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AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oils

AND Absolute Efficiency Oil Filters
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The difference is performance you will feel, lower temperatures and better transmission protection - Guarenteed!


Fact - It is cheaper to call and order out of state (us) then buy from the local guy in most cases.. Why not call to find out?
Order at 800-579-0580 We are #1 for Phone Orders because we answer and the motorcycle products are one of our top sellers - About $11.50 to ship a case and lower rates for more weight. If you wish to order online - here's the link for Amsoil Ordering.

Amsoil motorcycle oils will impress you in simple performance! We are now more than 25% of the motorcycle oil market due to the performance.

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Click on the products below for more information.

AMSOIL 20W50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil - Recommended for Harley-Davidson, Buell, KTM, Ducati, BMW, Aprilia, and Triumph engines, transmissions and primary chaincases.
AMSOIL 10W40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil - Recommended for Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Victory,BMW & Husqvarna motorcycle engines and transmissions.
AMSOIL 10W30 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil - Recommended for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki & Kawasaki motorcycle and scoter engines & transmissions
AMSOIL SAE 60 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is recommended for early model air cooled V-Twin engines where a 60-weight motor oil is specified. (Commonly used in Knuclklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead and big-bore bikes.

Made from synthetic nanofiber media, AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Filters trap and hold more contaminants than other filters. They last longer, stop smaller dirt particles and offer reduced restriction for maximum engine performance and protection.



Quickshot works - Feedback verifies. More miles per tank and no ethanol worry.

AMSOIL Quickshot - WINNER!
SEMA 2010 Powersports product of the year!

Formulated to thoroughly clean varnish, gums, & insoluble debris in 2 and 4 stroke gasoline small engine & powersports equipment fuel systems. Effectively addresses performance issues related to ethanol, water and dirty pump gas. Get Quickshot!

Elimainate fuel problems and maintain the system in storage.

AMSOIL Metal Protector

Displaces water & protects metal surfaces from rust & corrosion. Light film that prevents metal-to-metal contact. Perfect for guns, hinges, cables, squeaky mechanical objects, electrical systems and more. Penetrates existing rust buildup. Dries wet electrical systems.

Engine Fogging Oil

A highly-effective rust preventative designed to protect internal engine components during storage or long periods of inactivity. Ideal for outboard motors, lawn and garden equipment, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, motor homes and that classic car, and generators or any equipment with a two- or four-stroke engine. Easy to use.
Special can allows for inverted spraying.

Heavy Duty Metal Protector

Excellent on metal surfaces. Protects against the effects of salt, moisture and chemical corrosion. Works as an undercoat, leaving a wax-like film. Recommended for motorcycle chains. Won’t “sling-off”. Dry to the touch.

Gasoline Stabilizer

Reduces the oxidation process that occurs when fuel is stored for extended periods to prevent the formation of varnish and sludge which can clog injectors, stick floats and cause poor engine performance. Ideal for stored seasonal equipment such as snowmobiles, lawnmowers, motorcycles and boats.

Miracle Wash

A long time AMSOIL favorite!. No water requires - Wash and vehicles fast! Unique dry car wash and polish with outstanding performance. Keep one in the car or saddlebags for the road trip.

When you order be sure to try our new Motorcycle Octane Boost (MOB) - works with even the lowest octane numbers. Feel the low end power enhancement. I get a lot of repeat buyers in our store for this so buy a case and save. Dial 800-579-0580 and save even more.

Oil Suggestion guide for Harley Davidson. Please print the below document and for best results use the 2nd suggestion. The 1st is for simplicity. The 2nd is for performance and better shifting and the 3rd is for more worn transmissions and primary chain cases.

amsoil's corporate booth at Sturgis, SD 2013
Working the AMSOIL corporate booth this year 2014 in Sturgis.


See one of our Amsoil Preferred Customer Magazine which offers a fresh overview on the Company and products each month. (click on Image)
If you want to be a Preferred Customer saving more money and receive this information monthly in the mail join us here.
Amsoil Magazine for June 2012

Motorcycle Oil Product Focus, Tips and more information

Latest Addition to AMSOIL Motorcycle Products & News:

Buell Motorcycles now factory fill with AMSOIL!!

