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Summer 2024

Pardon the mess!! We have a new website to serve dealers and customers better.

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NEW Reasons to become a dealer!!

  1. AMSOIL Onboarding Dealer Training Online
  2. NEXT 50 – improved commissions so new dealers earn 15-20% more than in past years! New for 2023
  3. Retail Accounts now get FREE Shipping on all orders over $350 (As well as you, the dealer)
  4. Up to 10% purchase discounts on high volume orders.
  5. New Product Training Development Series started June 2024!
  6. Working dealers receive allotted AMSOIL customers from corporate based on their monthly activity and sales.
  7. Retail account corporate locator – a valuable tool for retailers. New AMSOIL customers will find them!
  8. Massive new advertising across the nation making AMSOIL a name with enthusiasts.
  9. Sales all over are up – Demand requires stocking dealers all over.
  10. My help in your website site building. Blogging and other secrets how to make your business dominate locally.
  11. Product videos – hear how I sell and what are the sales points for each product?

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* Retail Business Owners and Service Center Managers – Please look at our account section for Commercial or Retail Accounts for wholesale buying for existing businesses.

Our Omaha store’s Facebook Page which we keep updated.


OLD Archive Info should you want to continue on.

Why are we the dealer group to join? Well quite simply I have been through all the growing stages and have shared the challenges with dozens of dealers across the country. We may not have the definitive answers all the time but our advice will save you time helping you on your own direction. We feature our new 24/hour chat group on Telegram. When you join you will have access there.

Ideal Amsoil Showroom dominates oil sales in any town.Our old 2300 square foot showroom (dealer training center) I opened in 2011 gets a large AMSOIL sign. The sign measures 20 feet by 6 feet and sits at the top of a 40 foot towering sign. Sales are booming – Demand in our small community (ranked at about 240 in the US sales markets) should prove that having a supply in any larger city can earn you quite the income. Out of my garage in previous years I outsold dealers in markets many times the size – all it takes is time and determination!

In 2015 we have seen sales increase significantly eliminating all online sales for the area! Our store has also helped us open dozens of local retail and commercial accounts as AMSOIL is becoming a household name. One key is the reduction of shipping costs. Customers pay less here than ordering online.

The next breed of dealer is going to be the 100% AMSOIL store like ours. Just having 10 of these locations across the country in key cities could increase AMSOIL’s popularity about 10 to 30%. If you really want a serious local business without the headache of the franchise – give me a call at 605-274-2580.

We opened our 2nd store in July 2014 in Omaha, NE and helping other dealers do the same or explore the possibilities.

Start your own AMSOIL Store. You reach 80% of the potential customers which would never have gone to someone’s home or buy online to buy oil. The store is one way you can become your own boss in your city. It makes the online ordering obsolete. Here’s ours:

Amsoil store in Sioux Falls

Amsoil oil filter and transmission products

Having product on hand has made us a major competitor to all oil sales at auto parts stores and supply for car dealership lube shops. Motorcycle oil sales have become our top seller. Volkswagen and other European cars & vans have also increased sales as they require more specialty oils which we serve. We will soon add a lube center and motorcycle sales. The Amsoil opportunity is better than any franchise or other turn key operation out there because you call your own shots and you can get started for next to nothing. Demand makes it imperative for you to join!!


Join automatically online – nothing to mail in! This link will take you to the Dealer Online Registration.

Locally AMSOIL is stronger than ever. If you offer your local customers competitive pricing they too will expand your sales base earning you more commissions. Ask us what products work best to have on hand – regional considerations of course! Customers do react to a good inventory.

If you rebate shipping to your dealers outside of your area, they too enjoy larger inventories, more sales and accounts. Displaying filters not limited to showcasing your bypass oil filtration kits under the hood also adds to local marketing.

New Materials – Amsoil is always developing new materials and online resources accessible for you the dealer to prepare for new and broad markets. Witness one of the new dealer sales briefs:

Enjoy this Amsoil History Flash presentation. Click on the image below:

If you are thinking about becoming a dealer please drop me a line at so we can forward key material.

AMSOIL is being searched locally coast to coast.

3 keys to AMSOIL Success

1. Be known. Become a “certified” dealer through Amsoil’s Business Manual so you are listed on their website. I will help you get listed in two other strong areas on the internet so local product searches will find you. That’s key.

