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I’m keeping this page on line as a reminder of what was accomplished in just a short period of time in the early 2000’s. Innovation continues and all lubricants are advanced as required!

New EaAR Racing and Hot Rod nanofiber air filter kits - adds value over depth loading oil wetted types.We will keep this page up to date with performance and filtration products being added monthly. Our Featured items are below.

New Items

  • 2018 and on – Back improving this website – dozens of products missed as our HTML tool was not working well so now on WordPress we will keep this up but in the form of blogs.  So from here on be sure to check the Blog Posts.
  • August 2014 – Speculating – Updated versions of the motorcycle oil line and introduction of transmission specific and primary specific oils.
  • May 2014 – New CVT Fluid
  • April 2014 – New updated Las Vegas Taxi Cab Field Study
  • January 2014 – Artic Grease
  • October – New AIO Synthetic Injector Oil for all 2-stroke injection motors. Adds to our current line of injector oils but with a more economical twist.
  • August – New AMSOIL OE Automatic Transmission Fluids for installer markets – now a AMSOIL synthetic product for transmission with a price which cannot be beat!
  • July – major upgrades to Diesel Fuel additives and packaging. Also new Heavy-Duty Degreaser. Power Foam receives a new look.
  • New Expanded Mechanical Test Lab – Beyond anything ever done by a oil blender. Test equipment generally only found at the additive supplier level or independent test lab.
  • AMSOIL celebrates 40 years.
  • June – New Spray Grease. MP and Miracle Wash updates in packaging
  • May – Racing Grease Updates – new packaging & New Synthetic 5th Wheel Grease
  • April 2013 – ATF products reformulated and upgraded to Signature Series
  • April 2013 – Briggs & Stratton 4T Racing Oil (Kart Market)
  • September – Adds 10W-30 to the OE Diesel Oil Family
  • August – Sled 2-Cycle Oil Studies – Interceptor
  • June – New Multi Viscosity Hydraulic Oils – Lower cost than AW
  • March – New Motorcycle Octane Boost
  • March – Upgraded Multi Purpose Grease & Water Resistant Grease
  • March – New Heavy-Duty Oil Filter line up!
  • January 2012 – Briggs & Stratton drops Valvoline for AMSOIL Quality
  • December – Eric Buell Motorcycles drops Mobil1 for AMSOIL due to performance! Factory Fill.
  • October – EA Oil Filter line expanded with cartrige style filters (Chevy, Dodge and Toyota)
  • September – SAE 50 Transmission Oil Long Life for OTR Trucking
  • August – New Signature Series 5W20, XL 0W20, OE 0W20
  • June – New Z-ROD 10W30 and 20W50 High Zinc Oils
  • May – New Signature Series Oils (Regrouping)
  • May – New OE low cost Diesel Synthetic Motor Oil
  • May – New Break In Oil and Assembly Lube
  • December – New Grease Page!! Check out our leading edge grease.
  • December – New Amsoil History Flash Presentation. Flash Player needed.
  • November – New product to shake up the oil change market – AMSOIL OE – Original Equipment Motor Oil.
  • October – XL Oils upgraded to 10,000 miles
  • August – New Motorcycle SAE-60WT Engine & Trans Oil
  • July – Biodegradable Hydraulic OIL ISO-46
  • July – Dominator Coolant Boost & Radiator Corrosion Fighter
  • May – Truck and Chassis Grease Polymeric
  • April – New Engine & Transmission Flush
  • April – New injector & Carb fuel treatment for Marine, Motorcycles & Small Engines.
  • February – More new greases for Heavy Duty machinery
  • January – Updated Diesel CJ4 Oils
  • December – Racing team success increases exposure to AMSOIL dealers.
  • October – New Polymeric Synthetic Off-Road Grease: Tremendous Performance.
  • September – Diesel Fuel Recovery improved and larger sizes available.
  • August – Nordic Waste Video – Can your oil do this?
  • July – Updated Motorcycle Oil Whitepaper Study!!
  • June – New Low Viscosity ATF (ATL) Toyota WS and more!
  • April – New 15W40 for CJ4 Diesel Extended interval oil.
  • February – Oil Analysis Kits updated
  • January – Amsoil Comparison tests 10W30 to others…
  • December – Diesel Recovery anti-gel thaws frozen fuel filters too.
  • November – Amsoil adds MANN filters – Total European supply.
