AMSOIL 10W-30 100% Synthetic High-Mileage Motor Oil

AMSOIL 10W-30 100% Synthetic High-Mileage Motor OilWith rapidly rising new-vehicle pricing and the high cost of repairs, drivers are keeping their vehicles on the road longer than ever. Preventive maintenance that includes high-quality lubricants is key for keeping vehicles safe and dependable for the long haul. AMSOIL 10W-30  100% Synthetic High-Mileage Motor Oil is designed specifically for the unique demands of high-mileage engines (or engines which have been using oils which left deposits), helping extend the life of your vehicle.

This is the first step to help clean up that engine w/o needing to use an engine flush.

It delivers purpose-built protection at a time in your vehicle’s life where it could benefit from more-robust maintenance. It cleans and protects engines with boosted detergency and an additive package that fights oil breakdown and oil leaks.

I suggest a couple changes with this oil then switch to XL or Signature.  This is a great choice should you buy a used car with over 80K on the odometer or that vehicle you really don’t know the history.

LOWER Cost than the XL Line!!

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Engine Cleanliness thanks to our High Mileage Oil Line

  • Enhanced detergency to breathe new life into dirty engines.
  • Removes deposit buildup to help restore peak performance.

Cleaning Requires a Durable Viscosity

Engines can lose compression as cylinders and piston rings wear. This leads to reduced horsepower. Maintaining a consistent fluid film helps to counteract compression loss by sealing combustion chambers to maintain performance. AMSOIL’s High-Mileage 10W-30 Motor Oil is formulated to maintain viscosity, even in extreme temperatures. Many will often upgrade from a 5W-30 to 10W-30 in older vehicles so this is your choice.

  • High Mileage 10W-30 Maintains proper film thickness in extreme operation.

Sludge Reduction

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic High-Mileage Motor Oil reduced sludge by 67%, VV demonstrating its cleaning power that helps engines last longer and perform better.

Demonstrating the cleaning ability of AMSOIL's High Mileage Motor Oil

Chart showing reduction of sludge via checking at intervals

Cleaning Requires a Durable Viscosity

  • High Mileage 10W-30 Maintains proper film thickness in extreme operation.

This 10W-30 Synthetic High-Mileage Motor Oil provides enhanced detergency to breathe new life into dirty engines by removing deposit buildup to help
restore peak performance.

Oil-Consumption Control

  • Thermally stable across a wide range of temperatures.
  • Resists volatility and oil consumption.

Oil consumption is often an issue in high-mileage vehicles. AMSOIL 100% Synthetic High-Mileage Motor Oil is thermally stable across a wide range of temperatures, resisting volatility and consumption.

Leak Protection! Yes – no other competitor uses a QUALITY additive for this because it eats profits

  • High Mileage 10W-30 Conditions seals to help prevent leaks. – Even the Signature Series is famous for reduced leaks

Oil leaks are an inconvenience and if left unchecked can lead to lack of lubrication and engine failure. AMSOIL 100% Synthetic High-Mileage Motor Oil provides a boosted dose of seal conditioners to restore aging seals and help stop leaks.


API Licensed so you don’t have to be worried about whatever

  • Licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to meet and exceed requirements commonly found in owner’s manuals.

10W-30 Applications (HM1030):

GF-5, GF-4…; GM 4718M, 6094M; Chrysler MS-6395; Ford WSSM2C205-A

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Motor Oil Comparison Chart – Compare the purpose of AMSOIL Products for your best choice.

In Review 10W-30 High Mileage Synthetic:

  • Unique chemistry for vehicles with over 75,000 miles
  • Boosted detergent and dispersant package
  • Enhanced anti-wear additives
  • Reduced sludge by 67%,VV demonstrating cleaning power that helps engines last longer and perform better
  • Guaranteed Protection For 12,000 Miles/1-Year1
  • API Licensed

An excellent way to reverse and correct the sludge and deposits caused by the low quality lubricants offered by your dealers quick lube or “free oil changes”.


High Mileage Oil Reviews


By  MIKE,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Montague ca   on  April 11, 2024
I’ve been using this in all my vehicles, friends and family vehicles run smoother and a little better fuel mileage will not use anything else

Best oil products

By  Patrick,  a  Verified Buyer  from  North Carolina  on  April 10, 2024
Hands down Amsoil is the highest quality of any oil products out there , you will not be disappointed, highly recommend

High mileage 4.0L Jeep


By  DP,  a  Verified Buyer  from  FL  on  April 07, 2024
Solved my issues with lifter tick. Common issue on these 4.0l straight 6. Tried several other synthetics, AMSOIL is the best around.

Coyote 5.0 F-150 This saved me quoted $4,000

By  DAN,  a  Verified Buyer  from  Kansas  on  April 04, 2024
All Ford F-150 5.0 Owners with issues, Rough idle and dies at stop lights, sends multiple codes Timing, cam position sensor, VVT. After I took my 2016 F-150 165,000 miles, in for service, oil change, the check engine light came on and it started idling rough and dying at stop lights, when I talked to the mechanic he told me it was cam phasers and it would be cheaper to replace the engine $15,000. of course I got a second opinion, they said I needed to change the timing chain, and rebuild the heads $4,000. I decided to do some research of my own, found that many Ford F-150 owners had the same issue, many different tried fixes none worked, Changing the VVT solenoids seemed to work for some of them, so I purchased one of them so I could see how they work, long story short the VVT solenoid is piloted by oil. Oil in this engine is critical in the operation of the F-150s variable valve timing VVT, I looked back at the oil change records and they actually listed the brand and weight of oil they used in that last oil change Havoline 10W-30 and a Fram oil filter, that’s when the problems started!!! So I decided to try an experiment. I drained 1-quart and added 1-quart of engine flush, ran engine for 5-mins, drained all the oil, installed a new oil filter from Amsoil, and filled with Amsoil high mileage oil, I noticed immediately the sound of the engine was so much smoother. the check engine light was still on, but it ran so much better, after about 50 miles of driving the check engine light went off, I’ve been driving it now for about 4-weeks 300 miles, no issues with rough idle and hasn’t died at a single stop sign or stop light. Thank You Amsoil !!! saved Me an engine replacement and a whole lot of headaches!!!!