Motor Oil, interval and Filter Recommendation For Ford Powerstroke Diesel Trucks & Excursion

Updated June 2024

Improve your powerstroke's performance easily with AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel and Gear Lubricants.

Ford Turbo Diesel Owners Reduce Costs and Improve Performance

This page covers:
#1 – Our oil recommendations
#2 – Bypass filtration suggestions
#3 – Oil Filters
#4 – Diesel Fuel Additives all relating to the varous Ford Powerstroke models.

POWERSTROKE Oil Recommendations:

AMSOIL DMO 5W40 and DME 15W40 (Covers CJ4 for 2007 and newer)

For 2006 and earlier use the higher Zinc and detergency CI4+ rated oils which are best for the long life of your engine and contribute to the cleanest possible crankcase.
Here are AMSOIL’s “Higher Zinc” products that are available made with the older standard ending with CI4+ and is still available in 2024: The AME 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel & Marine. This has NOT been discontinued yet so stock up! And coming from other brands it’s often noted for increases of MPG 3% to 5%.

We are the HQ for the older 6.0’s!!

The Ford 6.0 LOVES the newer 10W-30 DTT which is a replacement for the older HDD now discontinued, But the DTT 10W-30 is a must for the long life of the fuel pump systems. – AMSOIL INC. directly quotes this oil works as if the engine was manufactured with the DTT 10-W30 or DHD 5W-30 in mind. It will assist in high temperature climates too because it transfers heat better while the 100% synthetic base stock stands up to the abuse.

Most our 7.3 customers are using the current Heavy Duty ADP 15W-40 or Signature DME 15W-40 but you can still use the old AME 15W40 for 15,000 miles/1-year line..

For CJ4 Requirement which is everything 2007 and newer, it’s covered by our Signature Series Diesel line. Simply use the look-up guide and select what you want to use!

Match Your DieselProduct Guides


The #1 comment is regarding the improved mileage and smoother engine performance. AMSOIL is the only diesel oil designed for extended intervals under load which can resist the added sheer caused by new diesel emissions systems which increase soot, heat and average engine RPM. Find out why people have trusted AMSOIL Diesel oils since 1976.

We feel the best contribution AMSOIL has to your diesel next to our engine oils is our improved fuel additives for ULSD Fuel. You need to return the lubricants and additives removed by ULSD. The new AMSOIL ADF (See link) improves mileage enough to pay for the product as verified and tested over 12.5 million miles.

Please review these additives on the Diesel Fuel Additives blog page.

Signature Series Diesel oil are designed for oil change intervals for up to TWICE the OEM recommendation and Off Road vehicles 3X the interval. Please see the product data sheet on the Max Duty (Signature) Diesel line up.

Download PDFProduct Datasheet
AMSOIL ATF Transmission Fluid lasts three times longer and reduces temperatures under load up to 50 degrees saving transmissions and fuel.

Use the BMK-33 for the Ford 6.7 (BMK31 for the 6.0 – my best selling kit) and for the 7.3 the Dual Remote BMK-26 By-Pass filter system to double intervals and beyond oil life while virtually eliminating wear and soot.
Visit our Bypass section below
Ford Powerstroke owners can now reduce foreign oil dependence by abother 200 quarts minimum and reduce engine temperatures with AMSOIL Bypass kits amd AMSOIL diesel oil.

Order your Oil Filters

OIL FILTER: Ford Powerstroke 7.3 (94-03) uses the AMSOIL EaO-99 Oil Filter. The 6.0 is the EA15k88 and the 6.7 use the EAO98

The 6.0 Uses it’s own special line of filters: The SDF-88 Donaldson/Motorcraft oil filter and the factory P603577 Donaldson Power Core air filter which you can buy from us by phone for less than the dealership or auto parts store.


Don’t forget the AMSOIL Do It Yourself FLUSH. You need to get all of the old oil out and neutralize the acids to take advantage of the full benefits of AMSOIL diesel oils.One 16oz bottle is all you need. Our flush is not a solvent and residue will not harm the new oil as it’s now detergent based.

Please refer to our Product Comparison chart for more info.

Look up your vehicle’s filters, capacities, plugs, wires, wipers and Transmission/Drivetrain Fluids.

