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ANSWER to OEM’s high price-tag injector oil – AMSOIL’s 2-Cycle Injector Oil (AIO)

New lower cost Amsoil injector oil!Synthetic Injector Oil – In addition to the below – AMSOIL has developed a basic OEM formula which can be used for multiple applications while competing best on price. The below products add specific performance and quality to specific applications. These are intended for the enthusiast. Where as the new AIO Injector oil may be the better choice to the occasional boating, sledding or PWC user. The AIO is really a low cost copy of the OEM synthetic product allowing you to save money and remain secure with your warranty! Guaranteed!

How to choose (Sled owners)
Choose Interceptor (AIT) if you are the serious rider who runs your machines more often and power valve performance is critical.

Choose the above 2-Stroke Injector Oil (AIO) if you’re looking for an economical synthetic or just going out 2 to 4 times per year. Same rule goes with marine craft. This is the one size fits all product.  For a;ll out performance AMSOIL is known for use the other products which fit your category below. See data sheet for more info. Injector Oil DS

No reason to buy petroleum based oil again!

Comments about Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil

I use this in my 20 year old Evinrude 175 2-stroke outboard and enjoy less smoke from the motor while water skiing or at idle than I have ever seen with even the best petroleum based 2-stroke oils, and with the membership, it’s virtually the same cost!

For the past 10 years AMSOIL has made numerous advances in this 2-cycle oil market.

INTERCEPTOR™ (AIT) The industry standard!! Best choice for snowmobiles and personal watercraft.
A high-performance two-cycle oil with a performance emphasis on exhaust power valves. Excellent for all types of snowmobiles. Contains high levels of detergent additives to prevent valve sticking. High quality replacement for manufacturer branded oils. Injector use or 50:1 pre-mix. Will not cause warranty issues. One fleet of 100 sleds went 400,000 miles with ZERO valve sticking problems. The #1 best selling snowmobile oil.

Premier racing two-cycle oil with a performance emphasis toward high horsepower and modified racing or trail snowmobile motors that are periodically inspected. Contains higher viscosity oils for best overall protection. Contains additives for higher operating temperatures. Injector use or 50:1 pre-mix.

HP Marine Injector™ (HPM)
Exceeds all modern outboard injection specifications. Known as the one to make low idle and power stable. Clean burning. Can be used for ANY application.
Very good for non-power valve equipped snowmobile & Jet Ski engines as well as occasional power-valve use. Injector use or 50:1 premix. Generally the product (due to performance gains) which convinces new customers that their trusted OEM brand oil was not so good after all even those who thought synthetic was too expensive.

Saber Professional Synthetic 100:1 (ATP) 
Amsoil’s 2nd product introduced in 1972 which still today solves equipment issues from commercial gear, race bikes to vintage outboards and the latest gear. I get countless phone calls on how people are so delighted on the extended life of their chainsaw using 1/2 the oil. Use 100:1 in any equipment guaranteed. The mix is based on the quality of the oil NOT the equipment when it comes to AMSOIL.

4-Stroke Sled, ATV or Jet boat – try AMSOIL AFF 0W40 Synthetic engine oil.

Read more about the operation and the importance of synthetic 2-cycle oil with exhaust power valves in this AMSOIL service bulletin. Also see in this 2nd AMSOIL service bulletin how a PWC manufacturers recommended product actually causes more harm to their clutches in a particular turbo unit where our synthetic causes no fade at all.

Pre-Mix Marine Two Cycle Oil – Saber Outboard 100:1

boat 2-cycle pre-mixDesigned for pre-mix applications as lean as 100:1 ratios or richer. Improves throttle response and lowers or eliminates smoke. Minimizes deposit formation and lowers emissions. Performance emphasis on the cooler operations of water-cooled motors.

Smokeless Operation
Outboard Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil’s synthetic formulation burns cleanly. When mixed at 100:1, smoke is virtually undetectable. Boaters subjected to smoke and fumes benefit from these low-emission properties.


Retail Pricing and information Interface

​Best Selling AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils

AMSOIL's Interceptor for 2-cycle Jet skis and snowmobiles. Designed for exhaust power valve engines.  Horse Power High Performance Marine Injector Oil Amsoil's high performance racing 2-cycle injector and 50:1 premix. The Dominator! This is our best pre-mix 2-cycle oil


Design changes over recent years have included direct fuel injection engines, in which fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber, and exhaust power valves, which improve combustion efficiency at varying RPM (more heat). These design changes have allowed two-cycle engine manufacturers to effectively reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency and decrease oil consumption. Today’s two-cycle motors of all types require specialized oil technology to deliver maximum engine protection, dependable operation and long service life. AMSOIL’s injector products by a LONGSHOT outperform the competition.