Read this article which is spreading wide and far. Buell Racing chooses AMSOIL over prior synthetics and not because of a cash deal but because of a performance and quality factor.

Synthetic SAE 60 Motorcycle Oil (MCS)


Newest addition to the motorcycle line SAE-60 Motorcycle OilAMSOIL Synthetic SAE 60 Motorcycle Oil (MCS) is a premium oil designed for those who demand the absolute best lubrication for their motorcycles. AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil is the result of extensive research, and it is specially formulated to excel in all areas unique to motorcycles, including high engine RPM, wet-clutch lubrication, extreme-pressure regions of gears and rust common to short drives and storage.

AMSOIL SAE 60 Motorcycle Oil features superior heat resistance and wear protection. It is shear-stable and helps maintain proper oil pressure in elevated temperatures. AMSOIL Synthetic SAE 60 Motorcycle Oil stops viscosity breakdown (loss), protects gears and chains, and meets SAE 140, API GL-1 gear oil requirements. It is multi-functional and fulfills the requirements of both domestic and foreign motorcycles. AMSOIL SAE 60 Motorcycle Oil outperforms other conventional and synthetic motorcycle oils.

Amsoil 0W40 solves transmission problems - runs cool - starts easyFor other recreational motors and transmissions such as ATVs, Quads, UTV's as well as 4-stroke sleds try the AMSOIL Formula Four Stroke 0W40 Motor Oil. Known for eliminating high temperature "wear sounds" and vibration in ATV's it is another exceptional AMSOIL Powersports product people are talking about! Take a look at our dedicated page regarding this broad viscosity range oil for your ATV or Sled!


View and Order the AMSOIL 10W40 MCF Motorcycle Oil
View and Order the AMSOIL 20W50 MCV Motorcycle Oil

View and Order the AMSOIL 10W30 Motorcycle Oil
View and Order the new SAE 60WT Motorcycle Oil

Motorcycle Oil whitepaper study. Tests performed by Southwest Research show 15 top rated 40W and 50W motorcycle oils head to head in 12 critical tests including Viscosity Sheer Stability, Foam Control, Gear Performance, Price and High Temperature/High Sheer Viscosity. Sever top brands fail out of grade even before the end of a typical testing cycle.

They certainly didn't think anyone would spend the $200,000 it takes to run these tests so you could see where they rank in quality. AMSOIL says "You can clearly see we are not the best in every test but when you consider our performance across the board conclusively and where it counts, we offer the consumer unmatched quality."

Call for a Download the Motorcycle Oil Study -

Note from Ches Cain: And according to the thousands of motorcycle customers of mine there is not one bike out there operating to their full potential until the operator consummates the use of AMSOIL.

Stay tuned here for our own Motorcycle Oil, Maintenance + Gear Performance tests using AMSOIL, and other products in our 1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado.

The product mentioned in my email signature "Power Foam" solved a major problem in my Moto Guzzi. Anyone who is really focused on maintenance for their motorcycles, especially carbureted models click here. While using castrol 10W40 in 92F heat, we experienced some engine knock when oil temps rose too high. We had jetted down the carb to factory settings and learned the increased fuel from the prior owner was due to the fact he didn't realize the amount of carbon build-up in the combustion chamber causing increased compression, valve sealing problems and heat soaking.

AMSOIL Powerfoam was used after resetting the idle mix causing a instant notable improved exhaust sound!! I also found another Moto Guzzi owner who discovered the same improvement when using Power Foam on his bike.

Change oil after using Power Foam (within 100 miles is best) on motorcycles w/o oil filters as the product will cause contamination to the oil in small sumps. I also added Amsoil PI to the fuel (or use Quickshot) to continue to clean the valves and combustion chamber area.

You will notice better mileage, throttle response and reduced engine temperatures. If your engine is knocking you will notice a correction here too. In bikes with less severe problems the Quickshot will do just fine while curving the effects of ethanol and short storage effects.

Here is the link once again to AMSOIL Power Foam - One bottle can clean several motorcycle and car engines. I also use it as an exterior block cleaner. One of the most versatile and under-rated AMSOIL products!

A quote from Al Amatuzio Founder:
"I guess the real point of the motorcycle oil white paper and our continuous pursuit of quality is summed up in the final sentence of the editor’s note:
In any case, as motorcycle oils continue to improve, consumers will benefit. "
**As of 2012 the Motorcycle Oil Study remains unchallenged by any of the lubricants tested!

