Amsoil Testimonials

Please enjoy these email testimonials we have received regarding the results of the products. I should mention over the phone we get a ton of these weekly including lower engine temperature related testimonials. About 1/3 of those are from our motorcycle customers. I often forget to add them..

AMSOIL P.i.® Performance Improver Stands Up To Its Name

Amsoil's P.I.Wyman Atkinson of Ontario, Canada has been using AMSOIL products for several years and uses P.i. to help pass emissions tests with his 1988 Buick Century (280,611 mi) and 2005 Saturn ION (93,206 mi).

“In order to pass the emissions test for my 1988 Buick,” Atkinson said, “I added P.i. to the gas, beginning several years ago. It passes the E-test parameters with tons of room to spare.”

Atkinson has also been using AMSOIL products in his 2005 Saturn ION since he drove it off the showroom floor. “I use Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil, along with P.i. twice per year,” said Atkinson. “The E-test numbers for the Saturn are practically zero for all parameters.”

Atkinson also noticed some other benefits of using AMSOIL P.i. when he recently had his Buick’s exhaust system serviced.

“About a month ago the pipe from the exhaust manifold rotted away. Because this was a welded assembly, I had to replace the CAT. A reimbursement is issued if the old CAT is returned. When I brought it back to the parts store, the customer service rep remarked how extremely clean the converter was for being 25 years old. I told him about adding P.i. to the gas twice per year for the last four years. He was absolutely amazed! I also checked the oxygen sensor (original), located on the exhaust manifold. It, too, was clean as a whistle and still operating properly after 25 years.”

Atkinson also uses AMSOIL products in his 20-year-old lawn mower, his six-year-old weed whacker and his 25-yearold garden tractor and says, “They’ve never run so well. Unbelievable results!”

AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver ranks among the most potent gasoline additives available today. P.i. is formulated to remove injector deposits, clean internal components and reduce emissions to help increase efficiency and performance.

As a concentrated detergent, P.i. is outstanding in cleaning combustion chamber deposits, intake valve deposits and port fuel injector deposits. It is ideal for use prior to emissions testing and helps maintain peak engine efficiency, fuel economy, power and drivability in newer lowmileage engines. In engines with accumulated deposits, P.i. provides up to 5.7 percent increased fuel mileage after only one tank of gasoline.

The P.I. is our best selling item other than motor oil. Definitely something you want to have on hand. Locally we have customers buying cases for Christmas presents when they want to give someone a break! It saves money on lost efficiency.

Epic Boat-Hauling Story Clinches AMSOIL Toughest Tow Contest

The AMSOIL Toughest Tow Contest solicited extreme towing stories about how AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid’s reserve protection against heat and wear ensured top transmission performance. AMSOIL received many impressive stories over the course of the contest, but AMSOIL Dealer and hauler Robert Ransom Williams IV of Mexico Beach, Fla. earned the top prize of $1,000.

When the owner of the largest yacht dealership in Houston, Texas called Williams in Norfolk, Va. on a Wednesday afternoon, he was up against a wall. Five 32’ Scarab center-console boats with twin 250 engines had to be in Houston by Monday afternoon, but three were at dealerships in New Jersey, while the others were on the east coast of Florida.

After a quick call to fellow hauler Donald “Chigger” Andrews for assistance with the New Jersey boats, and consulting with his trusted navigator, basset hound Daisy Lee, Williams accepted the challenge.

“We had two empty triple-axle trailers ready to roll, so within the hour we had both the big Cummins fired up and were headed north toward the Jersey Shore,” said Williams. “My partner, Cindy ‘Big Guns’ Kimmons, had some towing experience, but this was to be her first transcontinental multi-day trip. She was at the helm of my Dodge Ram 2500, while I was in the lead in the Ram 3500 Dually. Both trucks sported legendary Cummins 5.9 turbo-diesel engines and were lubricated with AMSOIL products from stem to stern.”

Reaching Cape May, N.J. by Wednesday night, Williams and Kimmons were making good time, and they spent Thursday driving up the Jersey Shore, loading the boats and going through countless toll booths.

“Friday dawned as we crested the Blue Ridge Mountains,” said Williams. “Both trucks were pulling like angry mules and the boats were riding easy on the big triple trailers. This is when the confidence of knowing you are running AMSOIL ATF really pays off. Yanking 15,000 lbs. over the mountains at 70 mph is a stern test for any automatic transmission, and this tough tow was no exception. ‘Chigger’ was about a half-day behind us, and I seriously wanted to beat him to Houston. Our friendly rivalry pitted my Dodge Rams against his heavy Chevy with a new Allison transmission. He was using AMSOIL ATF in the one-ton dually tow rig, but swore by Rotella to lube the Duramax engine. We would just have to see.”

Williams and Kimmons reached Houston by noon Saturday to unload the first two boats. “We waved to ‘Chigger’ about half an hour west of Beaumont on I-10,” said Williams. “He was making good time, but I could not resist giving him a rev as we were back light-loaded and flying toward the Sunshine State.”