2. Have Inventory. Even a small inventory acts as a beacon so your customers know you are willing to have what they need when they need it!
One trap is to consistently delay customer needs. In this business you cannot afford to not be consistent. I’ll help you decide on a good starting inventory. If you can’t stock inventory there are a number of alternatives you need to know to do. We’ll discuss commercial and retail accounts.

3. Learn & Communicate! Take advantage of the Data Bulletins.
Daily a customer will call because the local listed dealers never answered or returned their call or a Non AMSOIL recording on phone. Or the dealer lacked technical knowledge or forgot to forward the customer to Tech Services. Overall bad attitude. You will also keep your best customers if you keep them updated or thank them for their business.

Click on the Magazine to view our current Dealer support monthly issue.
As a dealer you get this each month. Your preferred customers also get their own version with important product promotional information.

Another great tool we have for our dealers!Amsoil Magazine for March 2011

An AMSOIL dealer website won’t earn you success OverNite – I can show you what you need to do to make your site work in the organic searches.

A letter from one of our satisfied dealers: 3/11/2010

Ches  Good to hear from you, Hey couple of things I did give that guy a call and did leave a message. I will be trying again today. Another thing if you get a lot of leads concerning Aggrand and you cant or don’t want them send them over this way. I am more specializing in the Aggrand part just for the simple reason is that I know the Chemical side very well and the organic side also, we use Aggrand in our lawn business here and many times we educate people about fertilizers Organic ( Aggrand) verses Chemicals. But I do also work the Amsoil side also and have learned a lot about oils and lubricants. All of our trucks and equipment have Amsoil products in them and we have seen a huge difference in the operation of our equipment, Less maintenance and better performance. One example I pull a 10,000 lb bobcat around on a 20ft gooseneck trailer with a 2004 Chevy Duramax 2500 HD. When I am pulling hard I have no black smoke at all and it pulls as though its not even there. I have had guys ask me how I keep the black smoke from happening. My answer is use the Diesel concentrate and Cetane Boost. Trust me it works. and my gas mileage shows it. This is just one example of Amsoil products. If I had time I could share many more.     Amsoil/Aggrand Dealer      Arron  Clark (Denver area dealer)

Would you like your name listed as a dealer for your local customers searching for AMSOIL at Just fill out the Dealership Business form with the business manual checked off and mail to AMSOIL. The business manual contains a special test used to verify you are prepared for the calls and customers. Amsoil is doing a scrub removing dealers who are not responding to the customers further making it easy for dealers eager for growth to get the leads!

Join Ches Cain’s highly acclaimed dealer group for the most inside help and technical information to grow your Amsoil Business. Sign up for our newsletter and view my archives of our special dealer news rated as “Best” by Amsoil sales staff. We don’t kid around folks!

My line of dealers have been in the top 6 for personal sales and top 10 for new accounts for the last 5 years or more.

Taking a break in the AMSOIL Mini Cooper north of Witchita Kansas.

You will be more successful when your tough questions are answered and you know where to go to be keyed into the demand. That’s what I help you do. All the knowledge AMSOIL and the industry has presented over the years will be made available to you.
Are you going to join a dealer who doesn’t answer the phone or return calls?

This is work but it pays off and the tools are there to make it happen. Imagine a growing franchise who is the only one in the market with needed unique products people all over are looking for. You can instantly get in on the demand w/o spending $100K, $50K or even $10K but if you work hard and work through the problems you will emerge as a top 10 dealer like us. That’s as simple as it gets.

The AMSOIL color data sheets are the best tool for learning about the products as well as the many product technical powerpoint’s and service bulletins all available. Let’s talk.

We show you to Work Smart & Make Excellent Commissions while keeping your Expenses Down

Join us at the Amsoil University every May or how about the Fall Sales meetings in your region?

