have you examined your diesel oil lately?I have been using AMSOIL 15W40 AME Diesel Engine Oil and the AMSOIL Dual-Guard By-Pass Filtration System, along with used oil analysis, for nearly three years. My 1997 Mack CH613 had 176,000 miles on it when I began using AMSOIL motor oil and the Dual-Guard System. At the time I bought this truck, the company I am leased to bought a number of identical trucks for their fleet. All of these trucks operate in much the same way, including operating environment, type of haul, etc. These trucks also have a dash mounted digital display of the lifetime average fuel economy. At this time my truck’s average is 6.78 MPG, and the company trucks range from 5.8 to 6.2 MPG. The difference between 6.78 and a fleet average of 6 MPG is over 11 percent. That is significant savings, and the major difference here is I use AMSOIL Diesel and the company trucks use conventional oil! Not only do I save on fuel but I buy significantly less diesel oil!

Both the full flow and by-pass filters are changed regularly, and at each 20,000 mile interval, an oil sample is taken to monitor the oil’s condition. Currently, I have 412,000 miles on this truck, the last 236,000 without an oil change. The oil analysis from Oil Analyzers, Inc. reports the oil is suitable for continued use and the engine runs great.

Mike Geho
Owner/Operator and AMSOIL Dealer

Use Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate to Restore Fuel Lubricity

Fuel sulfur regulation began in October of 1993, decreasing from 5,000 ppm to 500 ppm in order to meet 1994 particulate regulations.
In order to meet 2007 particulate regulations, 15 ppm ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) was implemented June 2006. While reducing the level of sulfur in diesel fuel effectively reduces emissions, it also reduces lubricity, increasing wear on fuel pumps and injectors. AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate (ADF) effectively restores lubricity, to protect pumps and injectors from wear. In addition, Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate effectively reduces emissions and provides outstanding fuel system cleanliness and corrosion and sludge inhibition.
ADC keeps passages and orifices open and allows improved fuel flow, fuel atomization and combustion for improved fuel economy and power.

• Improves fuel economy
• Increases fuel stability
• Improves cold fuel flow
• Controls injector wear
• Extends fuel pump and injector life
• Reduces emissions
• Improves cold startability

Turbodiesel Owners

Rely on AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Engine Oils to cut costs and most of all, reduce expensive down time. Our synthetic diesel oil is specifically designed to neutralize soot and oxidants which lead to corrosion and viscosity fluctuations. Use Oil Analysis and extend your expensive diesel changes at least twice as long, cut fuel use, and add years to your engine. Trust 39 years of AMSOIL satisfied customers! For your 2007 and earlier diesel, start with the AMSOIL AME Diesel Oil which is still one of our best selling products.

The Amsoil Heavy Duty Diesel 5W30 resists breakdown from heat, oxygen and blowby chemicals up to ten times longer than conventional oils. More importantly, the HDD resists forming sludge and varnish deposits which causes decreased fuel efficiency and wear.
The main difference between this product and all others is it retains its viscosity over extended drain intervals rather than thicken.

In addition to the above, the AMSOIL HDD 5W30 Diesel provides better protective film at extreme temperatures than currently available SAE 40 oils. You really get what you pay for with this product. We sell this product to more owner operators as they are more concerned about the life, long term expenses and efficiency of their engines not to mention the advantages of less down time thanks to extended intervals.

Although the AME 15W40 Synthetic Diesel oil is AMSOIL’s best selling product by a wide margin, the AMSOIL HDD Series 3000 5W30 Synthetic Diesel oil is a better product. It does cost significantly more but it’s the best product.
Most of my customers start with the 15W40 as that is what the manual calls for, the climate demands that or it’s the choice as they run heavy loads. The 5W30 confuses many diesel owners as they believe it may be too light of a weight for their use, but because of the synthetic nature or our product there is no compromise to any wear surface. the intense sheer strength and lubricity of this product is the ultimate solution to modern high temp, excessive load, turbocharged diesel engines. If you own your diesel, want to increase the mileage and serviceable life, the 5W30 HDD is the best choice. Call 1-800-579-0580 for pricing.

To meet your diesel CI-4+ requirement and EGR compatibility. See our data sheets for our newer products.

Class 8 Savings trial – Increase diesel mileage by 8-1/2%!

5W30 HDD and Bypass reduces oil use from 480 to 40 quarts!

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