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Amsoil’s best selling Non-Oil item:

Now guaranteed or your $ back to increase mileage as long as you are over 25,000 miles. We know the condition of your intake valves, injectors and quench area. Just take a look at this study on the product I am referring to. Just one use every 4K to 5K miles.
Good for carbureted engines too. (Actually they need this more)


Visit our main page for AMSOIL PI Performance Improver

All vehicles over 20,000 miles I suggest using AMSOIL’s Do It Your Self Engine and Transmission Flush first before adding AMSOIL. This will help remove old deposits that have built up maximizing the protection AMSOIL provides. Order FLSH-CN-EA. (Flush – Can – Each)

Or try the new High Mileage Motor Oil available in all viscosities. Just two oil changes cleans as much as 5 competing brands! New for 2024!

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Products are shipped from (or available for prearranged pickup) these warehouse locations. Warehouses cannot take orders as they are distribution centers only. There are no phone numbers here by request from AMSOIL! We post these just so you can see how we cut shipping costs but do not contact these centers directly. They are not staffed to answer questions or take orders.
Call us or order online with your account then your order will be ready for pick up at the center. We also have dealers in all these locations to help you after hours so call us.
If you would like to pick up your order at these locations you must call 1-800-579-0580 to order and have your name on the invoice.

AMSOIL Warehouse Distribution Centers
Anchorage, AK
Carlile Anchorage Logistics Warehouse
1301 Whitney Road
Anchorage, AK 99501
Orlando, FL
New Location
Chicago, IL
485 Thomas Dr
Bensenville, IL 60106
Arlington, TX
2234 Commerce Dr
Arlington, TX 76011
Lancaster, PA
New Location
Wichita, KS
Closing in October
Portland, OR
16260 S.W. 72nd Ave.
Building 2
Portland, OR 97224
Richmond, VA
Closing in October
Superior, WI
1101 Susquehanna Ave.
Superior, WI 54880
–mailing address–
AMSOIL Building
Superior, WI 54880
Las Vegas, NV
New Location (Sorry – way north)
New Location _CallWe have a dealer who is easier to reach not far from the airport/Henderson
Tom Attermeier
702-278-7722North West side
Nick Moody
Call (702) 860-2844
Columbus, OH
707 Hadley Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43228
Omaha, NE
4211 So. 84th St

Sioux Falls Amsoil Showroom

Our Sioux Falls Location is popular with out of state orders as customers save with our special shipping rates and lack of interstate charges.

Own a Dodge Diesel? Our By-Pass filters and Synthetic Lubricants will save you money.