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Another AMSOIL product which you you don’t have to read any further as it’s the seat of the pants performance which says it all. It’s one of our best return traffic products we sell. Comments from customers tell it all. Noticeable improvements to throttle response and top end.

Small Engines and Motorcycles now have relief from degraded fuel and Ethanol Problems

Restores Peak Performance in Small Engines, Powersports Equipment and 2-Cycle engines.

Degraded fuel presents a major maintenance issue in small engines and powersports equipment. It can form varnish, gum and insoluble debris that clog carburetors, fuel injectors and fuel filters. Carbon buildup can form on the tops of pistons that leads to pre-ignition, rough idling and poor throttle response. Fuel-related problems are only expected to intensify in the coming years as the ethanol content in pump gasoline continues to increase.

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AMSOIL Quickshot (Product Code AQS) is a premium fuel additive formulated to thoroughly clean and restore peak performance in small engine and powersports equipment fuel systems. It also stabilizes fuel between uses and during short-term storage. Its revolutionary technology focuses on three major fuel-related issues plaguing these applications: ethanol, water and dirty pump gas.


Ethanol in fuel has a tendency to absorb water and separate from the gasoline (a process known as phase separation), sinking to the bottom of the gas tank where it quickly degrades and creates gum, varnish and other insoluble debris that can plug fuel-flow passages and negatively affect engine performance. When this ethanol/water mixture is pulled into the engine, it creates a lean-burn situation that increases combustion chamber temperatures and can lead to engine damage. AMSOIL Quickshot is designed to keep water dispersed throughout the fuel tank, moving it out as a normal part of operation and decreasing the chance of ethanol separating from the gasoline.

Quickshot was tested in fuel containing 10 percent ethanol. Controlled plugging of injectors showed a 70 percent flow improvement, while oxidation stability improved 44 percent over untreated fuel.


Water finds its way into gas tanks through condensation in tanks open to the atmosphere, gas pumps and other environmental conditions, and if left untreated, will cause starting, performance and corrosion problems. By keeping water dispersed in tiny molecules and safely moving it out of the tank through the combustion chamber, Quickshot helps maintain engine performance and protects against damaging corrosion.

Dirty Gasoline

Dirty gasoline causes fuel-system gumming and varnish, as well as piston and combustion chamber deposits. Although all gasoline sold in the U.S. is formulated with a lowest additive concentration (LAC) level of detergent additives, these detergent levels are not enough to prevent deposits from building up on critical fuel system components. Quickshot contains unique chemistry that quickly detaches and carries away deposits and buildups in fuel systems, injectors and carburetors, while also cleaning hard-to-remove deposits on piston tops, spark plugs and other combustion chamber parts.


Quickshot (AQS) is recommended for use in all two- and four-stroke gasoline-powered engines, including motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft, ATVs, edgers, tillers, mowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, generators and farm and construction equipment. However, AMSOIL P.i.® Performance Improver is the superior choice for passenger vehicle applications.


Quickshot is designed for an initial clean-up dose of 8 oz. per 6 gallons of gasoline, followed by 8 oz. per 12 gallons thereafter. Slight overtreatment has no negative consequences.





I have sold quite a bit of this product, lots of return sales including one friend and local customer asking “What the hell is this stuff?” impressed with the added mileage and throttle response in his Harley. One local customer noticed an additional 20 miles in a tank of gas – proving the degradation of your fuel system with out proper fuel maintenance.

The side of the bottle has the mix rate clearly with well marked graduations so it’s easy to use in all sizes of gasoline containers.