How can a 20W50 protect my transmission when it calls for a 90WT, 85W90 or 75W90?

The answer is simple. The viscosity for engine oils and gear oils are not part of the same scale. In fact a SAE 90 gear oil may actually have less viscosity than a SAE50 (20W50). The illustration clearly explains why. Now you know something most mechanics don't know.

Note on the above chart - We will soon be publishing a whitepaper study showing that most 90 WT gear oils use the cheapest base stocks thus at the bottom of the scale before early shear. This means they dip into the 40WT (engine oil) realm long before they are replaced, thus the inefficient operation.


Note this link for AMSOIL Ordering the correct filters and oil - use power sports link on right hand column. (But call me for the special price to beat 800-579-0580)

Here's an informative Service Bulletin regarding Wet Clutch life and oil lubrication matters. Save this and pass it along.

Amsoil's Product recommendation service bulletin

New AMSOIL Motorcycle Fuel Treatment - Serious Performance returns wien carbon is removed from intake valves. Amsoil Quickshot for Motorcycles - Also fights Ethanol problems. Restores performance. See more on this low cost occasional fuel treatment. Just announced - SEMA Powersports Product of the year (2011)!!!



*NEW* - EaOM Motorcycle Oil Filters - 15 Micron/100% efficient. All makes. (ask about our Filter Cap Wrench with your purchase if you need one)

Amsoil Formulia 4-Stroke Synthetic for ATVsNeed a 4-stroke ATV oil? Check out our Formula 4-Stroke 0W40 ATV and Sled oil.



AMSOIL Feature Articles:

Wet clutches are not a simple concept so when bubba says synthetics are not good for clutches you can show bubba why.Wet Clutches and Synthetics - Bad Combination?

Though it is commonly thought that the use of synthetic oils results in excessive clutch slippage, extensive field and laboratory
testing have disproven that theory. Properly selected synthetic based oils perform very well and do not alter the frictional characteristics of a wet-clutch and can actually improve their performance & longevity. The type of base oil used has the least impact on wet clutch performance.

We have prepared a document showing why you need to carefully choose your motorcycle oil based on additives, not base oils. AMSOIL's founder is directly responsible for the additives available to make this possible but read this document and pass it along. It's marvelous!

These oils all have to meet certain frictional coefficients. AMSOIL's motorcycle oils go beyond that exceeding MA2 - most motorcycle oils can't claim they meet MA2. Even our 10W40 motor oil (AMO) meets MA although it's marketed for cars, outperforms most motorcycle rated oils and is what I use in my Moto Guzzi.


The latest to AMSOIL's Motorcycle Line! 10W30 fo rmore fuel economy

AMSOIL motorcycle oils the bar in the industry as these now offer the best in transmission protection and long term storage. Use a oil that really makes a difference. We get plenty of feedback on the incredible improvement in shifting, throttle response and temperature decrease.

View and Order the AMSOIL 10W40 MCF Motorcycle Oil
View and Order the AMSOIL 20W50 MCV Motorcycle Oil

View and Order the AMSOIL 10W30 Motorcycle Oil
View and Order the new SAE 60WT Motorcycle Oil


Heard using any non "Harley Oil" would cause issues with your warranty?

Well take a look at this! I think you will be happy to read this and based on what was written in a recent Enthusiast magazine, if they go with the statement that you are tied into using their oil, they must provide it to you FREE of Charge! - That's the law. Ask them to put it in writing! "Ok well please put that in writing so I can get my free oil!"

Call me at 800-579-0580 if you want the truth about warranties and order the best from the best source.

Synthetic Mototrcycle oil at the highest qualityThe 10W40 and 20W50 Synthetic Motorcycle oil guarentees rust protection for one year.


AMSOIL Synthetic Oils Unique


Best Sellers!
Ea Oil Filters for Motorcycles

You came to the right place. We have been selling more synthetic motorcycle oils and filters than most of our other products so I will pass more savings to you. Call 1-800-579-0580 to see if we have your filter too.