The trucks ran perfectly over the long drive to Daytona, and they were loaded and on their way back to Houston on Sunday. “I was thankful that the weigh stations were closed as the brand-new Scarab beauties we were towing were nearly 10’ wide. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana – the states were clicking by, our transmissions were running cool and when the sun came up Monday morning, we could see the Houston skyscrapers on the horizon. We were going to make it, and AMSOIL products were a big reason why. Hauls like this one are made possible because of the extended change intervals offered by AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. AMSOIL synthetic gear lube, motor oil and ATF all provide the ability to get the most out of your towing equipment, and we certainly did.

“The Houston dealer was both thrilled and impressed when we pulled into his shop with three hours to spare on Monday. He stroked me a fat check with a big smile on his face and told me that all five boats were being fitted on cradles and were to be loaded on an airplane that afternoon. Destination? Sierra Leone, Africa. Thanks to AMSOIL for making this tough tow possible, uneventful and highly profitable.”

960 Cardville Rd.
Greenbush ME 04418

January 14, 2009

AMSOIL Dealer Ches Cain
Sioux Falls SD

Dear Mr. Cain:

When I first purchased AMS Oil’s two-cycle fuel mix, I was reluctant to run my chain saw at the prescribed 100:1 ratio. However, after reading the technical literature that your company supplied me, I then decided to try the recommended ratio. As a result, almost immediately my chain saw ran smoother with no resulting damage to either the engine or carburetor.

What is more, after I added AMS Oil’s P.I Performance Improver Additive to both my chain saw and weed wacker, years of deposits that had formed in both engines, were burned off in minutes. Even the gas tanks regained their like-new appearance.

Thank you for providing me with great products that enables my equipment to last longer and run more efficiently in the harsh climate of northern Maine.

Because of your knowledge, expertise, and honesty, concerning synthetic oil applications, you now have a loyal customer for life.

Sincerely yours,

Lee Malvin

“I would change two things. First is consumer education. Consumers don’t know what lubricant they need, and it’s a big problem. They’ll pay more for water than motor oil. Second, oil is treated as a commodity. I’d like to see it sold on a supply-demand basis only, not sold on commodity markets.” – Greg Julian of Advanced Lubricant Specialties (asked what thing he would change in this industry if he could change one thing)

Personal experience with a Miata of our own proves AMSOIL improves performance.I am a member of the Sports Car Club of America. I race a Showroom Stock B, Mazda Miata. I have been racing SCCA since 1980 and have many regional and national championships. I’ve won the SCCA Northern Pacific Championship in SSB for 2003 and 2004. I am leading the Southern Pacific Division for 2005. We run 8 to 10 National races a year and we always do the SCCA National Runoffs in Lexington Ohio. Starting in 2006 it will be held in Topeka, Kansas.

I have been using AMSOIL in my racecar for about 2 years and found 2 advantages over the oil I had been using for years previously. I noticed lower oil temperature and an increase in horsepower. I also changed my tow vehicle over to AMSOIL. I use AMSOIL engine oil, transmission fluid, differential lubricant, and diesel fuel treatment.

My tow vehicle is a 2001 Holiday Rambler, 36 ft. diesel pusher. I immediately saw a 30° temperature drop in the engine oil and a 40° temperature drop in the transmission. That is very impressive!

To top it off, we saw an increase in fuel mileage. On a 5,000-mile trip, last year, we averaged 7.8 miles per gallon. The year before we averaged 6.3 miles per gallon. That is a very impressive improvement in mpg for a 30,000-pound motor home pulling a 24-foot trailer that weighs 6,500 lbs when fully loaded.

Another plus is the water temperature never went over 180° after I switched to AMSOIL. Before AMSOIL, the water temperature would go over 200° on small hills and I would have to turn off the A.C. to go up steep hills and I had to turn on the heater to cool down the water temperature.

October 2008
From Adam Buttell – Military Installation

Picked up the oil yesterday just got done changing it. Really makes a
difference in my Duramax already.
I did notice a substantial improvement in performance. My 05
Duramax really loves the new oil. As far as mileage, as of now I did see a .5 increase in MPG (approximately 800 miles on the new oil) and the truck really seemed to wake up with power. It is amazing how good oil increase performance and responsiveness. I also purchased some of the diesel fuel additive. So far so good. Thank you for your assistance.

I would also like to talk with you sometime about being a AMSOil rep here in MI. What does it take? What are the benefits. The reason I am thinking that it might be a good idea, I have a lot of friends that compete in diesel truck pulling. Some of them would benefit from running AMSOIL.

Here’s a new one – to the corporate office:

Ambulance Service Saves Money, Reduces Maintenance!!

Our ambulance service decided to give AMSOIL Synthetic 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel, the Series 3000 5W-30 Diesel Oil (HDD) and Synthetic (ATF) a try to “see how well they would work” and if they could live up to their reputation.
We changed a total of 85 injectors on the ambulances. That’s four injectors per month per unit!! That’s using 15W-40 Rotella motor oil at 5,000 to 8,000 mile oil drains. We put an average of 100,000 to 115,000 miles a year on these ambulances. Two 2006 models have more than 250,000 miles.