  • November – More Gas Engine Intake kits
  • October – New Diesel Fuel Concentrate with Cold Flow
  • September – History Of AMSOIL Flash Presentation
  • September – Synthetic Power Steering Fluid – Universal
  • September – Injen/AMSOIL Gas Engine Intake Systems
  • August – New Dominator Racing Series 5W20, 10W30 & 15W50
  • July – Wet Clutch dynamics – Why Amsoil synthetics work better.
  • July – New 10W30 MCT Motorcycle Oil – More Economy
  • May – New Updated By-Pass Filtration Mounts. – better flow/easy install.
  • April – New SAE 190 & SAE 250 EP Gear Lubes.
  • March – Updated Oil Analysis Testing Capabilities!!
  • March – Injen/AMSOIL Diesel Truck Intake Systems
  • January – NEW AMSOIL Brake Fluids. Both DOT 3 and 600F DOT 4.
  • November – Performance Improver gas additive Adobe Presentation!
  • November – Added TRICO Heavy Duty line to wiper blades.
  • October – Signature Series 0W30 – The BEST motor oil ever created!
  • September – Whitepaper on Gear Lubes. Learn why AMSOIL is the ONLY choice and the others fail although they claim to be GL5.
  • August – New Nanofiber EaAB Crankcase Breathers
  • July – Correlation between particle size and engine wear. (New July 2007 Service Bulletin from AMSOIL technical services)
  • June –
  • June – Twin Air powersports air cleaners and supplies.
  • May – Now full line of TRICO wiper blades for all vehicles.
  • April – New EAAR – Racing and Street Rod Absolute Efficiency air filters
  • April – New Severe Gear 75W110
  • April – New Scooter Synthetic Oil
  • April – New NASCAR WIX Racing Oil and Air Filters
  • April – Mothers products price reduction!
  • March – My favorite product now better – Performance Improver gas additive and injector cleaner improved!!
  • March – 0W20 100% Synthetic Motor Oils (25,000 mile intervals)
  • January – Fleet of 60 F150’s save $77,000 using AMSOIL!
  • 2006
  • December – AMSOIL adds Mothers Car Care product line!
  • November – Expanded AMSOIL clothing line for women too.
  • October – New low Emission/Sulfur Diesel Motor Oil (CJ4)
  • September – Donaldson Top Spin Pre-Filters (Save your filter)
  • September – Improved Diesel fuel additives Saves more than product cost!
  • August 10 –
  • July 1 – Founder Al Amatuzio’s comments (Special impact statement)
  • July 1 – Nanofiber Ea Motorcycle Air and Oil filters (Video too)
  • June 1 – New Formula 4-Stroke Small Engine Oil – End to high temp issues!
  • May 30 – Fogging Oil Spray – Great for recreational vehicles, small engines, tools
  • May 1 – New Absolute Efficiency Cold Air Cone Filters -See Video!
  • Mar 20 – New Tech Service Bulletins – Operating Conditions in Differentials and Aftermarket tackifier gear lube additive warning (TSB)
  • Feb 14 – Upgraded AMSOIL bypass filter elements – 100% Efficient at 2 microns!
  • Jan 1 – AMSOIL AFL 5W40 European now meets Volkswagen 505.01
  • 2005
  • Dec 1 – New Motorcycle Oil Study
  • Dec 1 – WIX complete filtration line added
  • Nov 1 – New AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency 25,000 mile oil filters
  • Oct 3 – New AMSOIL Nanofiber cleanable air filters “Absolute Efficiency”
  • Sept 1 New AMSOIL 4-Stroke for ATV and Snowmobiles
  • July 29 new Filtration Center
  • July 15- New Marine 4-Stroke engine oil – Both 10W30 and 10W40
  • July 15 – New 7.3 Power air intake system w/ Donaldson PowerCore filter
  • June 3 – New AMSOIL GL-4 Manual Transmission Gear Lube MTG
  • June 3 – New AMSOIL Manual Transmission Fluid MTF 5W30
  • May 10 – Donaldson complete filter line
  • April 1 – New Amsoil Motorcycle oils
  • April 1 – New 75W/80W-90 Universal Marine Gear Lube – Revolutionary!!
  • New Antifreeze – Corrosion resistant, long life, non toxic.
  • Severe Gear Synthetic EP Lubricants (75W90 and 75W-140) Replaces Series 2000
  • Long Life Synthetic Gear Lubes – Engineered for intervals up to 500,000 miles.
  • AMSOIL Marine Dual Remote Filtration System (BMK-18) – Designed for fresh and saltwater environments.
  • AMS-Oiler pre-charger unit for instant startup lubrication reducing wear up to 80%.
  • Donaldson Endurance™ Oil and Air Filters – A technology beyond what is considered today as the best!
  • Hand pump for gear lube containers