Order Amsoil Motorcycle Oils

AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle oils are not only priced better, but are guaranteed to last twice as long. As stated in AMSOIL Data Sheets, the 20W50 (datasheet) and 10W40 (datasheet) oils have a service life twice as long as the manufacturers suggested interval or one year. AMSOIL resists sheer, adds rust protection and lowers engine temps significantly.

AMSOIL 10W40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCF) is recommended for Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Husqvarna and KTM calling for a 10W-40 or 20W-40 viscosity, providing superior protection in engines and transmissions.

AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCV) is recommended for Harley-Davidson, Buell, Victory, Ducati, BMW, Aprilla and Triumph calling for a 15W-50 or 20W-50 viscosity, providing superior protection in engines, transmissions and primary chaincases.


When it comes to motor oil, what are the primary differences between motorcycle and automotive applications?

  1. Operational Speed - Motorcycles tend to operate at engine speeds significantly higher than automobiles. This places additional stress on engine components, increasing the need for wear protection. It also subjects lubricating oils to higher loading and shear forces. Elevated operating RPMs also promote foaming, which can reduce an oil’s load-carrying ability and accelerate oxidation.
  2. Compression Ratios - Motorcycles tend to operate with higher engine compression ratios than automobiles.
    Higher compression ratios place additional stress on engine components and increase engine operating temperatures. Higher demands are placed on the oil to reduce wear. Elevated operating temperatures also promote thermal
    degradation of the oil, reducing its life expectancy and increasing the formation of internal engine deposits.
  3. Horsepower/ Displacement Density - Motorcycle engines produce nearly twice the horsepower per cubic inch of displacement of automobile engines. This exposes the lubricating oil to higher temperatures and stress.
  4. Variable Engine Cooling - In general, automotive applications use a sophisticated water-cooling system to control engine operating temperature. Similar systems can be found in motorcycle applications, but other designs also exist. Many motorcycles are air-cooled or use a combination air/oil design. Though effective, they result in greater fluctuations in operating temperatures, particularly when motorcycles are operated in stop-and-go traffic. Elevated operating temperature promotes oxidation and causes oils to thin, reducing their load carrying ability.
  5. Multiple Lubrication Functionality - In automotive applications, engine oils are required to lubricate only the engine. Other automotive assemblies, such as transmissions, have separate fluid reservoirs that contain a lubricant designed specifically for that component. The requirements of that fluid differ significantly from those of automotive engine oil. Many motorcycles have a common sump supplying oil to both the engine and transmission. In such cases, the oil is required to meet the needs of both the engine and the transmission gears. Many motorcycles also incorporate a frictional clutch within the transmission that uses the same oil.
  6. Inactivity - Motorcycles are typically used less frequently than automobiles. Whereas automobiles are used on a daily basis, motorcycle use is usually periodic and in many cases seasonal. These extended periods of inactivity place additional stress on motorcycle oils. In these circumstances, rust and acid corrosion protection are of critical concern.

Harley Davidson customers require the best 20W50 available designed for your bikes. When you buy AMSOIL you are buying the original synthetic from the manufactures that started the industry back in 1972. 

Recently I had a customer call who had switched to AMSOIL and rode along with his father with the exact same bike using Screamin' Eagle (Harley Synthetic). They both drove the same route, made the same stops and rode at the same speed.
Using the dipstick thermometers, the customer running AMSOIL AMV 20W50 observed a 18*F lower oil temp than the bike running the Harley brand! We hear this daily from our customers.
The New MCV which replaces the AMV enhances protection even more.

AMSOIL also recommends several times yearly the use of the AMSOIL PI Performance Improver (API). This product is a concentrated fuel system cleaner but mostly improves and restores efficient motorcycle and automobile engine operation.


Recent Noted From AMSOIL Founder Al Amatuzio:

 (May 2005)

The other day I was reviewing the April Action News and the new G-100 product catalog included in it. The products featured in this issue were our two new motorcycle oils. Anyone reading about these outstanding new oils couldn’t help be impressed by how they totally blew the competition away in head-to-head performance tests. 