Our ambulances run for three or four days without shutoff in real hot or cold weather.
Alright, here’s what AMSOIL did for me bubba, My expenses on parts are
down 70 percent from 2007 and overall downtime is down 80 percent.”
The company now changes the oil in the vehicles at 20,000 miles. The EGR valves have not had to be changed and only two injectors required changing in the past 10 months.
I do not miss sleeping on the couch in the garage from changing injectors!

Dustin Larkin – Chief mechanic – Benton, Ill.

(Before Mercy Regional switched over to AMSOIL products in the Ford-powered 7.3 and 6.0 liter diesel ambulances Dustin was spending much time each month just to keep them running as they were prone to injector problems along with EGR valve problems)

-Just think what AMSOIL could do for tax payers if the word keeps getting out. Join us as a dealer today.

Hi Ches,

 Sorry this has taken so long.  Between my job and computer problems, it’s been a little crazy!

 Marty Gregor of St Petersburg Florida writes:

In January of 2007, I had by 2001 Duramax  GMC 2500HD in to the local dealer for some work.  They did a pressure test on the fuel system and found extremely high readings, a sign of dirty injectors.  They performed a fuel system cleanout using a well known product.  They told me to continue using the product, but that in six months to a year, I would have to have the injectors pulled and cleaned.  This procedure costs over $2000!!!!  I finished the bottle of their cleaner and immediately started using AMSOIL diesel concentrate, 2 ounces per tank.  I had the truck in to have a window cable replaced in mid October of 2007 and realized it was time for a new fuel filter, so I had them change it.  They did a pressure test.  The technician called me, asking if anyone had replaced the injectors or cleaned them.  I said no, and asked why he was curious.  He said the pressures were within tolerance of a brand new truck!  So a few bottles of diesel concentrate saved me $2000, and the truck runs great!  Way to go, AMSOIL!!!!

Thanks for the info on the Hyundai transmission fluid.


I got the 0-20 25K oil in my car about 1.5 weeks ago. Been through a tank and a half. I think the car is too new to feel a huge difference (although it does feel a bit smoother all around), but I am getting about 1 more mile to the gallon. The greatest part is the feeling of knowing that I have the best oil I can buy in my car. I am glad I am using Amsoil and I look forward to years of Amsoil products in my vehicles! Thanks again for your help and good luck with the business in South Dakota.

Aaron Priest

—–Original Message—–
From: Christopher Gowen
Subject: please respond

I have switched many of my vehicles to synthetic oil and have had no problems. Although I have been told by many garages or mechanics that this is not the right thing to do. They state that if it is an older vehicle with high mileage that it is not good for your engine and it will push oil out everywhere. I have not found this to be the case, but others I have talked to are very persistent on the fact that you can not do this. I have been told by garages that they will not even switch it for me. Please give me some information to prove that it is ok to do, so I can give the information to the others who do not agree with me.   Thank you,   Chris

This is a good topic. Please feel free to call.  AMSOIL is a pure PAO which is an EXACT but more durable copy of conventional oil with benefits. Synthetic is not necessarily slicker and can be designed to do exactly what the end user expects it to do but that design is based on how much $ the manufacturer is willing to put into the research. AMSOIL pioneered these products and the research continues.
AMSOIL is the only synthetic engine and transmission product with an additive package designed to keep gaskets and seals elastic. We never get reports of leaks. I’ve been doing this since 98 and have seen less usage and even the reduction of leaks.

This problem is generally due to a higher quality of detergent and despersant quality which can clean out years of crud from gaskets which may have dried out. The point of these products are to prevent these issues, so when a good detergent base cleans out seals to expose leaks, that engine wasn’t really “in good running condition” which AMSOIL products were designed to perform the best in.

Generally this problem is a thing of the past.. We no longer hear of this but on a rare occasion.

Much of the State of Texas Highway Patrol fleet uses AMSOIL 5W30 in the squad cars driven home. Many clock over 140,000 and it was first tested for 7 years before coming to the conclusion that it was the only cost effective way to reduce costs and reduce maintenance. No issues there.   If you started out with a engine day one with AMSOIL, when you get to 150,000 miles that would not be considered “High Mileage” as we have many customers with over 400,000. I use AMSOIL in 50’s and 60’s cars (and Corvairs) as well, so Amsoil products are a great choice in all well kept motors.   Read this article if you have not already and also consider joining us as a dealer.

Oil and filter information

Hope this helps.

Ches Cain – AMSOIL Regency Direct Jobber

From a first time AMSOIL customer in Richmond Virginia. Greg ordered through us and he was able to pick up at our Richmond outlet.