Everyone uses motor oils. Synthetic lubricants market share is on the rise. Since 1972 AMSOIL has held the reputation as the highest quality producer of synthetic lubricants in the industry. It’s the only motor oil providing both value and a unchallenged guarantee. In the last three years AMSOIL’s sales have doubled each year causing a 15 Million dollar plant expansion!
Our Motorcycle Oil performance and the widely known Whitepaper Study has gained us the lead in motorcycle oil sales. We are now doing the same with GEAR Lubricants thanks to the Gear Oil Study!! Do you want to be part of this revolution?
2-million gallons of storage tanks can’t keep up with growth. AMSOIL is always expanding. Many top 20 cities are without a core stocking dealer. The demand is there now – we want to work with you to close the gap.

See how AMSOIL helped this small cab company. Now that you have this information are you up to the task in working with these small fleets of 1 to 10 vehicles – which an average town has over 1000 of these?

Cab Company reached 22K Miles with 5W30 – Time saved. PI Fuel additive saved Injectors!

From our Northern Calif dealer John Williamson

“Ches: just back from Grand Canyon via Death Valley. It was 115 degrees on the valley floor and cars were overheating left and right. The temperature gage on my 2001 Chevy ½ ton Z-71 (engine, tyranny, and rear end) never moved a bit. I was loaded with 5 people in my truck, the bed fully loaded, running the air conditioner, and pulling a very large tent trailer. This is what I consider the ultimate test for our products… and we passed with flying colors!
People were amazed we went through Death Valley in the summer. I told them I was not worried a bit and explained why… then handed them my card. I know this will generate some calls.”

AMSOIL spreads good nature and good will. It’s a way to help others take control of their future. Many dealers no longer have to commute to work saving time rather than paying for gasoline.

Who should I join if I want to become a AMSOIL Dealer? Can’t I just sign-up on the AMSOIL Corporate website and be directly under AMSOIL?

You can sign up on the AMSOIL corporate website but dealers can only be sponsored (signed-up) by other active AMSOIL dealers. This means if you join on the corporate site you will be assigned a sponsor randomly. Big mistake!

Launching your AMSOIL Dealer Business

We'll help you get started with a simple but intensely effective booth such as this one used at a motorcycle club convention.#1 comment we get at trade shows across the country – “I would use AMSOIL exclusively if I knew where to get it” – We need dealers like you. Join, train yourself on the products.

If you are determined and up to a challenge, it’s reasonable to expect to earn more than would be possible with a franchise business requiring a $200,000 investment or more. The opportunity has never been better but it takes work, it’s up to you. Can you afford $50 to get started?

Top reason for AMSOIL small business success:
Many agree the reason for active dealers success is that they enjoy representing a product people can believe in. AMSOIL is the only one going the length for American consumers. Once you get it in the engine, you no longer care about the claims. The performance observed is what glues you to the name for life!! When people boast their oil is better they never quote actual noticeable gains, just #s on a sheet. Aside from longer intervals, the feel and cleaner engine is all it took to sell me back in 1995.

Archive: AMSOIL Interviewed by Lubes ‘n’ Greases Magazine. (should answer most questions if you are not familiar with the nature of AMSOIL)

AMSOIL Dealer  Signup 

A $50 per year business that can replace your income!


“Our policy has always been to promote AMSOIL products with facts, not wild claims. Over the years, we have been complimented by many professionals, including our competition, for the straightforward way we promote our products.
That’s not to say we’re shy about claiming our products are the best, because they really are, and we can prove it. You’re allowed to toot your own horn when you can back up what you say. We’ve never been successfully challenged in any of our product performance claims, because they have always been true. As a matter of fact, rather than be challenged, we have been copied by the major oil companies many times. “

“I am a person who believes it is very important to maintain a good reputation, both personally and professionally. My philosophy is to always try to be the best. I striven to be the best fighter pilot, the best squadron commander, and the best businessman I could be. The products we make here at AMSOIL reflect that philosophy.”

– Founder A.J. Amatuzio November 2006

The Opportunity:

AMSOIL Offers unique products with features and benefits (including a guarantee) not available with our followers (competitors). Join us as a dealer and make your first order to see yourself!

Know that AMSOIL is different because we are up front with the data and testing which is a factor with Dealer success.

Be at the front of the trends with AMSOIL

Marketing Options

Trade Shows: Simple way to earn new customers. There are simply not enough dealers to handle demand. People often come right up to our table and sign up as a preferred customer. 70% of all your guests will ask, “Yeah, but who stocks it?”
Most new dealers don’t realize just how many dealers may be in your area but a trade show jets you out into the public. I’d say as of March 2014, one out of 500 dealers really work this as a business unfortunately. But see that as the opportunity for you to shine and make a better example. These lazy dealers opened the door for me as customers wanted to give AMSOIL a 2nd chance and I was fortunate to be able to prove to them customer service does exist.