AMSOIL Low Viscosity – Replaces MERCON LV, SP – (Use AMSOIL ATL)
For all other automatic transmissions use the AMSOIL ATF. (Also meets SP available for the 6.0)
Decreases temperatures up to 50 degrees, improves power transfer, and lasts three times longer, the ATF is known as a problem solver for individuals and critical fleets.

For manual transmissions, transfer cases and differentials we have several choices for your Powerstroke.
Please use our application tables to find the right product for your truck or review the gear and transmission oils in the Drivetrain lubes section. To simplify things remember the Severe Gear for your differentials. This product already contains the limited slip track lock additive you need.

Match Your VehicleProduct Guides

AMSOIL Is The Solution
AMSOIL provides high-quality lubricants, filters and fuel additives for diesel applications that directly address the challenges of maintaining a diesel engine.
AMSOIL diesel oils deliver extraordinary lubrication in diesel commercial, fleet and personal vehicles. They are formulated with high-quality synthetic base stocks and premium additives to exceed the higher performance demands of diesel engines. AMSOIL diesel oils
withstand the stress of higher heat, higher acid levels and excessive soot-loading found in EGR-equipped engines.

AMSOIL Axle Differential Gear Lubes

Increase economy even more using the AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W90, 110 or 75W140 which extend seal life, save fuel and drop temperatiures up to 50F!

I suggest taking a oil sample before you convert to AMSOIL just to see the current condition of the oil and wear patterns especially if you bought your truck used. It will also help you gain an appreciation for the durability of AMSOIL Diesel engine oils. Call us for the kits or continue reading.

Start your Preferred Customer membership now to be notified of all the AMSOIL updates and improvements as well as “At Cost” buying.

Change your Mind – NOT Your Oil!

Switch to AMSOIL 5W-40 to save time, fuel and cut your oil consumption significantly (use 0W-40 for year round protection in colder climates).

“I’m so tired of $90+ oil changes every 3 months and having to wait and watch over some one else change my oil! What is bulk oil anyway?” AMSOIL 15W40 is the solution to this problem!

For your first order (example 2014 and newer 6.7 TD) order one or two EaO-98 filters, one 4-gallon or 5-gallon case of (DME) 15W40 one or two test kits optionally (KIT-02) and a can of our (FLSH-CN) engine flush for change over’s when converting to AMSOIL for the first time. For other engines there are several different filters so just provide the year and engine on your order request or catalog request.

If using the engine flush, I first start by purchasing a local oil filter just for the engine flush procedure. This will also bring the oil level down enough to add the can (follow instructions on can) and catch more of the deposits assuming your current filter has expired. Most AMSOIL diesel customers take advantage of our Preferred Customer program and buy direct to get the best price and ordering simplicity.

By-Pass Remote Filtration Units – Eliminate virtually all engine wear

BMK-26Ea (complete with filters ) International Diesels, 7.3 Ford Powerstroke (etc)

EAO-26 and EaBP-100 (Filters Included)

NEW Parts!! BMK-28 Kit for Ford 6.7  Remotes both bypass and full flow to an area beside the frame.  Order extra EABP100 and EAO26

By-Pass Filtration (BMK-31)

Our custom bracket makes instals fast and easy on the Ford 6.0

Ford 6.0 Amsoil bypass filter bracket

How a bracket can be fabricated for the 6.0. Mounts easily to the Alternator bracket.


Use our By-Pass filtration kits and extend changes even further (Now 100% efficient at 2 microns and will hold up to a quart of water).. If you don’t use AMSOIL use the By-pass kit at least. It filters 5 quarts in 5 minutes at 45 miles per hour. When using AMSOIL HDD Diesel your engine will run smother, quieter and many even notice an increase in power. Our gear and differential lubes will add to the economy. These are mostly used by large fleets but we have hundreds of individual customers using them.

Recently the entire state of North Carolina performed extensive studies proving the relevancy and value of these units in their busses. Most don’t believe it at first, but now because of the use of the By-Pass filters and analysis they now clock over 200,000 miles on the oil and the life of their trucks are extended by several years. (Most use the low cost Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine 15W-40, AMSOIL grease, 75W-90 gear lube and the Universal ATF in the automatics.)