Just wanted to tell you again how well the Series 2000 0w-30 motor oil has done for the jeep. Lately I have noticed when idling it’s almost as if the car is not running it’s so smooth. Overall fuel economy, is  fantastic.
The longer I run the Amsoil the better the car runs, from what I have read it’s because the synthetic oil is cleaning the engine out.More then anything though is the Amsoil ATF is beyond amazing.
Acceleration improved and the shifting is so smooth. With the oil, air filter and tranny fluid it sometimes feel as though I have a strong wind on the back of my jeep. 115,350 and counting. Definitely owe this all to Amsoil, a true synthetic motor oil. Thanks for your help,Greg

Then on 3/12/05 Greg sent us this update:

…on the current oil change and still going strong. I have never gone nearly this long without changing the oil in the Jeep. Like 5000 last time with the 10w40 Amsoil just because I wanted to try the 0w30. An interesting thing I saw with a friend’s Jeep it is a v-8 engine, but his oil pressure barely gives above 40 psi whereas mine is almost always at 50 and at first startup as well as the highway it’s at 60, sometimes hitting 70.

Also in my cousin’s Yukon, he uses Rotella 15w40, I have more oil pressure then him. At 3000 miles the oil from his truck was very dark whereas mine was brown and still is. He couldn’t believe it either because I showed him the bottle and he saw how thin the oil is.

Amsoil has got an amazing product here, unbelievable in every sense of the word. Oh were you able to figure out if the bmk-11 bypass system was the right one for my jeep?

Thanks to Dan Albert for this great testimonial. Dan is a personal customer of mine who called me after using our products for the first time with this testimonial. I asked him if he would email me the same comments:

AMSOIL IS THE BEST! I own two automatic transmission Hyundai Elantra’s: a 2000 and a 2003.  I like to keep cars forever and have always changed engine oil and transmission fluid regularly.  However, Either an engine or transmission failure forced me to purchase a new car right as I was enjoying the “no car payment” era.  I wondered why taking such good care of cars and easy driving would only give me around 100,000 miles after which a rebuild was necessary either for the engine or the transmission.  After reading about synthetics, I thought I should change and get out of the petroleum oils.  I discovered AMSOIL and the more I read, the more I liked – especially the validation tests that are published on the Internet.  I figured what the heck, if I’m going to spend more money on synthetics I’ll go for what looked to be the best.  I was sure right on this one.  I flushed and changed transmission fluid with AMSOIL universal ATF on both cars, then flushed and added AMSOIL 10 – 30 with AMSOIL filters to both engines.  The results were apparent and surprising to me.  Even my wife commented on how her 2000 Hyundai with 50K miles on it drove noticeably smoother.  The following changes were readily apparent to me the first day I drove the Florida Turnpike to work.

  • The car doesn’t shift into gear; it seems to glide into gear almost unnoticed.
  • The engine idle is quieter and smoother
  • The power is more responsive, I noticed I had to use my brakes more due to the ease at which my car seemed to coast along when slowing down for a stoplight.
  • The pickup is more responsive and the engine doesn’t feel like it works as hard when accelerating.  It’s as though the engine isn’t moving the car, but rather a tailwind is pushing me.
  • Starting the car has changed also.  As soon as the key is turned the engine is running.

I believe my results were a combination of using great synthetic oil in both the engine and transmission as they both work together to provide the above-mentioned results. I am thankful for this oil because the smoothness has made my driving more of a pleasure.   Furthermore, I only change oil once a year which actually saves money.  I expect to have two very long lasting cars as I plan to use AMSOIL forever.  Thanks Ches Cain for your knowledge and assistance in providing me with just the product I was looking for.

Yours very truly,Dan AlbertMiami, FL

Dear Ches,

Remember me? Probably not, I emailed you around may 30 inquiring about what filter I needed for my 4.0 explorer sport. And my brother Kyle ordered it for me. I just wanted to take the time and let you know what an AMAZING product the Two-stage air filter is for my explorer. My mpg went up maybe 1.5 – 2 miles mpg more than the 15 city mpg – 20 hwy mpg stock, for an estimation of 16.5 city – 22.5 highway. I noticed a VERY noticeable increase in throttle sensitivity for my own fun factor.  I just wanted to say Thank you so very much!  I look forward to purchasing more Amsoil products in the future!

Customer question:

Currently, I use MOBIL 1 Synthetic Oil. I heard recently that this is not actually 100% synthetic…even though the label states it is. Do you know anything about this? What oil weight do you recommend for my particular truck (mentioned above). She has a 5.7 350 engine with almost 195,000 original miles.

Answer: Mobil 1 makes several products. Some may be group III (highly refined petroleum) and some may be group IV which are 100% synthetic base stocks. I really don’t keep up with that but I do know that AMSOIL has the highest demands on the basestock providers for their group IV PAO Synthetic products. AMSOIL has it’s own base stocks made by Lubrizol before reaching AMSOIL’s mixing plant. All Mobile 1 products do not contain the same extended warranty as they lack in detergency, foam control and have lower viscosity indexes. The API is now switching their classification techniques to a performance based rating rather than the basestocks. But AMSOIL far exceeds the limits API has set. The API only tests 10% or less of their licensed products so you don’t even know the consistency of what you are getting. With AMSOIL everything comes from the same plant and all products go through the same quality control monitoring and packaging second to none. Unlike many of our competitors, our products use the highest quality cartons and labeling to reflect the product you trust.

