2001 Ford F-SuperDuty Pickup 7.3 PowerStroke Diesel

Now the BMK-21 you will see it referenced as the BMK-11 as it was in earlier kits. Same concept but different hardware.

AMSOIL Dual Remote By-Pass Filter System
Submitted by AMSOIL Customer David Banner

Note: The BMK-11 is the single By-Pas only unit. You keep your normal full flow filter just where it is and this by-pass unit is the only remote filter. You simply tap from the oil supply as noted below from areas such as the oil galley or sending unit (A “T” for your vehicle is available – Contact me). The oil return can be the oil fill cap (special adapter available), pan or like the installer used – crankcase port. It’s easy and rewarding.

Special Instructions:

I had installed a BMK-11 By-Pass mount with a BE-100 element. The header is mounted to the inside of the driver’s fender, behind the fender well. To provide clearance, I cut a spacer from 1/4″ steel to shim the element away from the body. The hoses pass over the frame rail. Oil supply to the filter is from the rear lube oil galley, and return to the crankcase is into an existing 3/8″ port in the side of the block. A 1/8″ x 3/8″ pipe bushing was required.

Installation Photos – Click On Photos For Larger Image

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