2004 Chevrolet Impala LS 3.8L V6 Oil Filter 

AMSOIL Dual Remote By-Pass Filter System
Submitted by AMSOIL Dealer Frank Keeb and AMSOIL customer Ray White

The installation was made without any modifications.  The installation increased sump capacity by almost 2 quarts.

Location:  The filters are mounted behind the grill in front of the radiator.  Access to this area was gained by removing a plastic cover that goes around the hood latch and the plastic air dam underneath the radiator.

There is plenty of space for the filters but drilling the holes was a challenge as there was not enough space for a regular drill to fit.  The holes for the mount were drilled using a 90° angle drill and shorting the drill bit in half.

The 2 top mounting holes were drilled into steel framework that would not allow nuts to be used.  To remedy this situation, these holes were drilled and tapped.  The bolts were then secured with locking washers.

Nuts were used to secure the bottom 2 bolts.  Access to the back of these bolts was obtained through the existing large holes in the steel support where the filter mount is attached.

Photo 1
View of the filter mount location after removal of plastic cover around the hood latch and the bottom air dam.
Photo 2
Bottom view of top mounting bracket
Photo 3
Top view of installed mount with hoses and filters attached.
Photo 4
Bottom view of installed mount with hoses and filters attached.
Photo 5
Bottom view of installed mount with both filters.
Photo 6
View of sample petcock installed.
Photo 7
View of clamps drilled into frame to hold hoses away from the belt pulley.  Additional hose was placed over the AMSOIL hoses and secured with plastic ties to provide extra protection from contact area with frame.  Bottom of radiator is shown on left side of picture.
Photo 8
View of filter adapter installation.  Two 90-degree fittings were used to direct hoses to the front of the vehicle.

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