Amsoil trade show opportunity rentalsAmsoil Dealers can take advantage of the limited co-op display rental program available for certified dealers. Trade shows are fun and a personal favorite of mine. Costs can even be split with Corporate and other dealers. We love to spend time on the road working shows hosted by our dealers. I like these because it’s possible to do three months’ worth of earning new customers and lead work in just three days. Your captive audience!
Car shows, motorcycle, home, business product shows, local high school “green” shows, county festivals, flea markets & bazaars, just about any event where vendors set-up, big or small, there is a great opportunity.

One of our best show was the Pheasant Fest in Omaha back in 2003. (It was -15 degrees and 25,000 people attended!)

Amsoil dealer booth This was a very memorable booth, rather expensive but very lucrative in the lubricants industry – NORIA’s “Lubrication Excellence” in Columbus, OH. Where we met with those in the mining, heavy equipment and manufacturing industries. I was quite pleased to hear the reaction of these big players on their opinions about AMSOIL. Many said they use our product in their own private vehicles. I went on to sell many drums of compressor oil due to subsequent meetings at this convention.

Internet: Do you work full time and spend most of your time in the office? Do you frequent automotive forums? (I try not to – LOL).. Are you in a car, boat or motorcycle club where you discuss relevant subjects with your peers? Have you been wanting to have some type of online business where you can have an edge?
This is where you will earn a permanent score of customers, preferred customers (order direct self servicing), and dealers. With some work and consistency you can start making a couple hundred dollars monthly right off the bat this way. I worked for ATT for 4 years and built this business while I worked in my cube via forums which I sponsored. These linked to my AMSOIL site.

You can make $60K to $120K yearly w/o much local business if you take a serious and professional approach building a highly useful, technical based AMSOIL website matrix. Study ranking, customer CTR, teach yourself web design and take a month to develop a working site and it will be the best investment you ever make!! Just like me you can achieve this if you have no experience what so ever with web design.

After the website success phase which got me out from under a corporate job, I switched to a way to dominate locally making the online dealer obsolete. We hope our other dealers follow based on the success I found.

I’m glad to see we have several dealers going this route because it REALLY pays off. It can be costly and takes an enormous amount of determination but that’s how it is for any serious business model.
If a dealer offers you a free site, it wont get you anywhere unless you know how to update it and make it useful with the search engines so you might as well start from scratch. For most new dealers, I still prefer local commercial accounts, sales and trade shows as you will see below.
Quick Lubes and Retail Accounts are easier than ever to get started and you only need one.
Commercial Accounts – Low Stress and rewarding to accumulate but I have a better option now.

Commercial Opportunities: In my opinion the easiest way to expand and enjoy your business is through Commercial accounts you work yourself.
Our Field Sales Tools will help you start small and work your way up. One tool prepares you for automotive and work truck fleets such as carpet cleaning vans, floral, pest control, furniture delivery, landscape fleets or various contractors. There are thousands in most 10 to 30 mile radius areas.

Think about the owner of a 4-van fleet of carpet cleaning trucks. His business depends on his ability to get the residential accounts and return customer business. He has limited time and staff to do the sales work.
Do you think he needs to be worried about his equipment? Would you think if you can cut his downtime to less than 1/4 he would be interested? Or how about if you could add 150,000 or more miles to the van’s useful life? We have a NEW tool just for this purpose.

His vans contain two engines. One for the van and one to heat and move the steam. That small engine inside really takes the abuse. You can add significantly to it’s life and even more so you can to the fuel efficiency. If he’s already using another synthetic he will still see an improvement in temperature, smother idling, less oil consumption, longer intervals and better economy.
Factor the cost of labor and unnecessary extended warranties. With AMSOIL he not only has the added performance but our products are guaranteed to go the distance and he has effectively reduced his dependence on foreign oil.

Ask for the Garbage Truck sales tool!!

