Amsoil’s Synthetic Chaincase Oil

Synthetic Chain Case Oil (TCC)
Since 1999 AMSOIL’s Chaincase Lube has dominated the industry – Reduce stress and loads in cold temperatures

The Performance Advantage – Costs about 1/3rd the OEM yet lasts longer.

AMSOIL Synthetic Chain Case Oil provides superior protection and performance for enclosed chains.  Ideal for snowmobiles, ATVs and general equipment.  Extreme pressure additives provide extra wear protection.  Extends chain life repels water, and inhibits rust, oxidation and foam.  Superior low temperature starting, performance and protection.

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Now includes extendable gear oil spout! No more mess!

Package Size Includes
1-12oz. Bottle
1-12oz. Bottles (case of 12)
5-Gallon Pail
55-Gallon Drum

This product was reciently improved and the “Series 2000” name was dropped as that was an older brand series. Customers still continue to ask for this using that name.

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Designed Specifically for Chaincases & Gearcases

To reduce initial costs, some enthusiasts use automatic transmission fluid or gear lube in their snowmobile and ATV chaincases and gearcases. Neither fluid, however, is engineered for these applications. Automatic transmission fluid is a hydraulic fluid formulated without the extreme-pressure additives needed to provide enhanced wear protection, leaving gears and chains vulnerable to premature failure. Automotive gear lube is designed to lubricate hypoid gears and is too thick for proper chain and gear lubrication in powersports applications, impairing circulation and leading to wear and decreased energy efficiency.

AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil is specifically engineered to meet the demands of enclosed chaincases and gearcases, providing extreme-pressure protection and low-temperature fluidity for superior performance and protection.

Long-Lasting Protection

AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil is a 100 percent synthetic formulation that resists shear and chemical breakdown better than conventional fluids. Its superior base oils and additives provide long-lasting protection.

  • Extreme-pressure additives promote long chain and gear life
  • Inhibits rust and oxidation
  • Low-temperature fluidity ensures maximum energy efficiency
  • Lasts longer than conventional oils
  • Recommended for use in Arctic Cat® Diamond Drive gearcases
AMSOIL recommends Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil as a replacement for the following ATV and snowmobile original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fluids*:
Arctic Cat*
Chain Lube
Bombardier* / Ski-Doo* / Can-Am*
XP-S Mineral Chaincase Oil #415129500
XP-S Synthetic Chaincase Oil #293600138
Synthetic Gearcase Lube #2871280
SCL Chaincase Lubricant #2872952
Snowmobile Chaincase Lube #ACC-CHNCS-FS-08

* All trademarked names are the property of their respective owners and may be registered marks in some countries. There is no affiliation or endorsement claim, express or implied, made by their use.


Recommended for the drain intervals established by the OEM.


AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil is compatible with conventional and synthetic chaincase oils. Mixing AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil with other oils, however, will reduce its performance benefits.


AMSOIL products are backed by a Limited Liability Warranty. For complete information visit


This product is not expected to cause health concerns when used for the intended applications and according to the recommendations in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). An SDS is available via the Internet at or upon request at (715) 392-7101. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Recycle used oil and bottle.


We sell a LOT of this product. Works better than OEM, great package and ships anywhere. If you search for the best products for your chaincase you will find on your own many of the factory race teams use this including Polaris which uses AMSOIL througout the entire race structure.

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New entry level synthetic for an easy decision for everyone.Have you NOT tried AMSOIL in your passenger car but would like a low cost high performance warranty compliment synthetic to change at OEM intervals or less? Would you prefer to buy from a true American Company totally focused on quality control and also supports small business and not overseas ventures?
The new AMSOIL OE (Original Equipment) is for you:

AMSOIL OE was designed for our customers who buy AMSOIL products for their “other than passenger car” applications such as motorcycles, diesel trucks, power equipment, farm and work fleet.
These customers don’t use AMSOIL in their cars because they wish to change oil frequently and the cost of the once per year oil seems expensive to them if they know they will be draining at more frequent intervals.

Well here it is – the oil which outperforms the on the shelf synthetics yet cost the same or less delivered. You now have no excuse not to use AMSOIL in all your vehicles. If you came to AMSOIL for a special air filter, you can now purchase oil for only a slight change in shipping.

Give us a call and see what a case will cost you! It’s much less than the Mobil 1 in the stores. 800-579-0580

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