Amsoil By-Pass filter installation in Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Below is from the archives – an older AMSOIL bypass kit but the installation is still quite similar. When you have an older car, a Oil Bypass kit is a great way to clean the block while you drive and return performance. In my opinion older vehicles are much easier to add bypass kits to.

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1988 Olds Cutlass Cierra
3.8L engine
1988 Olds Cutlass Cierra, 3.8L engine, with 280,000 + miles and only 12 oil changes. This vehicle has been on AMSOIL since approximately 1989 @ about 20,000 miles. When OW30 first came out it was changed from 5w to 0w. In 2000 the Bypass was installed for show using a BE90 & SDF29. The installation was right by the book. The feed was teed off the oil sending unit and the return was to the oil fill cap. Installation submitted by AMSOIL Dealer Lee Mortenson
Installation Photos – Click On Photos For Larger Images