Once again, AMSOIL outperforms the competition and puts test results that prove it right there for everyone to see. It’s also interesting that the very bike manufacturer that said not to use synthetic motor oils in their engines now sells and recommends a synthetic with their label on it. 
They don’t make it, but they profit from it so now it’s OK to use. That’s very similar to how the other oil companies and automakers badmouthed synthetic motor oils until they began marketing their own. 
Are their oils as good as AMSOIL? Not when you look at the tests! AMSOIL has a long history of making lubricants that are the very best. And the way we have shown they are the best is by testing them against the competition and publishing the results in our sales literature or right on the product labels. 
I don’t know of any other oil company that does this like we do. But then, I don’t know of any other oil company that makes products as good as we do, so they don’t really have as much to toot their horn about as we do.

We recommend you review Mr. Amatuzio's other columns on these new Motorcycle oils and other products.


The Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters - Why are they better?

If you need help with a filter call us and we can match the right motorcycle or ATV one or use this handy guide: AMSOIL Application Guide (be sure to choose the "Power Sports Lookup" on the next screen in the right column.)

I am an Amsoil preferred customer and have been using Amsoil for about a
year now and I can honestly say that Amsoil has made a difference in the
performance, Mileage and quietness of my Honda VTX and all of my other
engines. I had been using Mobil One and not to say that it is a bad product but it does not compare to the quality of Amsoil. I now tell anybody thinking of doing an oil change, to just give Amsoil a try, as I know they will be happy with the results.

Motorcycle owners in Houston can find AMSOIL locally and save on shipping. See the AMSOIL site by Dealer and motorcycle expert Mark Godfrey, Houston, TX.

Houston's main AMSOIL dealer specializing in motorcycle oils, Harley and all others.


Amsoil and Land Speed Records - This applies more to Diesel owners but we want to show the quality that is put into AMSOIL over competitors products. Amsoil Motorcycle oils are and have always been priority one as the majority of our passenger car users learned about AMSOIL through use in recreational vehicles.

In 2001 Hayes Diversified Technologies (HDT), located in Hesperia, California, began to produce diesel powered tactical military motorcycles for the U.S. armed services as well as the UK and EU NATO countries. Founded in 1961, the company originally manufactured electro-mechanical switches and relays to the military & aerospace industries.

Diesel bike sets new record thanks to Amsoil diesel 5W30 quality.The new HDT motorcycles are diesel machines combining both power and environmentally friendly performance efficiency. We’re talking about a bike that gets 100 miles to the gallon AND can do 100 mph.

The HDT team was out on the Bonneville Salt Flats earlier this month striving to establish new national and world records. Displaying the AMSOIL colors while going through the paces at Bonneville, they offered up quite a number of very strong endorsements with virtually no prompting. “We noticed an increase in horsepower right away when compared to Delvac 1,” said Fred Hayes, founder/CEO of HDT. “What was quite surprising was the condition of the engine after a 50-mile run-in and over 120 full-throttle dyno runs. The camshaft bearings, the small and large end rod bearings, didn’t even look like they had been run. During that series of dyno runs, we registered the highest horse-power and torque readings ever.”

Dave Anderson, AMSOIL Technical Product Manager, had flown to Bonneville to witness and participate in the pursuit of new land speed records. (See 4 and Sept. 6 Updates) Hayes said to Anderson, “Our testing proved that AMSOIL Series 3000 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil provided better cam bearing lubrication, better transmission operation and less blow-by than our previous oil. We picked up just over one horse power at the rear well.” This is a 3.7% increase and worth a 1 tooth higher gear ratio. “In addition, it appears that overall coolant temperature was down about five degrees.” That is roughly a 2.5% decrease in operating temperatures.

Very few bikers would be opposed to increased horsepower with lower operating temps, simply by switching over the lubricants.

“With over a year of testing, we have found that AMSOIL products continually outperform all other lubricants. AMSOIL provides improved performance, increased fuel economy, lower oil consumption, and significantly reduced engine wear in all operating conditions.”

See one of our dealers new website - Motorcycle Octane Boost . Com

Worlds Highest Mileage Victory Motorcycle used AMSOIL!

In 2003, AMSOIL Dealer Tim Werder had accumulated 100,000 miles on his 1999 Victory V92C motorcycle.
Werder, of Shawangunk, N.Y., rode an additional 100,000 miles aboard his bike by May 2008. He's fixin to donate the bike, known as
“Traveler,” to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA.

Werder’s Victory remains the world’s highest mileage
bike for the brand since the first Victory V92C production model rolled off the assembly line on July 4, 1998. “It still attains 60 miles per gallon,” he said.