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Quickshot Customer Reviews

Great product

By  Nel,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Kansas  on  April 12, 2019
I have been using this for several years now. My neighbor was having trouble starting and keeping his motorbike running after it had set for a few months. We put Quickshot in the tank and after a short time he got it running and within 5 min it smoothed out. I put it in every 5 gal can of gas in get for my lawn work. Never fails me. My equipment starts on first try and runs smoothly.
Exceptional Product
By  Mike H.,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Florida  on  April 03, 2019
Product works as described and has saved me from having to siphon out old fuel from my tanks.
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
By  Viper 2.0,  a  Verified Buyer  from  NE  on  April 01, 2019
Quick shot has improved my engine performance in my GMC Sierra and cleared the gunk in my vapor canister in the gas tank. The check engine light was activated on my Sierra & I was able to clear it by using the Quickshot… Works well on snowmobiles, ATV’s and/or all types of power equipment.
Great product
By  RangerJim,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Mo  on  March 07, 2019
I use this in all gas except for my car, the gas today does not do well in a lot of small gas engines form my experience. This does the trick
Keeps the fuel system clean
By  Texas Son,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Valentine, TX  on  March 07, 2019
I try to add a container to my fuel system between 3 and 4 fill ups. I let the fuel tank get to about 1/2 full then I add 5 gallons so after the 3rd or 4th fill I add the Quickshot. I love this stuff, it helps keep my Ranger running smooth
I use it, and sell it to my customers.
By  Heath,  a  Verified Buyer  from  New Philadelphia, Ohio  on  March 02, 2019
I use the product in my Harley, and my Indian motorcycles. I also keep a stock of it on hand for my customers (marine and lawn care equipment) who face the perils of ethanol useage in modern day fuels. It has yet to let me down, as I use it at the end of season tank of fuel in both my bikes. I’m assured both will start at the beginning of the next riding season. Great product!
Great stuff
By  Ken,  a  Verified Buyer  from  North Carolina  on  January 13, 2019
I recommend using in all two stroke engines for easy startups and running performance.
Fantastic product!
By  Crazyman,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Edgewood, NM  on  October 22, 2018
I started running this product in my two motorcycles, and was amazed at the difference in performance, especially in my Harley. I also noticed an increase in gas mileage. On my recommendation, my brothers are now running this in their bikes and they bath agree that their bikes have never run as well. I’m totally sold!
Nothing Better
By  damguy,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Ohio  on  June 18, 2018
Best product on the market hands down for ethanol related issues. Starts to work fast, the phase separated fuel has the water out rapidly
I buy this all the time
By  Dorian,  a  Verified Buyer  from  TX  on  June 15, 2018
I use Quick when I fuel my 2004 Springer. smooth ride after sitting in the garage for a while. works great . a little pricey
By  Mg,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Az  on  June 03, 2018
Add to fuel tank every oil change.
I have used this product since it was introduced
By  Smitty,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Kennewick, WA  on  June 01, 2018
I use it in my outboard engines and it performs as advertised….GREAT!
I bought me a supply of this product
By  Doug with LILRip,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Marion,Pa  on  May 28, 2018
I had an issue with our 2016 Jeep Wrangler with the MIL light coming on and it wasn,t the obvious cause like a loose gas cap so I called the dealer and set up an appointment and in the meantime I put a bottle of Amsoil Quickshot in the gas and after several miles the light went OFF and hasn,t came on since! Thanks Amsoil.
Will buy again
By  Buz,  a  Verified Buyer  from  West Michigan  on  May 26, 2018
I use quickshot in all my gas equipment. Keeps it running smooth and trouble free
Great product
By  CTOWN,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Clarkston, Michigan  on  May 26, 2018
I use it every other fill up, works great
Awesome product!
By  Crazyman,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Edgewood, NM  on  May 26, 2018
I started running this in my motorcycles and I noticed the difference after the first tank. My GoldWing seems to run more smoothly and the power curve improvement was noticeable, on a bike that needs no improvement. But the big difference was with my Harley. More power immediately, and it runs much more smoothly, but it also stopped backfiring when I roll off the throttle, which was a welcome change. I recommended this to two of my brothers and their experiences were identical to mine. We are all raving about Quickshots!


When I put this page together I started doing research of all the problems regarding Ethanol in small engines. There are countless news storys, articles and websites regarding the problems small engines and gas tanks are having with corn ethanol (Maybe Hemp would be better??) anyway – face it – it’s not going anywhere as long as we buy it. I can say the AMSOIL product is the lowest cost of all of them. Call 800-579-0580 for the wholesale price or join as a Preferred Customer as we can’t post the prices here – you can also go to the retail link but 8.5 ounces treats 12 gallons. (one bottle in the case costs less than 2-gallons of gas)

Dan Peterson – VP. Technical Development – June 2012

E15 fuel has been approved for sale. Be Prepared!