The quality of the hydraulic and compressor oils simply are on a level above anything available currently. Use our Compressor Whitepaper to educate a plant manager and save them about $100 per 5-gallons or the Maximum Efficiency Hydraulic Fluid which saves mobile hydraulic pump units 5 to 15% in fuel and eliminates seasonal oil changes.

One of the most successful dealers has only been active for about 6 years and has over 100 commercial accounts within a 10 mile radius from his home. He doesn’t have a website but is one of the top dealers (Has been in the top 5 in Commercial Account sales for the last 5-years in the AMSOIL Magazine.) Oil from AMSOIL to these accounts only go one level unlike large regional oil distribution companies where there are many mark-ups and poor customer service. Most of these local oil distribution sales teams refuse to cater to fleets of 30 or less – This is the prime area for a AMSOIL dealer – fleets of 30 vehicles or less!! They are impressed when someone offers to help. As an AMSOIL dealer you have the ball in your court.

#1 Retail Opportunities: The most common question I get from customers and at trade shows is, “Where can I find AMSOIL, Who sells it?” Something every dealer can do is set up any retail (auto parts) or service center to carry AMSOIL products. Like the Commercial Account there is special pricing for them. One example would be a motorcycle and watercraft shop. Most customers are shocked to see AMSOIL on the shelves. We also have a attractive program for Quick Lubes and other similar service-oriented retail locations.

Retailers often express to the presenting dealer, “Why would I carry AMSOIL when everyone and their brother can just sign up as a preferred customer and buy at cost online??” Great question but flawed as I have proven my answer with my store. The truth is 80% of AMSOIL’s potential sales base would never bother ordering online or have the patience to meet someone after 6PM to get AMSOIL from Joe’s garage. My brick-and-mortar retail store 7000 customers later proves that point! The customers tell me so.

The #1 complaint, “I can’t find AMSOIL Locally” should tell you something. Just keeping a stock in your garage doing YOUR OWN retail is a big step in securing repeat business. Actually it’s a MAJOR step. When a stocking dealer moves away AMSOIL sales do decline as the majority of customers want that local supply. Don’t be fooled that the internet is the ONLY way to sell AMSOIL now because that is not true, but you need to carry stock.

– AMSOIL allows you to sell AMSOIL products to large retailers as long as they have the power to buy from a local merchant. (Set each store up on separate accounts)

An account which would allow you shelf space like this would yield thousands per year in sales.
amsoil XL adds color to your auto parts store

You never have to worry about another dealer beating you to it. – Again there is more business than any dealer can handle as long as you are either present online, have local inventory or are actively spreading the word to those who qualify as commercial accounts. Most customers who use Amsoil would prefer to buy from a dealer, direct as a preferred customer or online. Retail Shops in my opinion are my last option but other dealer love retail accounts. It really depends on your region and the time available to follow-up. These require a strong relationship!

Last thought on RETAIL Accounts – Many times a small retailer says – “I won’t carry AMSOIL because anyone can be a dealer. How can I sell a product at full retail when there is a dealer just around the block who sells product at cost.” (I’ve heard this 100 times)

The answer is because the majority of customers out there would never or refuse to buy products from some guy selling out of his garage. Yes – customers will come in and say – well I can get it from Joe for less at his house but that is the exception of the rule. We have two shops within 5-miles of me selling 25% higher than my prices and they sell twice the oil! – So that said, retail accounts work real well and the ones you have a personal relationship with work even better!

#2 Preferred Customer: As mentioned above, the question you will hear the most is, “Where can I just walk in somewhere to buy this stuff??!!”
Let them buy at wholesale and watch your business expand!
It’s still much cheaper to buy that way although the products may need to be shipped. (We have very good shipping rates. The cost is lower for 12 quarts than seven.). Or they can buy from your supply. It still adds to your commission volume!

Preferred customer orders generate commission credits which increase your percentage and monthly commission earnings. Since AMSOIL started the preferred customer in 2000, its become the most popular channel for individual ordering. Best choice for Automotive Enthusiasts.
For a small registration fee, AMSOIL will send them the complete start-up packet with the 30 page price guide including other AMSOIL partnership product lines and they too receive the AMSOIL Magazine.