Received my air filter today. Very quick and I thank you. Seems to perform very well. Will get the word out. Thanks again Richard


Rich Breese

8/11/03 This was a customer I delivered product to in Minneapolis on my way home from the AMSOIL HQ. Ryan heard about AMSOIL through the Ford Explorer Forum where AMSOIL has really caught on as the oil of choice.

Ches-I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am that I switched to Amsoil.  After running an engine flush and putting in Amsoil 5W-30 in my 93 Explorer it runs quieter with the hood open than it ever did with the hood closed.  I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me, but the difference was EXTREMELY noticeable.

My brother noticed a big difference in his Grand Prix as well.  So far I think I have him convinced, but I may want to get him an Oil Analysis when he swaps filters, just to prove the stuff lasts as long as it claims.  Does Amsoil do Oil Analysis, or do you recommend someplace else to have it done?

Thanks Again!


(Amsoil sells a analysis kit for $22.50 that includes shipping. The company that does the analysis currently is in Cleveland, OH)

    This comes from a new customer that has upgraded to a dealer. He is also a Highway Patrol officer and knows all about engine wear. He was first turned on to AMSOIL when he tried it in his Harley. He could not believe the lower temperatures and improved mileage so soon he had converted everything over.

……OH YEAH, I did some gun trading in Logan (about 24 miles) from here last Wednesday and it was the first time for taking my pickup anywhere since going totally AMSOIL so I filled up with gas, drove out and back then filled up again. I still don’t really believe the results until I go somewhere again, but I got 23.5 miles per gallon. The best I have ever done before was 16.1 mpg. Last time I went to Amarillo I got right at 16 mpg but I didn’t have the ATF or the AGR installed. I’ll let you know how it keeps doing. Have a good day.


October 29, 2003

Jeff Swartz
AMSOIL dealer
322 E 3rd St.
Miller, SD 57362


Thanks for getting me turned on to AMSOIL!

I am very happy with the results from our first season using AMSOIL 10W-40 High Performance Synthetic Oil in our 1969 Ford Mustang drag car.

With AMSOIL in the motor, we recorded our quickest times ever with a 10.24-second ¼ mile @ 130 MPH out of the 408 Windsor engine in a 3200-pound car.

Even when running round robin at the division 5 ET finals in Topeka, KS, where we ended up in the top five out of 205 in our class, AMSOIL kept the engine temps down & provided steady oil pressures throughout the day.

After a tough season the bearings show little wear as far as we can tell. This stuff protects better than any other oil I’ve used.

Thanks again!!!

Stan “Butch” Monson
Owner/Driver M& M Racing

This was the response after I forwarded  a customer to my Seattle, WA dealer. Yes, I always suggest the 0W30. I wouldn’t ever use anything else where 5W30 and 10W30 are normally used.

Hi Ches, Yes I just bought some 0-30w, and 10-30w with a filter.

The 0-30W is GREAT I felt a difference right away! I’ll definitely be buying more!

Thanks, Jim A.

After reading below note that Jim has become one of oour top dealers and reached the Direct Jobber level one year ago..
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Thanks Ches, I really appreciate all of you help!! You’ve made a customer  with me! Also, I received my starter packet a couple days ago  preferred customer), so I will be making an order in a few weeks. Should I order directly from you??? Thanks again, Jim


Hello Jim, Thank you! I appreciate that. When you are ready to order you just use the Wholesale Price list and then dial the 1800 # found on the bottom of each page. Be sure to have your Preferred Customer ID # on hand when you call. I can’t wait for you to try the products! They really hold up and in many cases the results go beyond your expectations.   Ches

Team Powell Desert Racing

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at AMSOIL who has supported our 2000 racing effort in the SCORE championship series. Your 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil is awesome and we really appreciate your sponsorship. Off road racing in Baja with an air-cooled engine is a true torture test for oil. AMSOIL has held up extremely well in our car.”

Douglass Powell from Team Powell

Customer Email to the Synthetic Warehouse 4/13/03  5W20 Customer


I am a certified car nut and have owned nearly 30 cars since 1975. I have always been diligent when it comes to mechanical and cosmetic care of my cars – they are usually in better shape when I sell them than when I bought them.

I recently tried switching from Mobil 1 synthetic to Amsoil XL-7500 after reading some information about the product online. I am here to tell you I noticed a difference immediately in both vehicles I put the oil in. One is my wife’s 2002 Mazda MPV ES V6. The engine had a ticking sound that I thought was normal until the Amsoil went in – no more ticking. Plus, her fuel mileage went from 20 mpg to 21.8 on the first full tank after the Amsoil. This is a big deal for someone who commutes 90 miles a day.

The other car is my 2002 Honda Civic Si. Fuel mileage went from an average of 27.5 to 29.6 on the first full tank after the Amsoil and I detected a faster start and smoother idle as well.

Additionally, I extended my oil change interval from 3,000 miles to 5,000. As a bonus, the oil comes out about the same price as Mobil 1 and that includes shipping to my front door. Not to mention that Mobil 1 is not currently available in the weight I need for both cars: 5W-20.