Amsoil's 10W40 not only gives you problem free operation but the performance is an addiction!For mechanical security, he only runs AMSOIL 10W-40 Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCF) which is the most common choice for Victory brands, and
20W-50 Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCV) in some of his other bikes. “I recommend the full AMSOIL motorcycle oil line to my customers and other
riders,” Werder said. Werder also has another 1999 Victory V92C and a 2003 Victory Vegas.
Werder traveled 200-plus miles daily to his job until a state layoff late in 2009, which helped him achieve a motorcycle mileage nearing 700,000 miles. His high-mileage Victory is the third motorcycle he has ridden past 100,000 miles, and his first past the 200,000-mile mark.

"I also use AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #10 (STM) in the shocks on the bikes and AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver gasoline additive in all of my vehicles,” Werder said. “My 2004 Chevrolet Aveo has 157,000 miles, and my wife’s 2003 Subaru Forester has 107,000 miles. Neither has ever had a lick of trouble.”

His daily commute now is only 50 miles. “I’m stunned at the amount of money I’m saving in fuel costs,” Werder said. “I joke with friends that the gas companies
keep sending me ‘We Miss You’ cards.”

Werder continues to ride his bikes year round, even in the cold Northeast winters. In fact, he bought his 2008 CanAm Spyder Roadster GS reverse trike because he wanted to ride through the winter without falling down. He has put 40,000 miles on it in two years.
“I tell everyone they should ride until they can’t, be it due to weather tolerability, cold endurance, whatever,” Werder said. “I just happen to also like riding in cold weather, so my motorcycle riding season simply doesn’t end.”

Within the past several years, Werder also has kept busy fighting for riders through motorcyclists’ rights organizations, including serving as state president of ABATE of New York, Inc. In fact, he broke the 200,000-mile mark on his record-setting Victory motorcycle on the way home from leading ABATE of
New York at its annual motorcyclist rights rally on the steps of the state capitol in May 2008.
He adds his mantra, “Pay attention to the bike’s maintenance basics for longevity. Pay attention to your own riding skills for survivability. And then just ride the hell out of it.”
As Roadkill says, “Ride on.”

AMSOIL Customers Appreciate Greater MPG

Although results vary because of a variety of factors, a common denominator among AMSOIL motor oil users is an improvement in fuel economy. Independent testing reveals that AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-30 motor oil passes the API Energy Conservation Sequence VI test with a rating 38 percent higher than the API minimum specifications.

"The test results show that AMSOIL has the potential to save energy by conserving fuel," said technical Services Manager Ed Kellerman. "In most cases it can increase mileage, but at the very least you're getting superior engine protection."

Ralph Sites, a police officer in Rustburg, Va. said he put AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in its 2002 GL 1800 Honda Gold Wing when it had 4,550 miles on the engine. "I had been getting 30 miles per gallon," Sites said.

His first oil change to AMSOIL, improved his mileage to 38 miles per gallon. At 6,500 miles on the engine, after replacing the final drive oil with AMSOIL Series 2000 75W-90 Gear Lube, he improved to 40 miles per gallon. "I switched to AMSOIL for the long-term gain. The improved gas mileage was just a bonus. AMSOIL is less expensive than Honda's synthetic and I don't have to change it as often.  It's a win-win situation."

Anybody who comes and gets the AMSOIL motor oil in their motorcycle comes back with their cars," he said.

Likewise, Lance Okeson of St. Paul Minn. gained miles per gallon after switching to AMSOIL motor oil in his 1995 Cutlass Supreme.

Okeson made the switch after learning about AMSOIL from a customer of his at a quick lube where he works. His customer was so enthusiastic about AMSOIL, Okeson did some research on the AMSOIL Website and decided to try the products. A trip from the Twin Cities to Fargo, ND, in a steady 17 mile-per-hour wind, and back showed him an increase from 24 mpg to 30.5 mpg.

Protect your clutch, gears, valve train and other engine parts with the industry leader in motorcycle lubricants. We have it all here.

If you know others with motorcycles, take advantage of AMSOIL's dealership opportunities.


Grants Pass, OR AMSOIL

Find AMSOIL in Salt Lake City, UT

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