The benefits of having and pursuing preferred customers:
Easy to sign-up. Minimal information needed. Only $10 for 6-months. The results are remarkable due to the packet and follow up work provided on your behalf by AMSOIL.
Dealer Pricing: Since they pay less for AMSOIL, they buy at increased volume.
Downline Growth: The largest % of people becoming dealers is from their prior Preferred Customer membership. Every PC packet has the Dealer upgrade form and access to a private area on the corporate site.
Self Servicing Account: Because they receive AMSOIL publications, there is not much for you to do. They keep up to date on details and industry changes and generally or eventually tell all their friends and co-workers. All this while you continue to grow your business. It’s a huge channel for sales. If you do follow-up on these and keep close contact, they will try other AMSOIL products and expand. Some dealers have over one thousand Preferred Customers. (Isn’t that worth the $30 to become a dealer)

#3 Catalog Income: The baseline and simplest way to earn income with AMSOIL. About 1/3rd of all AMSOIL customers order through retail catalogs given to them from dealers. When a order is made through these catalogs the dealer earns a retail profit and commission. It’s that simple. Inside the catalog contains information for customers to start their own Preferred Customer account and save even more. When this happens you still earn a commission. I have a system now where we get 50% response or better, and I share the secrete with you. Catalog customers become Preferred Customers and I forward these leads to you. All AMSOIL Certified Dealers also receive free leads from across the US.

Catalogs are available in bulk rates and 1/2 price when you work a trade show.

We also now have a PDF version you can email or have on any website. When someone clicks on it they can order through the catalog then save and forward. Your dealer number is embedded into the catalog so whomever orders down the road you get the retail profit and commission. These are always updated every 6-months. As a Dealer you have access to a report if you want to follow up on that order or upgrade them to a preferred customer.  Here is the sales catalog. you get one (links) with your account to send to potential customers. When you become a dealer ask me to help you set up yours right away.

#4 Local Sales: Some dealers warehouse products at their home and several dealers who have been doing this for a # of years keep inventories of several thousand dollars and supply to both customers and other dealers. I’m in a city of 156,000 and started with $600 in inventory. I eventually had to open a store. The results are my secrete to our dealers only!! Now I ship in $10,000 sometimes twice a month. The demand is there folks because most dealers are too slow to react to the demand and they don’t understand the nature of their potential customer base. AMSOIL does not require any purchasing at all to build your dealership but now I am a solid advocate of a modest supply.

Here’s one shelf we have set up locally for our diesel customers. It has since had to be expanded to twice this size.

Diesel Amsoil supply

If you live in a warehouse town – there’s a special advantage overlooked by even the veteran dealers. When you join I’ll be glad to help you with that edge!
Des Moines, IA AMSOIL dealer display.
(Amsoil booth – we recently rented the backdrop on the right from AMSOIL and split cost 3-ways with AMSOIL and one of our dealers)
Several times yearly AMSOIL offers dealers a 10% off purchase when attending a sales event. Add this to the 2%- 10% purchase discount allowing you to buy up to 20% off dealer cost! Store AMSOIL and trade with local and existing dealers. Most dealers now drop-ship to customers from our 11 warehouses or set up retail accounts, then send customers to that account to buy. I do a little of all three, but the majority is now via drop shipping or I will sign them up as a preferred customer as mentioned above. I use freight collect and can get 1400 pounds of product shipped for less that $100 – in 2010. Really!

#5 Dealer Network: You probably have figured this one our from above. This is where you end up building life-long income security. Since AMSOIL is sold through dealers, the quality and demand for AMSOIL often causes these customers to inquire and become dealers themselves. It can also be as simple as handing out your business card or working a fair, trade show with us, or responding to a lead sent by myself or AMSOIL. I have several dealers that just signed up relatives, friends in and out of state and people in their motorcycle clubs.
If you think this is a pyramid scheme you are wrong. It is a MLM system which has proved the test of time and benefits our customers better than direct sales could. As for others making $ off of your work that’s also not true because commissions are only paid when product is sold and your upline only receives commissions if they are selling too that is how it works in the start but once you reach Direct Jobber you are on your own. That is the glory of the system. You are now involved in a lavish bonus system which can pay far beyond your imagination. Many Direct Jobbers have bought homes, paid for their kids and grandchildren’s tuition or bought airplanes with their bonus money and commission checks.

