AMSOIL Bypass filter – VW Golf – BMK-21

A customer of mine recently sent this one in with their BMK-11 (Now BMK-21)  installed in their Volkswagen Golf. Can you imagine the joy of the 2nd owner when he learns AMSOIL and our filters were used keeping the insides almost like new even at 300,000 miles?  The bypass kits are great for resale merit.

 Also you can use the swivel connector which connects to your oil fill cap, but you have to be careful with aluminum pans.
Simple to install Pan return – Do not Punch Aluminum Pans.
Optional fitting available for oil fill cap.

The Amsoil BMK-11 works like an oil cooler.
BMK-11 (now 21) located out of harms way. Cooling area.

Brass fitting is adapter.
Adapter #3 for oil feed.