Its impact will be felt differently by motorists and powersports enthusiasts.

As I write this month’s Tech Talk, the U.S. nationwide average price for a gallon of gasoline is $3.85. On May 8, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a revised forecast for gas prices during the summer driving season (April through September) that predicts the average price will drop to $3.79. That’s good news for all of us, whether filling up for the daily commute or planning a longer road trip. Regardless of what vehicle you drive, it’s likely that maximizing fuel economy and extending engine life are high priorities. In fact, a 2011 survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found the “age of the average car driven by respondents has increased to eight years,” with 23 percent of motorists surveyed driving cars from the 1990s. And for those planning on purchasing a new or newer model, 62 percent expected their next vehicles to have better fuel economy than their previous models.

Motorists are demanding more from newer vehicles and also want their current vehicles to last longer, but new government mandates might make achieving higher efficiencies more difficult.

In April 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the sale of E15 (15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline) for cars and trucks manufactured in 2001 or later. This extended by six years a 2010 waiver permitting the use of motor gasoline blends containing up to 15 percent ethanol in 2007 and newer vehicles. All other gas-powered engines, such as those on boats, snowmobiles, lawn mowers, motorcycles and off-road vehicles, are prohibited from using E15. This means that the current E10 (10 percent ethanol/90 percent gasoline) blended fuel, sold at more than 90 percent of service stations nationwide, remains the de facto choice for owners of model year 2000 and older vehicles and other gas-powered engines. The exception to this being flex-fuel vehicles compatible with E85 (85 percent ethanol/ 15 percent gasoline).

Automakers have resisted the new E15 ruling, arguing that their vehicles – new and old – aren’t designed to accommodate gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol. Service station owners have concerns about potential liability issues arising from consumers using the wrong ethanol blend and are worried about the costs of retrofitting gas pumps or installing new ones to make E15 available.

While the future of E15 is uncertain, ethanol-blended fuels are here to stay. Ethanol has been used for decades as a gasoline additive because it burns cleaner than gasoline. The downside to ethanol is its fuel economy and performance. Ethanol produces less energy than gasoline. According to the EIA, “A gallon of ethanol has only two-thirds the energy of a gallon of conventional gasoline, and the number of miles traveled by a given vehicle per gallon of fuel is directly proportional to the energy contained in the fuel.” In addition, studies have shown fuel systems containing plastic or rubber components can be damaged by ethanol exposure. There are also problems at the molecular level. Ethanol and gasoline do not form chemical bonds and ethanol is highly attracted to water. Even small amounts of water entering the fuel supply can break the weak ethanol-to-water bond and separate (phase separation). This suspension falls to the bottom of the fuel tank and can increase engine temperatures and cause engine damage. Less energy per gallon and phase separation are just two of the problems inherent with ethanol-blended gasoline. Smaller engines face additional maintenance and performance issues.

Because the widely available E10 can start degrading in just 30 days, the shorter shelf life of ethanol-blended gasoline vs. pure gasoline is another potential problem for small-engine operation. With equipment such as motorcycles, ATVs, boats and other less frequently used tools like chainsaws and leaf blowers, fuel may sit in the tank for a month or much longer between starts. During this time gasoline absorbs water, which leads to fuel breakdown. As gasoline degrades, gums and varnish can clog carburetors, fuel injectors and fuel filters. The result is decreased starting performance and drivability issues. Most drivers fuel their passenger vehicles more frequently than every 30 days, so gasoline breakdown issues are less common in autos and trucks. Additionally, many newer vehicles have computer sensors that make adjustments for high ethanol content, but the majority of small engines lack such technology. Fortunately for powersports enthusiasts, there are solutions to this long-term problem.

Quickshot® is designed to keep water dispersed and helps combat problems associated with ethanol-blended fuel. It also cleans deposit build-up in fuel systems and combustion chamber components. This means better performance and reduced impact from ethanol-blended fuels. We all value our free time; engines need to start on command when we get a sliver of time to get out and go.

Amsoil’s PowerSports Manager talks about Quick Shot

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