Just over 9 years ago when I worked full time at ATT, I ended up with some great customers. Because I was there to help them many had upgraded to preferred customers then to dealers. I started this business in 1998 and became quite active in the summer of 2002. by the winter I had about 85 dealers.
With the help of the AMSOIL Magazine and tips from my sponsor, I had a $800 per month local business working behind the scenes while I worked in my cube as a engineer. Since then I have consistently ranked in the top for the nation.

Having a strong dealer network and bonuses from Direct Jobbers who break from your group is quite rewarding. AMSOIL sales performance bonuses pay much better than most corporate bonus systems today because if you put in the work you will get that much out of it as a bonus each December. The AMSOIL structure is not a Pyramid Scheme as the leaders in your business at one point break off where AMSOIL invests more into them. You receive a performance bonus from this and a separate growth bonus when your business grows over the previous year. There are no requirements for monthly sales or buys.

These growth phases provide you with a solid dynamic income foundation which becomes more stable and dependable as time goes on. (See the brochure on how the first phase as a dealer works)

Support: AMSOIL’s many training materials will have you full of knowledge at your pace. New step by step mentoring guides make sure there’s nothing overlooked as you prepare for the next level of this dynamic business. Have all grounds covered for success. AMSOIL has compiled a guide based on years of observations and consultations of the most successful dealers. Although most of their businesses differ in many ways, this guide puts things in order for you saving you time from any confusion of the essential steps.

AMSOIL Magazine: AMSOIL’s quality 20+ page color newsletter that identifies products each month or the people who use them. See just what the industry you serve really knows about the products they use and how AMSOIL has a competitive edge to it’s competition. Read experiences from fellow dealers (your own in many cases) from their own personal tests and uses. Read about success with dealer and corporate sponsored AMSOIL Racing teams. Understand the myths about equipment manufacturers warranties and why the use of AMSOIL, synthetics and extended changes cannot effect them. Find out how to market the product you have that virtually everyone you know will want from YOU! Also dealers are recognized monthly for their accomplishments.

I also provide you with my own newsletter to convey our own experiences and recommendations.

When you work and plan in your dealership it’s an asset to you. When you do something at your job, you are benefiting the business you are working for with zero long term guarantees and the skills you gain go out the door as well. You virtually have no control of what happens tomorrow. When you spend time on your AMSOIL business you are indeed investing in your future. It’s amazing!
I never got a $15,000 bonus at ATT and Southwestern Bell like I have here, and I no longer have to waste my time sitting in meetings with all the politically correct nonsense. I now enjoy spending my time working to help my dealers expand giving them the tools they need and advertising help or do what it takes to assist in their quest to be financially independent. At the time my #1 motivation to get my business rolling was because of a 60-minute drive to work paying tolls each day. I knew that those two hours lost were gone forever and they were just too valuable to sit there and do nothing then to be lectured at work about this and that.

The BEST way to succeed as a dealer is to sell from your own experience. Then commit to studying the tech data. Join as a dealer for just $30 now so you can start absorbing the tech data then you can be ready when the time arrives to apply your strategy!

Life Insurance? At the 2007 AMSOIL U founder Al Amatuzio held up a list containing hundreds of names where their commissions check monthly were more than $10,000. Should you suddenly die as a full time or past Direct Jobber, the income from AMSOIL will make life easier on your family for decades to come. The AMSOIL dealership’s benefits can be handed down to the next of kin.

For more information dial 1-800-579-0580 to reach me personally. I would be glad to discuss the AMSOIL opportunities with you.

Please examine this color brochure PDF file outlining the various income levels and income sources AMSOIL has to offer you. With 6-months of hard work, I reached the Direct Jobber level which is the 25% commission level. Just look over this to see what I mean:
Income Opportunities Guide

If you have read all of the above, I really want you as one of our dealers. I want to work with people that are leaders and understand that only in AMERICA there are great opportunities such as this one. There is no better time to take advantage of being an AMSOIL Dealer. Use this business to pay off credit cards, fund a project or just get ahead or off the grid. There is no limit to what income you can achieve. If you have personal goals that seem inconceivable to most, I am telling you it is possible as a AMSOIL Dealer.

C.H. Cain – AMSOIL Star Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
Count on us every day!