Thank for providing a great product. All the best.

Jeff Youmans

AMSOIL-Equipped Van Is Nearing One Million Mile Mark

Floyd Erks, of Lincoln, NE, uses AMSOIL lubricants in all of his vehicles, but his van’s long history of AMSOIL use and high mileage really sets it apart from the crowd.

Erks owns a 1993 Ford Aero Star Minivan with a 4.0 liter engine that has never been rebuilt.  To date, the van has accumulated 73 1,000 miles of service, and Erks sees no reason why it won’t reach the million mile milestone.

Erks used AMSOIL 5W-30 Motor Oil for the first 25,000 miles,

then switched over to AMSOIL Series 2000 OW-30 and SDF Oil Filters and changes the oil only on 35,000 miles.  Since he switched his to AMSOIL ATF he has also put miles on the same transmission.  He also regularly uses AMSOIL 75W-90 Gear Lube and Multi-Purpose Grease.

Erks says that he drives a minimum of 300 miles a day while working for his courier service.  At that rate, he may attain his goal of one million miles in only two or three years.

Mark Chalkley is a semi-retired computer programmer who also is a heavy equipment operator. His knowledge of heavy equipment allows him to frequently offer advice on TractorNet, an informational Website for agricultural equipment users.

Chalkley often tells people about his experiences with AMSOIL. And those experiences have been quite remarkable.

Chalkley owns several vehicles and pieces of equipment that have benefited from his use of AMSOIL products. He uses a 1993 Dodge pickup truck with a Cummins engine to haul loads of more than 25,000 pounds. He also has a 1997 Ford Contour and an earth mover back hoe. “I use AMSOIL in everything,” Chalkley said. “I have never worn out anything that has had AMSOIL in it.”

He put AMSOIL Series 3000 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil in his 1996 Volkswagen Passat at about 10,000 miles, and put AMSOIL 75W-90 Gear Lube in the transmission shortly after. The Passat now has over 278,000 miles on it and it’s still running the same gear lube. Chalkley changes his motor oil in the Passat at 50,000 mile drain intervals. “There’s no by-pass kit on it either,” he said, “and I’ve never had a problem. Not a one.”

(Editor’s Note: AMSOIL recommends a drain interval for the Series 3000 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil that is up to two times longer than manufacturer’s recommendations in passenger vehicles with diesel engines if extended drain intervals are supported by the findings of a used oil analysis program, or six months, whichever comes first.)

Chalkley adds nearly a quart of oil every 4,500 miles, and has noticed that oil consumption hasn’t changed in the six-year-old car at all since he switched to AMSOIL. In fact, oil consumption actually improved since that time. “It’s not burning any oil,” he said.

AMSOIL Products Improve Efficiency and Reduce Operating Costs for Gerlach Trucking

AMSOIL INC., in conjunction with Gerlach Trucking of Erskine, Minnesota, conducted a field demonstration of its Series 3000 Synthetic 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil, Super Duty Oil Filters and Dual-Gard filtration system equipped with BE-110 by-pass filtration elements.

The test vehicle was a 1995 Freightliner FLD-120 powered by a Detroit 60 Series diesel engine and utilized mainly in long-haul transports. The testing covered a two-year period and the vehicle accumulated 212,326 total miles

When I recently asked Don Oats of his switchover to Amsoil he replied via email:

 On a new Saleen Mustang with 3000 miles on it switched over to Redline Motor Oil thru-out …engine, T-45 Tranny, and rear diff. For 5000 miles. Engine oil was very dark and I blew the shift fork out of the tranny during this time. After researching, based mainly on the 4-ball wear test, I converted completely to Amsoil.

I immediately noticed a 10# increase in oil pressure (on an engine with only 8000 miles) and that the engine ran 25 degrees cooler. Tranny was MUCH smoother and ran cooler, as was the rear end. I now have 12,900 miles on the Amsoil with total satisfaction, and the oil looks cleaner than after running Redline 500 miles. I, unfortunately did not do a dyno test with Redline in, but the “seat-of-pants” dyno says I gained a little H.P. also. Absolutely no one could talk me into using  any other oil! Seeing (and feeling) is believing!

Don Oats – Richardson, Texas

  Notes: Amsoil compared to the rest of the “Racing Oils” is like apples to oranges. Amsoil’s chemistry is designed for real consumer use. Longetivity. The others are not designed for long term use and do not react well to moisture, corrosive contaminates, etc. no matter what type of filtration was used. Amsoil is designed to suspend wear metals, retain it’s viscosity, resist sheer, and protect for the duration specified per each product. Look in automotive forums on the web and see for your self. People who use Amsoil notice the difference. Even Amsoil gear lubes hold up longer – retain smoother shifting. Amsoil Automatic Transmission fluids were the first, last 3 times longer and in many cases extend manufacturer and service warranties.

Do your own Oil Analysis and see!

Eric Foxx – Morning radio personality at KOAI The Oasis in Las Vegas, NV

Wow! That oil you sent me (Amsoil 5W30 and Amsoil 2-stage airfilter) feels like I had gained some power! The guys at the shop that installed it said oil can’t last 25,000 miles. We’ll do a filter change at 6 months and an analysis later to prove them wrong. Amsoil is a great product. Thanks!