The 4-gallon case is most popular but consider the drums as we can beat the pants off all pricing with those. I’m told in the case our price is $10 to $20 less per gallon than the OEM’s and ours performs far better and results in less maintenance.

Join as a dealer and earn back a commission then when we have the yearly AMSOIL U or the Regional Sales Meetings you get another 10% off dealer cost plus your commission on the items you take home so that’s like getting 30% off or more. Think of that when you buy a drum of Interceptor or Saber for your friends or business.

They just sell a product they re-label from the lowest bidder while AMSOIL has the earn the sale based on reputation and quality. That’s why it performs so well and is a true synthetic consistent from bottle to bottle.

Supplements to AMSOIL 2-cycle products for maintenance.

Are you having fuel problems? Ethanol wiping out your fuel lines or clogging your carb systems? Varnish buildup from sitting engines or idle problems from carbon??

Here’s two products designed for restoring performance. Take advantage of the better shipping rates with the case lots along with the 2-cycle oil.

Quickshot Fuel treatment - Sleds and small engine#1 the Amsoil Quickshot SE for the fuel – prevents water separation and ethanol problems throughout the entire fuel system – Product of the year a SEMA 2010 by the way!

Amsoil Power Foam#2 Amsoil Power Foam for instant clean-up of intake and valve carbon issues as well as an overall degreaser and parts cleaner.



Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often suggest in owner’s manuals, advertisements or through dealership personnel that motorists and enthusiasts must use the OEM-branded oil to comply with the new vehicle or equipment warranty. Some OEMs include warnings of catastrophic engine failure should a non-OEM be used. These tactics are especially pervasive in the powersports market and calculated to create uncertainty and fear in the consuming public to the point that many consumers feel they are at risk when using anything but OEM-branded lubricants. Generally, the public is unaware that it is illegal for a vehicle manufacturer to tie the warranty of its product to the use of the manufacturer’s own lubricant.

Federal law seeks to ensure competition within the marketplace, and that specifically includes guaranteeing continuing warranty coverage outside the use of OEM-branded lubricants. In short, you have the right to use the oil of your choice.

If the lubricant did not cause the problem, the OEM warranty cannot be voided, period.

warranty safeThe Warranty Secure symbol is designed to reassure consumers that simply AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in place of OEM-branded lubricants, or practicing extended drain intervals when using AMSOIL lubricants does not void new vehicle or equipment manufacturers warranties.

For the straight story on AMSOIL warranties, contact AMSOIL Technical Services or visit

Amsoil's 2-cycle Racer - Terry Rinker's van advertising Amsoil products. Shot in 2009

Wholesale Order:  Set up a Preferred Customer account and buy factory direct at the wholesale cost price. If you want to use our synthetic 2-cycle oil for your business, we can sell on the Commercial Account to reduce your costs even more.

PLEASE Visit our Lawn & Garden applications page for cost comparison and more information after reviewing the quality information regarding the new Saber Professional.

Rinker Wins National Championship

Synthetic Two-Cycle Oils
– are made from a wide verity of base oils and additives. Two-cycle oil performance is heavily dependent on the base oil. Unlike petroleum oils where there are few base oil options to choose from, synthetic oils offer almost an endless choice to types and combinations. With each different base oil offering a specialized performance characteristic, properly formulated synthetic oils can be better optimized compared to a 2-cycle petroleum oil.

Synthetic 2-cycle base oils do not contain extra unwanted chemicals or molecules as is the case with the petroleum materials. Synthetic base stocks are saturated, meaning their molecules are complete and do not contain open bonds.

Pure saturated synthetic base oils for 2-cycle applications burn cleaner than petroleum oils. They produce lower smoke than their petroleum oil counterparts.

Cleaner burning base oils produce less deposits, which prevents ring sticking, plug fouling and per-detonation problems. AMSOIL continuously works to produce the best possible combination of these synthetic base oils and additives, so when it comes to 2-cycle oils you can trust 33 years in the business for the best performing synthetic two cycle engine oils.

Synthetic base oils offer superior lubricity at lower viscosities. One advantage is lower viscosity oils improve cold temperature fluidity and miscibility performance (important in oil injection units). Last, the superior lubricity of synthetic base oils lowers wear rates, prevents piston scuffing, protects bearings and even allows for lean mixture ratios.