Keep it simple on the Bypass

We have many Ford Powerstroke customers using our bypass system who have simply gone to a 15,000 mile interval of changing both filters on the bypass unit and no analysis. The intervals have just been increased thanks to the new Nanofiber oil filters. Change the full flow at 25,000 miles and the bypass at 50,000 or every other time you change a full flow filter. No, they are not draining the oil – Just changing the filters. (We recommend you monitor the oil with the Oil Analysis kits. This in many instances will allow intervals to stretch even longer.)

Our best recommendation for standard service is to sample the oil at least once yearly when using the BMK-26Ea Bypass Kit or BMK-21 for 6.0 owners. Just change the full flow at the first 15,000 and bypass filter at 30,000 miles ( first service), top off the diesel oil, then 25,000 miles each time after that for full flow, then 50K or every other full flow (EAO) filter change for the bypass EaO-100 spin-on filter. You should never have to actually drain the engine oil using this procedure until about 250,000 miles as long as you perform oil analysis after servicing to see ahead. Proven and backed with 35 years of field service.

Oil analysis is the only way to know the condition of a lubricant beyond AMSOIL recommended intervals and typically saves fleets tens of thousands of dollars. It becomes clear how well AMSOIL AME 15W40 contains soot passing it more efficiently to the filters. This results in oil lasting three times longer than expected in heavy duty equipment such as refuse haulers.

How well do you think it will stand up in your work truck?

If you want to avoid problems with soot and deposits, the By-Pass and the ADC Diesel Fuel Concentrate is your solution. Call us for price or start the wholesale account today.

For more information please visit the description on the AMSOIL filter kits.

Ford Powerstroke install photos:

F250 7.3 Install location of Amsoil Bypass filter kit.

Pickup bypass oil filter kit location

We also have commercial account pricing for use within your business fleet. Contact us for price.

I include the proper DATA SHEETS to every catalog request relating to your vehicle.

  • ANALYSIS KITS – These kits retail for about $30 retail with two way postage included. OAI-Testing will perform a complete analysis to include viscosity, oxidation, nitration, wear metals and charting over subsequent samples, fuel dilution, water%, glycol, anti-wear, TBN, conclusive suggestions and more.
    Order the OAI-01 for post office service or OAI-02 for UPS service
    Canada users need the OAI-03. Call 800-579-0580 to order.

  • To sample your oil you can either purchase the $25 pump with hose (Vampire™ Hand Pump – same as military uses) for easy extraction from the dipstick tube. You may drain a portion from the drain plug (difficult to get a representative sample) or if you have the By-Pass kit use the drain valve attached to the manifold for the quick and easy extraction. 

  • Contact us for these kits. Non postage kits sell for around $16 if you need to do several vehicles together. Co-op discounts available for fleets. 

Keep your fuel system clean. Posted on the “Diesel Page” was a recent article by an engine rater (who recommends and sells AMSOIL Products), suggests a upgrade kit to the current fuel filtration system due to the less than stellar quality and cleanliness of the available diesel fuel here in the US. Improper combustion is the primary cause of soot in your engine. When clean fuel burns completely, the only by-products are water and carbon dioxide. Unfortunately today’s diesel engines are nowhere near 100% efficient and soot makes it’s way past the rings in the form of acids and NOX.
You can significantly reduce this when using the AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additive. Primarily, this keeps injector pumps clean and lubricated properly while restoring proper spray patters lowering soot byproducts. This unique product also drops the gel points by 20° to 30° F allowing you to avoid more expensive winter fuels and additives. AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additive is available at a great price.

“AMSOIL offers diesel fuel additives that provide real
results,” said Markham. “In northern climates, if you get
some fuel with a high cloud point you could find yourself
stranded somewhere. Offer prospects with diesel
vehicles a bottle of Diesel Concentrate Plus Cold Flow
Improver as a way to make sure they are protected.”

Fuel pressures as high as 23,000-psi demand much from the high-pressure pump and solenoid-controlled fuel injectors, so this is definitely an area to not overlook.
You can order a case of the
(ADF) Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate with twelve 16 ounce cans for next to nothing if you call us. Treats 80 gallons each can.