1995 Jeep Cherokee 95,000 miles

Sakura, Rafaelito, Professional Transmission

Puerto Rico has a secret that’s about to get exposed. Three of the fastest drag cars aren’t racing at Pomona or Daytona, they’re on a strip near San Juan. Three gems of drag racing are setting records and getting international recognition.

At one point recently, Sakura was hooked-up so perfectly that the AMSOIL-lubricated car broke its own World Record three times in one day. It did a 7.66 quarter-mile Elapsed Time at 173 mph, only to turn around and do a 7.56 ET at 176 mph, then finish the day with a 7.48 ET at 176.3 mph.

The Falito Racing Team and the Rafaelito car has done so well that they were invited to compete at selected races in the U.S. Rafaelito is the World’s Fastest Rotor Engine. Its 7.66 ET 173 mph pass is NHRA certified and recognized as the World Best.

William Rojas is driving the Professional Transmission Pontiac Trans Am to wins in Puerto Rico and is now making noise in the U.S. Rojas is the first Puerto Rican to qualify for an IHRA championship. The purple bullet ran a remarkable 6.41 sec. ET at 217.48 mph. If that wasn’t good enough, Rojas managed to lower that ET to 6.37 while competing on tracks in the U.S. The car uses AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40 Oil in the engine and AMSOIL transmission fluid.

SCCA’S  Dave Palmer – Performance Racing

Dave Palmer’s home track is the Portland (OR) International Raceway. His AMSOIL Mazda RX7 GT3 dominates. He posted 10 first place finishes in 2001, with 15 top five finishes.


It is time again to thank the crew and sponsors that have helped Palmer PERFORMANCE RACING complete another championship season. Our E Production Mazda RX7 overwhelmingly won the Oregon Region SCCA Championship, and we raced the RX7 in the Super Production under 2.5 liters class and won it as well.

All year has been an exercise in research and development, but our work has been paying off in faster times, more dependability, and more wins.

At the level of performance we have achieved this year, products that are less than perfect become very apparent and fail rapidly. We can’t afford to use less than only the best!


Dave Palmer

High Flying Fun With AMSOIL

What’s that up in the sky? No not a bird, but it is a plane, and it is taking AMSOIL motor oil to new heights. Al Gaudiosi builds and pilots his own model airplanes which run off of AMSOIL motor oils. Al wrote in to AMSOIL and told us, “I have been using AMSOIL Two-Cycle oil in my model aircraft for a couple of years. I find my engines operate cooler and have a marked increase in RPM over other engines. My engines are also much cleaner and have no spark plug fouling. I’m even able to use a larger propeller to increase my vertical performance. I’m often asked by other modelers why my engines run so well. My answer is I owe it all to AMSOIL.”

Mark Austin – Richardson, Texas (Actual Email)

FYI, I finally finished my entire first tank of diesel with the new oil. We never went on a trip the whole time, so it took a while to burn through the thirty gallons! The last time I calculated an all in-town tank, it was 12 mpg. This tank with the new oil was 14 mpg (13.8 if you want to be exact). So obviously, I’m very pleased. I knew it was going to be better because of how easily the truck accelerates now, but this 16% improvement was beyond my expectations. This adds “fuel” to my theory that turbocharged vehicles stand to benefit greatly from changing to Amsoil because the turbo spinning more freely operates more efficiently. Now officially an Amsoil zealot.

Have a great day.


Mark Austin (one of my Dealers) has recently been interview by Amsoil and his comments and picture are part of their 2003 calendar and featured in Amsoil’s January magazine issue! Congratulations Mark!

Tim Curtis – Modified Legends Race Cars

“When you talk about performance enhancement from lubrication. . . the savvy guys will listen to you. Mainly what racers want is protection of their investment, and AMSOIL products deliver both protection and performance. ” — AMSOIL DEALER Tim Curtis

Modified legends race car driver Tim Curtis, Winston-Salem, N.C. learned the value of AMSOIL products through experience on the track.

His first season of driving on the INEX legends circuit in 1998 was a long one, with lots of engine problems. He decided to see what AMSOIL products could do to improve durability and performance in his 5/8 scale legends race car.

“I tried every other oil under the sun that first season,” Curtis said. “These cars run hot with the Yamaha 1200 air-cooled engine and no matter what I used or how often I changed it, it still smelled burned when it came out. The season ended with an expensive blowup. I started doing research on oils and found the performance characteristics of AMSOIL very intriguing, and the hype from loyal users was too much to ignore, so I bought a case to try out.”

The results spoke for themselves, he said. The engine ran cooler and didn’t seem to bleed power when it got hot. The next season’s engine lasted the entire year and upon rebuild looked great, with reduced wear.

Curtis signed up as an AMSOIL Dealer in 2000 and took his testimony to the track. “My AMSOIL business continues to grow,” he said.

