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You’ve probably read a lot recently about claims of “fake news.” Whether you buy into that or not, a thoughtful look at our society reveals why many people are distrustful of the information they read, including information reported by reputable news sources. It seems that everything is overhyped or spun to lead the reader or viewer to a specific conclusion. Rather than getting the straight facts, we’re given the facts with opinions. News organizations have changed dramatically in the last 20 years.

But news organizations are not the sole provider of information. While they are guilty of spin, they still typically report facts. The Internet has changed everything and given a voice to anyone who wants one. As fantastic as the  benefits of this revolution are, there is a downside. People don’t know who to trust. You can find arguments and supporting “facts” for and against just about anything under the sun. Expert advice comes from amateur videos, blogs, websites and forum posts. Those who are convincing enough garner a following and are viewed as experts.

Soon after, opposing opinions are put forth. Those who lack expertise on a given topic are then left to sort fact from fiction. Trouble is, oftentimes both opposing arguments make sense to the uninitiated so it’s hard to identify the right path. This is usually true in situations where people are trying to predict the future. “The stock market is going to crash.” “The housing market will never recover.” “Beta-max is the future.” The truth is, most of the time people don’t know. It’s  unpredictable. There are too many factors affecting large-market topics.

Electric cars are a great example. They’ve generated a lot of hype in the last year, and predictions of their dominance in the years ahead are running wild. Conversely, others predict further adoption of electric cars, but to a much lower degree than most popular reports. So what does the future hold? What do electric cars mean for your dealership?  We’re not going to pretend to know exactly how everything will unfold, but we will give you all the information we have on the topic. We’ve consuled nearly 40 sources from a variety of organizations within and outside the automotive field and presented our conclusion in this issue of AMSOIL Magazine.

The bottom line is this: As long as you’re vwilling to go after it, there will be boundless opportunity for you for the foreseeable future. It’s up to you though. You have to go get it. And that’s no different than it is today.   An unbelievably large amount of the market is unfamiliar with AMSOIL right now, and they just need to hear from Dealers like you. Don’t hasitate. Take action today and chart your own future. If you set your goals and put in the work, we predict success.

From The Presidents
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