In July 2009 AMSOIL Celebrates 36 years of leadership and state of the art performance lubricants MADE in USA.

This logo first appeared in 1972This logo AMSOIL updated in 1999

The only Synthetic lubricant company in the US to offer consumers 100% synthetic solutions for over three decades.

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Featured Items:

AMSOIL Introduces Dominator® Series of Premium Synthetic Racing Oils

New Amsoil 15W50 Racing Series.AMSOIL INC., Superior, Wis.  AMSOIL now offers three new premium synthetic racing oils specially formulated to withstand the rigors of high-performance and racing applications. AMSOIL Dominator® Synthetic 5W-20, 10W-30 and 15W-50 Racing Oils provide superior performance and maximum protection in extreme environments.

All three Dominator Racing Oils feature the same additive package, providing maximum durability in multiple viscosities. Their shear-stable formulation was engineered to provide maximum horsepower without sacrificing engine protection. Dominator Racing Oils provide straight-grade protection in a multi-grade formulation. The proprietary friction modifier in Dominator Synthetic Racing Oils reduces friction for maximum power and cooler engine temperatures, resulting in improved lap times and longer-lasting equipment.

AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic 15W-50 Racing Oil is recommended for high-rpm, high-horsepower, turbo/supercharged, gasoline- or alcohol-burning, nitro-fueled or nitrous oxide gas-injected applications operated under severe conditions. Applications include the following: • Big Bore • Asphalt and Dirt Late Model • Modified Big Block • Ford Crate Late Model • Dodge Crate Late Model • Endurance • Rally • Truck-Pull • Aluminum Block • Marine • Other high-performance racing and street applications requiring 50-weight oil.

AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic 10W-30 Racing Oil is recommended for high-rpm, high-horsepower, turbo/supercharged, gasoline or alcohol-burning and nitrous oxide gas-injected applications operated under severe conditions. Applications include the following: • Asphalt and Dirt Late Model • Modified Big Block • Modified Small Block • GM Crate Late Model • Marine • Sprint • Midget • Legend • Kart • Other domestic and import high-performance racing and street applications requiring 30-weight oil.

AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic 5W-20 Racing Oil is recommended for high-rpm, high-horsepower, turbo/supercharged, gasoline- or alcohol-burning and nitrous oxide gas-injected engines operated under severe conditions. Applications include the following: • Modified Small Block • Asphalt Late Model • GM Crate Late Model • NHRA Stock Eliminator • Bracket • Sprint • Midget • Legends • Karts • Junior Dragster • Other domestic and import high-performance racing and street applications requiring 20-weight oil. The low-viscosity formulation and robust additive package of Dominator 5W-20 make it ideal for use as a high-strength qualifying oil.

AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-40 Now Good for VW 505.01

SUPERIOR, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 3, 2006–AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-40 100% Synthetic Motor Oil has been newly reformulated to meet VW 505.01, Mercedes-Benz 229.51 and BMW LL-04 specifications. AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-40, engineered with advanced AMSOIL synthetic technology, is the only motor oil in North America to be recommended for the latest specifications of all three major European automakers – Volkswagen (Audi), BMW and Mercedes-Benz, as well as the latest North American API specification. AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-40 is highly versatile for multiple applications and provides second-to-none protection and performance in the most demanding operating conditions.

The reformulated AMSOIL Synthetic European Car Formula 5W-40 Motor Oil provides the following features and benefits:

— Offers advanced protection for major European gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles.

— Engineered for turbo direct injection (TDI) vehicles, including the Volkswagen Jetta, Passat, Golf, Beetle and Audi A3, A4, A6 and A8 models

— Provides maximum protection for today’s smaller, high RPM engines.

— Designed for maximum extended drain intervals established by European car manufacturers.

— Formulated to exceed API SM/CF requirements for North American vehicles.

AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-40 European Car Formula Motor Oil surpasses the most demanding European oil specifications. It is recommended for European gasoline and diesel vehicles, including but not limited to, Saab, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, BMW and Porsche

AMSOIL Announces Absolute Efficiency Ea Air Filters (EaAU) with Nanofiber Technology for Automotive and Light Truck Applications

AMSOIL INC. of Superior, WI announces the introduction of a new premium, high efficiency air filter utilizing nanofiber technology with a four year/100,000 mile service life guarantee and superior air flow. Positioning itself to be a world class leader in filtration, the AMSOIL Ea Filter is incomparable in both design and performance.

In lab testing Ea media with nanofibers removed 5 times more dust than the average cellulose filter and 50 times more dust than the average wet gauze media. Ea media also has 3 times the airflow of cellulose filters and is equal to wet gauze filters at the very low 0.5 inches of restriction. The proprietary Ea media held 15 times more dust than the average wet gauze type filter. In short, AMSOIL Ea Filters offer superior performance in the three critical performance benchmarks of efficiency, flow and capacity.

Fast Fact:  A nanofiber is less than one micron in diameter.  A human hair is 80 microns.

Nanofiber Filter Media

  • Traps sub-micron size particles on the nanofiber surface
  • Prevents particles from lodging in the filter media depth


What are the Benefits?

  • Extends service intervals through increased Capacity
  • Better Capacity than wet cotton gauze or cellulose
  • Offers a high level of engine protection though Efficiency
  • Better Efficiency than wet cotton gauze or cellulose
  • Highest Efficiency rating in the industry
  • Maintains high permeability or Flow through it life cycle
  • Advanced “Cleanable”  properties and attributes (reusable)
  • Priced competitive with great income potential
  • 100,000 mile AMSOIL guarantee / Extended Service Intervals
  • Cost effective / Reduced operation costs
  • OEM Certified Fitment
  • Elimination of potential OEM warranty issues

Please read more on the Ea air filter product information

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