The legends car is AMSOIL-equipped from front to back with Series 2000 20W-50 Racing Oil in the engine, a Super Duty Oil Filter, synthetic Heavy-Duty Grease protecting the wheel bearings, suspension ball-joints and steering box, AMSOIL 80W-90 Gear Lube in the differential, and all of the rod-ends lubricated with AMSOIL MP Metal Protector.

The fiberglass body components are kept showroom clean and shiny with Miracle Wash and after a long night at the track, the crew cleans up with BriteSide Heavy Duty Scrub hand cleaner.

It doesn’t end there. The 1999 Ford Expedition tow vehicle also is fully AMSOIL-equipped. It got a dose of AMSOIL Engine Flush when he bought it two years ago with 25,000 miles on the engine. “It is running strong as ever with 77,000 miles, pulling a 6,000-pound trailer in the 95-degree Carolina summer heat,” Curtis said. He runs AMSOIL 5W-30 Motor Oil in the engine, uses a Super Duty SDF-11 Oil Filter, and AMSOIL Universal ATF in the transmission.

“I use the same in my wife Connie’s 2001 Honda Odyssey,” Curtis said. “The door hinges on my trailer also get a shot of AMSOIL MP Heavy Duty Metal Protector. I also use AMSOIL 100:1 2-Cycle Pre-Mix in my mowers and trimmers.”

In 2002, with two cars and sponsorship from his Direct Jobbers, Gary and Sandra Newport also of Winston Salem, N.C., Curtis has collected several wins and finished an impressive top 10 PRO division N.C. state points championship for oval track legends, and a top 5 in PRO division N.C. state points championship for road course legends. He also sponsors a limited late model team at his home track, Caraway Speedway near Asheboro, N.C.

“It’s great to have a product you can rely on and believe in,” Curtis said. “When you talk about performance enhancement from lubrication you may get some funny looks, but the savvy guys will listen to you. Mainly what racers want is protection of their investment and AMSOIL products deliver both protection and performance.”

Corvairs & AMSOIL

As a long time Corvair owner and active local and national club member. I discovered AMSOIL with my Corvair van and 1960 sedan. The first thing I noticed was how smooth the engines ran and how easily they started up. 

Corvairs are known for leaks and as the 60 model had a slow leak, I never had any increase when I used AMSOIL 10W30 (1/2 quart per 3000 miles). The van had all new seals and NEVER leaked at all! Several members of the national club CORSA are also AMSOIL dealers. Here is a customer testimonial from 1999.


Tucson, Arizona- After 20 years of racing across the scorching sand dunes of California, Dealer Steve Hart’s dune buggy was beginning to feel the heat.  Then he switched to AMSOIL.  “Because its Corvair engine has always leaked so much oil, I foolishly used a cheaper organic oil in it,” said Hart.  “However, prior to making last year’s annual Thanksgiving holiday trek to the dunes, I got a case of Series 2000 20W-50 Racing Oil and put it in the engine.”

Before making the switch to AMSOIL, Hart says the engine used almost a quart of petroleum oil during each outing through leakage and burnoff.  “When hot, the oil pressure dropped to 10 lbs. and sometimes frightfully lower.  In other words, the engine was getting tired,” said Hart.

That all changed with Series 2000 20W-50 in the buggy.  “The pressure never got below 20 lbs.-no matter how hard I ran the 200 hp air-cooled engine,” said Hart.  “And the oil is still only a fraction of an inch below the dip stick’s full mark.”

Hart plans on rebuilding the engine, but won’t make any changes to his oil.  ‘I may use an organic oil to ‘break it in,’ but leaks be damned!” said Hart.  “No other time will this engine ever use anything other than AMSOIL!”

Please send me your experience with Amsoil. I’ll be glad to add it here.

What should a quality synthetic lubricant do? AMSOIL gives you more for your money as it performs these tasks longer.

  • Clean – Maintain internal cleanliness by suspending contaminants or keeping contaminants from adhering to components. Critical function for used vehicles where you don’t know about the maintenance performed.

  • Cool moving elements – Reducing friction will reduce the amount of heat that is generated, which will lower the operating temperature of the element or component. We also rely on the lubricant to absorb heat from the contact surface area and transport it to a location in which it can be safely dissipated.

  • Prevent contamination (seal) – We rely on the lubricant to act as a dynamic seal in locations such as the piston, piston ring and cylinder contact areas. This minimizes combustion by-products (for example) from contaminating the lubrication system. We also rely on the lubricant to support mechanical seals found elsewhere, minimizing external contamination and fluid loss. Other brands fail here. Do your own analysis.

  • Dampen shock – A lubricant may be required to cushion the blow of mechanical shock. A lubricant film can absorb and disperse these energy spikes over a broader contact area. This is AMSOIL’s most commented on attribute.

  • Prevent corrosion – A lubricant must have the ability to prevent or minimize internal component corrosion. This can be accomplished either by chemically neutralizing the corrosive products or by setting up a barrier between the components and the corrosive material.

  • Transfer energy – A lubricant may be required to act as an energy transfer median as in the case of hydraulic equipment or valve lifters in an automotive engine.